10 Clear Symptoms Of Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is everywhere. It’s in the ground, in the sky, in the rivers, and it’s in our taps. Yet, so many of us continue to deny ourselves a cool, refreshing glass of water. Instead, we drink sodas, flavoured pops, coffee, tea, and even beer. Indeed, for many of us, most of our water intake actually comes from food. It comes from burgers, hams, cheeses and so on. It doesn’t come from an actual glass of water.

In a lot of ways, this is a very bad thing. Water is a natural resource, and by depriving ourselves of it, we are doing some serious damage to our bodies. To give you an idea of why water is important, let’s take a look at the 10 clear signs or symptoms of not drinking enough water.

1. You Have A Dry Mouth

When we’re thirsty, it’s so easy to drink a sugary soda. We know that a sugary soda will cure us of our thirst, so it’s natural that this is what we’d drink. But a sugary soda is only a temporary solution to a long-term problem.

See, one of the reasons we have a dry mouth is because the mucus membranes in our mouth are not well-lubricated. Sugary drinks do not do a good job at lubricating them – but water does. So drink it!

2. You Have Dry Skin

Next one of clear symptoms of not drinking enough water is dry skin. There is no larger organ on your body than your skin. As such, it needs to be kept properly hydrated. If it isn’t, it will become dry. One of the main reasons we have dry skin is because we’re dehydrated. When we don’t drink enough water, our body can’t sweat as much as it would like. As a consequence of this, our body can become riddled in excess dirt and oil. Ew.

3. You Have Dry Eyes

Suffering from dry eyes? Sounds like you need a glass of water! If you’re walking around with bloodshot eyes, you might be wandering what in the world is going on. You could be turning into a vampire – or you could simply be lacking water.

See, without water, our body dries up. Our mouth dries up, our skin dries up, and even our eyes dry up. Whilst this poses no serious health problems, it does cause us to look a bit too vampiric and zombie-like than we’d prefer.

4. You Have A Headache

Okay, we’re not talking about a full-on migraine here, but if you have a mild headache it could be another one of symptoms of not drinking enough water. If you’re the kind of person who suffers often from niggling headaches, it could well be a clear sign that you’re one of the naughty people who don’t drink water! It’s easy to resolve this situation and clear that nasty headache right up; simply go to the kitchen and pour yourself a fat, tall glass of the fresh stuff! Yay!

5. You Have Joint Pain

Did you know that your spinal discs are 80% water? It sure is, and so is your cartilage. Mine is too. Everyone’s is! For this reason, it’s fundamental that we drink more water to look after our spinal discs and cartilage. If we don’t, we could be opening ourselves up to really niggling joint pain that means we can’t absorb the shock of sudden movements. See, without enough water, you can forget all about running. You can probably even forget about going shopping. And bending down? Yeah, your bending down days are behind you if you don’t drink enough water.

6. You’re Constipated

Another one of clear symptoms of not drinking enough water is constipation. Few people like to admit that they’re constipated, but one of the easiest ways to relieve constipation is to drink more water. Water helps to lubricate the digestive system and keep things ticking over nicely. If you don’t lubricate it, your colon will take up all that sparse water and leaving absolutely nothing for your intestines. And a dry intestine leads to problems. We won’t go into detail.

7. You’re Hungry

Because many of us get most of our water intake from food, we often think we’re hungry when we’re actually just thirsty. Your body is crying out for water, but because your mind remembers that you get most of yours from burgers and waffles, it tricks you into thinking you’re hungry.

So the next time you’re suffering from the pangs of hunger at an unusual time of the day, why not try a glass of water? You might find that the hunger disappears rather quickly.

8. You Body Temperature Is Going Crazy

Another one of clear symptoms of not drinking enough water is when your body temperature is going crazy. Water is used by your body to help cool yourself down, and it plays a particularly important role in preventing internal organs from overheating. Water is therefore necessary after a workout. If, however, you decide against drinking enough water, your body temperature can become all out of whack. You might feel too hot or too cold, and you might suffer from heat cramps and even a rapid pulse. Without wanting to terrify you, a lack of water can lead to a heat stroke.

9. You Stay ill Longer

Can’t shake off a cold? This could well be another one of symptoms of not drinking enough water. When we drink water, we’re giving ourselves the chance to flush out nasty toxins that make us ill. If, however, we don’t drink no where near enough water, we’re basically saying to the toxins:

“Hey toxins! Stick around for a bit, make yourselves at home! There is a heart to the left, whilst you’ll find my kidney somewhere to the right. The brain is up north. Yeah, just make yourselves comfy.”

Your body will try to fight the toxins itself by pulling water from your blood, but this just brings with it a whole host of other problems.

10. You Feel Groggy

Water brings with it a whole host of benefits for your body. It helps to transport oxygen to your organs, gives you a boost of energy, and it clears out nasty toxins from your body. If you don’t get enough water, your chemical composition can become imbalanced, which leads to a whole host of nasty symptoms, including grogginess.

Do you know other symptoms of not drinking enough water?

Stay happy and healthy!

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