10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sauna You Need To Know About

Ever wondered why people can spend hours at a time in a red-hot sauna? In this article we reveal the top 10 amazing benefits of sauna that you need to know about.

If you’ve ever been to the gym but never into the sauna, you might be wondering what the fascination is all about. Why do so many women don white towels and waltz into a baking hot room to sweat with other near-naked women? Are they just going for a good chat? Or are there actually some health benefits involved? Physically, there is not much better than heating up in a sauna, especially post-workout. It’s a great way to unwind our muscles and relieve tension. There is a lot of sweat involved, but it’s the healthy kind. And the heat? It’s not as intense as you might think it is. It’s persistent, sure. But it’s more gentle than extreme. Let’s take a look at 10 amazing health benefits of sauna you need to know about.

Sauna Eases Stress

One of the biggest reasons people have for getting into a sauna is that it helps them to de-stress. Nowadays, we seem to be more stressed than ever. We work more hours in highly-pressurised jobs, and we have to perform a fine balancing act between work and home life.

One of fabulous health benefits of sauna is that it relieves stress firstly by providing us with a warm, welcome and quiet place, free from distractions and noise. The atmosphere is calm and meditative, the air is still. Automatically, this atmosphere relaxes your muscles, tranquillises your mind, and makes you feel a whole lot better. If you’ve been feeling more stressed than usual lately, spend some time bathing in a sauna. It could turn out to be the best ever way to pamper yourself.

Saunas Clean Your Skin

Wish you had cleaner skin? A sauna could help. Indeed, saunas have been used to promote beauty for centuries – and for good reasons. One of great health benefits of sauna is that it promotes clear skin. When we sweat, our body is able to let go of bacteria from our skin. Saunas can also re-energise our skin, and it prevents collagen from breaking down. This can save you from premature ageing.

Saunas Eliminate Toxins From Your Body

A lot of us aren’t aware that our bodies are practically riddled with toxins at any one time (or perhaps we just don’t want to know!). Toxins come from our diet and from the environment, and unless you take steps to flush them out, they will remain in your body. Not cool.

One of fantastic health benefits of sauna is that it can help to drain toxins out. How? Simply by making you sweat! When a person sweats excessively, it can mean that their body is rife with too many toxins and needs to sweat them out. When you take a sauna, you can avoid spontaneous sweating at the wrong moments. Visit a sauna, sweat deliberately, and flush out the likes of nickel, mercury and lead – all pesky toxins that are wreaking havoc with your system.

Saunas Help To Boost Your Immune System

Our immune system is one of those things that we all know we have. But unless it starts to break down, it isn’t something we usually think about. Kinda like breathing. We take it for granted. And it’s when we take it for granted that we start to abuse it.

One of great health benefits of sauna is that it can give your immune system a much-needed boost. The heat inside will promote the production of more white blood cells in your body, cells which play a fundamental role in killing diseases and infections.

Saunas Can Relieve Pain

Pain is just horrible, especially when it’s constant and throbbing. Sometimes, not even a painkiller can help us. In such cases, you might want to try a sauna, because it could soothe pain, ease muscle tension, dilate your blood vessels, as well as improve circulation. Doing so can relieve pain wherever it’s located on the body. If you suffer from arthritis, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle spasms or headaches, pop into a sauna and see if it helps.

Saunas Open Sinuses

This is another one of fabulous health benefits of sauna. The heat from a sauna thins and opens mucus membranes in your body. Sometimes, you can actually feel your mucus loosening. While this might sound gross, you’ll find that you can breathe a lot easier afterwards!

Saunas Can Help You Lose Weight

The reason why saunas can help you lose weight is pretty scientific, but it’s also pretty obvious, right? Just think about it – the more you exercise at the gym, the more you sweat … and the more calories you burn. The intense heat in a sauna works in a similar way. The heat boosts your basal metabolic rate so much that you body is able to burn more calories. It’s impossible for us to say how many calories you’ll burn exactly, as it varies from person to person. But for a number of people, using a sauna is an excellent if slightly left-field weight-loss method.

Saunas Can Help You Sleep

Need more sleep? Tell your partner that you’re going to start using saunas more, because another one of great health benefits of sauna is that it promotes better sleep by relaxing your muscles so that you’re ready to lay down and rest. Saunas also promote better blood circulation, which is also needed for a good night’s sleep and they are relaxing in general. And the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to drift off into sleep. Ah, bliss!

Saunas Feel Awesome

Why do we want to do anything? Usually because it feels awesome! Like saunas, for example. Saunas feel simply wonderful. They relax your mind and body; they’re pure indulgence. For many people who go there regularly, a sauna is a small slice of paradise that helps them to de-stress.

Saunas Are A Good Social Activity

Looking for a new social activity with your friends? Try a sauna! Although you can use a sauna for your own private relaxation purposes, you can also go with friends and enjoy a friendly chat as you ease your minds, relax and soak up the awesome health benefits of sauna together.

Do you know other health benefits of sauna? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy and healthy!

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