10 Benefits of stopping drinking alcohol for 30 days

Taking a break from drinking alcohol can bring many benefits and some of them are quite surprising. No one needs to be a saint and, in fact, the moderate consumption of alcohol can actually be good for you, but giving your body a complete break from alcohol can do it a lot of good too. If you drink regularly, then read these ten reasons why cutting out alcohol for just thirty days can bring you some pretty big benefits:

1. It reduces your tolerance to alcohol

Benefits of stopping drinking alcohol for 30 days are very numerous. Put simply, the more often you drink the more tolerant of alcohol you become. This means that the effects of alcohol on you become less and so, you need to drink more alcohol, before you begin to feel the effects and this can lead people to drink in excess. Taking a break for thirty days lets your body readjust back to normal, so you are not tempted to drink more than you should.

2. It reduces the chances of becoming alcohol dependent

Another one of great benefits of stopping drinking alcohol, at least, for a while is that it reduces the chances of becoming alcohol dependent. You don’t have to be a drunk to become alcohol dependent; you can become psychologically dependant with just a couple of drinks a day. If you have started to feel that irritable when you can’t drink, or you can’t settle down without a glass of wine in the evening, then it might be wise to take a break from alcohol for a while. A thirty day period of abstinence will help break the cycle and would help you avoid things getting worse.

3. You will sleep better

Alcohol can make you drowsy and get you to sleep, but it is also likely to disrupt your sleep patterns. Regular drinkers often find that they wake up in the night and then have trouble getting back to sleep. Just a month off the booze and you find that sleep patterns return to normal and that you don’t need a drink to get you to sleep.

4. It will reduce the risk of serious disease

Just a short break from drinking, every now and then, will greatly reduce your risk of developing serious disease, such as liver disease, stroke and cancer. Many people believe that it is only hard drinkers that damage their health but continuous drinking can have adverse effects on anyone’s health.

5. Your complexion will improve

Alcohol really does no good for your skin at all and a thirty day break will give your body a chance to rid itself of the toxins. You will find that your skin becomes clearer and brighter, dark circles under your eyes will disappear and your eyes will regain their sparkle.

6. You will find it easier to break other bad habits

Once you have proven to yourself that you can quit alcohol for thirty days, you will find it much easier to tackle other bad habits too. Perhaps now you could try quitting smoking, or bingeing on chocolate. If you can quit alcohol, you can quit anything.

7. You will have much more energy

Alcohol can give you a buzz at the time you drink, but when the effects wear off, you can be left feeling tired and exhausted. So another one of good benefits of stopping drinking is that you will have much more energy. Alcohol dehydrates the body and saps the energy, and alcohol is also a depressant, so it can leave you in a bad mood too.

8. You’ll save some money!

Quitting drinking for a month will leave a surprising amount of extra cash in your pocket too. You will be able to put that money towards a healthy treat for yourself, as a reward, or perhaps a new outfit or pair of shoes. Take a moment to work out what your drinking costs you, most people are surprised at how much they could save in just thirty days.

9. You will lose some weight

Another one of great benefits of stopping drinking alcohol for 30 days is that you might lose some weight. Alcoholic drinks are stuffed full of useless calories, especially those drinks that are mixed with sugary mixers. So long as you don’t replace the alcoholic drinks with high sugar, soda drinks, you will find that you lose weight easily on the thirty days that you stop drinking.

10. It will encourage you to make other good health choices

Making one healthy choice can soon make you consider other healthy options too. You will probably drink more water, which will keep you hydrated, you will have a better appetite and eat more healthy foods and you might even feel like taking more exercise. One single dry month won’t magically turn you into Mr or Miss Health and Fitness, but it will give some food for thought.

Do you know some other benefits of stopping drinking alcohol for 30 days?

Stay healthy and happy!

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