10 Fabulous Benefits Of Listening To Classical Music

Every last one of us loves music. Some of us prefer dance music, others prefer rock music, some will listen to “anything as long as it isn’t heavy metal,” while others are more discerning and get their kicks from experimental, avant-garde music that will never make the Billboard 100.

But have you ever stopped to think about giving classical music a go? Classical music is probably the least listened-to type of music among you and your friends. If you all sifted through your iPods, perhaps you’d find the latest tunes by modern pop music artists – but no Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi or Wagner.

One of the reasons for this could be because classical music has always been seen as an exclusive form of music that is accessible only to the rich and wealthy. While this was definitely true fifty or more years ago, it certainly isn’t true now. Thanks to the introduction of streaming and cheap CDs, classical music is accessible to everyone. So why do most of us still not give it a go?

If you’re thinking that classical music will bore you, you couldn’t be more wrong. Moreover, listening to this type of music comes with numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at ten amazing benefits of listening to classical music!

Listening To Classical Music Can Help You To Heal

When you’re feeling ill, listening to your favourite type of music can sometimes help to lift your spirits and make you feel better. But it doesn’t always work like this. After all, when we’ve got a thumping headache, will listening to furious heavy metal alleviate our condition? And will intoxicating dance music cure our common cold? Probably not.

In fact, the type of music that is more likely to make you feel better after a lengthy illness is classical music. This is because of its soothing effects, and its ability to comfort us and take away pain. By listening to complex music, our brain focuses on the sounds as opposed to our pain.

Listening To Classical Music Can Help You To De-Stress

Have you ever been in a club that is pumping out seriously loud tunes, only to suddenly feel overwhelmed? This is because the aggressive, pounding music can make you feel stressed and anxious. After a while, you need to step outside of the club and take a breather.

Another one of fabulous benefits of listening to classical music is that this type of music is the antithesis to pounding club music and works as a calm de-stresser. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed recently by events in your life, you might want to consider listening to some classical music to help you feel better. This type of music can calm you and relax you, and its effects are similar to those produced by a massage.

Listening To Classical Music Can Help You To Fall Asleep

No, we’re not saying that classical music will bore the pants off you. But because classical music is so good at calming you down and helping you to relax, it gets you in the right mood for sleeping.

If you’re suffering from insomnia, or if you can’t seem to go a week without getting any more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night, you could try snuggling up in bed with some classical music playing gently into your ears. This kind of tender music is a fantastic substitute for sleeping pills.

Listening To Classical Music Can Boost Your Brain

Another one of great benefits of listening to classical music us that it can boost your brain. There was a time when folk who listened to music by composers such as Mozart and Beethoven believed that doing so somehow made them as smart as those guys. In any case, listening to such grandiose, complex music made one feel elevated above others who were listening to simple pop music, such as The Beatles and The Ronettes.

While it’s not quite as simple as that, listening to classical music can have rewarding effects on your brain. According to a study carried out by the University of Helsinki, “listening to classical music enhanced the activity of genes that are mainly related to reward and pleasure, cognitive functions and proper brain function.”

Listening To Classical Music Can Improve Your Memory

According to a study, listening to the music of certain classical masters can enhance your memory. Oddly enough, the researchers concluded that while listening to Mozart can give your memory a boost, listening to Beethoven cannot!

So, Mozart wins, basically.

The researchers, who are based at Rome’s Sapienza University, said that memory-boosting Mozart music is “not just a consequence of listening to music in general.”

So, if you want to remember where you put your glasses, stick some Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on.

Listening To Classical Music Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Raised blood pressure can lead to all kinds of physical problems, which is why doctors will always tell you to try and keep yours down. Type-2 diabetes suffers tend to suffer from high blood pressure, and it only aids to their ailments.

One of great benefits of listening to classical music is that it can lower your blood pressure. According to a study carried out in Britain, people who listen to this type of music have lower blood pressure levels.

Listening To Classical Music Can Help You Fight Depression

You probably already knew that different types of music elicit different types of emotions. Bouncy pop music can make you feel giddy; pumping dance music can get you ready for a night out; heavy rock can make you feel indestructible; country music can make you feel weird, while a ballad can make you feel all teary.

According to a study carried out by Glasgow University, it is certainly true that different types of music elicit different emotions, and classical music helps to alleviate emotional pain. Huzzah!

Listening To Classical Music Can Make You Feel At Ease With Yourself

Surprisingly, one of benefits of listening to classical music is that it can make you feel better about yourself. Moreover, this type of music can also encourage creativity.

Listening To Classical Music Can Boost Physical Performance

When we workout, it’s often recommended that we listen to music at the same time. Music stimulates us and encourages us to push ourselves to the max.

You might not have thought it was possible, but classical music can help to put you into the zone. If you choose particularly intense classical music that reaches climax after climax, such as Wagner or Shostokovich, you will be motivated to go harder and achieve more.

Listening To Classical Music Can Relax You During Pregnancy

Your mother may not have listened to pre-natal music, but you really should. As well as its ability to relax you, listening to classical music during your pregnancy could also strengthen your baby’s early language skills. This is because classical music helps the child to discern between sounds, which in turns helps with its auditory memory.

Do you know other benefits of listening to classical music?

Stay happy!

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