10 Amazing Benefits Of Learning To Dance

Thanks to television shows such as Dancing With The Stars, more and more people around the world are thinking of taking up dancing. It’s not hard to see why; dancing is an infectious, energetic and even mysterious art form that makes you feel alive. Whether you’re dancing at home with your partner, or whether you’re going to salsa nights in the city, dancing can be one of the most fun things you’ll ever do.

As well as being something to enjoy, dancing also teaches you new techniques, hones discipline and makes you healthier. Let’s take a look at 10 amazing benefits you’ll reap if you learn how to dance!

You Get To Meet New People

There are plenty of solitary hobbies to take up, including reading, learning a new language or playing an instrument. But there are also social hobbies to take up that help you meet new people. And dancing is certainly one of them.

Going to dance classes gives you a chance to extend your social circle. You’ll get to meet lots of new, enthusiastic and positive people, and you might even meet a new life partner!

Dancing Improves You Balance And Coordination

Ever been accused of having two left feet? Ever been told you’re klutzy because you walk into people a lot? It’s probably because you lack balance and stability.

A fun way of improving your balance is by learning how to dance. At first, it might not be so easy. Eventually, though, your balance, stability and coordination will all improve, as will your posture.

This will all ensure greater body control and poise. No longer will you be the person who walks into the waiter, spilling an entire tray of champagne!

You’ll Learn About New Cultures

Dancing is a language, one that is universal that has no cultural barriers. Not only could you meet someone from a different culture at your dance classes, but you will also learn various types of dance that are popular in different areas of the world, such as salsa. This will open and expand your mind and encourage cultural interaction.

Dancing Can Boost Your Mental Health

Mental health is getting much more attention in 2016, and this is a good thing. Millions of people around the world suffer from some form of mental ill-health, whether it be depression or dementia.

As well as the obvious physical benefits, learning to dance can also strengthen your mental health. According to various studies, dancing boosts memory and can even prevent you from developing dementia. This is because any form of aerobics prevents volume loss in the crucial hippocampus area of your brain.

Dancing Can Help You To Lose Weight

Many people who are tying to lose weight find it hard to stay motivated in their quest to shift the pounds because they choose the wrong methods. Maybe they’ll decide to hit the gym, or maybe they’ll decide to go on a zero-tolerance diet, cutting out anything they actually enjoy.

Lots of the time, these methods don’t work because they’re just too punishing and not at all enjoyable!

Dancing is a fun way to lose weight and burn calories. You’ll have a ball as the pounds slip off your hips!

Dancing Your Boost Your Energy Levels

Ever have those days where you just can’t seem to wake up? You know you’ve got LOTS to do but you just can’t seem to plough through your tasks because you’re just so darn tired.


Maybe you don’t have one or two of these days. Maybe you have lots of these days. If so, you clearly need more energy. And dancing can help.

Learning to dance will take it out of you at first. Eventually, though, you’ll be as fit as fiddle. You’ll be so energetic that you’ll no longer be out of breath whenever your kids want to “race you.”


Dancing Can Keep You Young

We’d all love to be 21 again.

*Thinks back to when she was 21*

Sorry, I got carried away there for a second!

Although it isn’t possible to rewind the clock and go back in time, it is possible to keep your body looking and feeling young for as long as possible. Because after all, who wants to grow old with a body that feels and looks even older?!

Dancing is one of the best ways you can keep your body looking young and feeling fab. The ageing process is slowed down, and it gives your heart and lungs a boost.

For comparison, the breathing rates of a typical dancer are pretty much the same as cyclists or Olympic-level sprinters.

Dancing Strengthens Your Body

There are obviously lots of ways in which you can strengthen your body, but most of them are super demanding and not much fun at all. You could hit the gym before and after work each day, or you could eat all the protein in the world.

But the most entertaining way to strengthen your body is by learning how to dance.

Dancers are incredibly strong people who could easily take your husband down in an arm wrestle. Fit and muscular, dancers put their muscles through the ringer each and every day. And they have lots of fun while doing so!

Dancing Can Flatten Your Stomach

Sometimes, a belly just won’t seem to go flat. No matter what you eat, no matter how much booze you cut out of your diet, and no matter how much walking you do, your bulge always seems to be there.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and the best way to get flat abs is by dancing your ass off. Belly dancing is perhaps the best form of dance to take up if you want a flat stomach because it works your abdomen muscles. Through this form of dancing, you can strengthen your abs.

Dancing Makes You Flexible

You’ve probably seen dancers contort themselves into all kinds of shapes, especially if you’ve got a dancer friend on Facebook.

But why on earth would you want to make yourself so bendy?

A flexible body is a healthy body that wards off joint pain, stiffness and reduces the risk of developing nasty bone conditions such as osteoporosis.

Now, where are my ballet slippers …

Stay happy!

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  1. Bethany Birchridge
    March 7, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    I’m glad that you mentioned that dancing strengthens your body. In college, my favorite lab partner was an elderly dancer. I feel that her dancing helped her retain her memory better than most people her age and definitely gave her physical strength. Ever since meeting her, I’ve been thinking about dance classes so that I can age as healthily. I’m definitely considering joining a class, but which type would be best for me?

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