10 Natural Remedies for Shiny Hair to Bring your Locks Back to Life

Admit it: you spent your whole summer in the sun, chlorine, and salt water, and now when you look in the mirror your hair looks like a sad, ‘greige’ mop. It’s so easy to forget about keeping your hair healthy and moisturized over the warm months, which is when we often do the most damage to it. Now that it’s getting cooler and you want to boost your hair’s shine and vibrancy in time for the holidays, it’s time to start a strict hair-saving routine. Not to worry, guys – we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of foolproof ways to bring some life back to your gorgeous tresses.

Coconut oil

If you haven’t yet heard of coconut oil as a beauty hack for every issue… have you been living under a rock? No, seriously. This stuff is all the rage, and for good reason: it’s like a miracle. Sure, it’s a must-have ingredient in your Thai curry soup – but have you tried it on your hair? The fatty acids and vitamins in coconut oil will work to moisturize your scalp, and remove product build-up and dry skin at the base of your roots. For a quick fix, apply coconut oil to your hair in the shower after you shampoo and condition. Leave in for a few minutes, and rinse. For a deeper conditioning, apply coconut oil to damp hair, and comb through from roots to tips. You may need to melt the coconut oil slightly first. Wrap with a towel or a shower cap, and let it sit while you browse YouTube videos until you’re bored. Then rinse well, dry, and enjoy your luxurious locks!

A cold shower rinse

We know – this sounds less than appealing – but it really does work. After showering like normal, turn the water to cool (don’t torture yourself – it doesn’t need to be icy). Rinse your hair for 30 seconds, or as long as you can handle. The cool water will seal up your hair follicles, and help them to retain moisture for longer. Let your hair air dry, and then revel in its fresh glow!


While there are many methods to moisturize your hair topically, it’s also very important to target your hair follicles at the “root” of the issue. If your hair is looking dull and dry, it’s very possible that it hasn’t been getting the vitamins it needs. To target hair shine, you’ll want to look for Omega oils (these can be found in fish, and dark leafy greens), Biotin (can be found in eggs and nuts), Folic acid (eat an avocado!), and Vitamin E (chow down on some almonds).

Try a hair mask

Not only are hair masks great for your hair, they give you a perfect excuse to veg out, and watch some awful reruns of Rob & Chyna. Ugh. Anyway, there are two options for hair masks: clarifying (this means it will remove build-up in your hair) and moisturizing. Why not try both? If you want to drop some cash, Phyto (sold at Sephora) makes some revolutionary hair masks that smell incredible and make you feel like a different person. If you’d rather scour the kitchen for ingredients, there are tons of options. Egg whites, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda are a great mix for a clarifying hair mask, while avocado, honey, and olive oil will bring back all the moisture you never knew you were missing!

Argan Oil

Ever Since Moroccan Oil came out with its legendary products; Argan oil has been in the spotlight – and for good reason. Argan oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, and its antioxidants have even been said to promote hair growth. It can be used as a deep conditioning treatment, or just applied as a serum on a daily basis. There are many brands selling Argan oil to choose from, such as Josie Maran, The Body Shop, and Kerastase. We have a secret, though: you can even find it at your local health food store!

Put Down the Heat!

We know, we know. It’s a pain to wait for your hair to dry on its own, and who doesn’t want luxuriously blown-out and curled locks? Using heat-protective serums and products is a good place to start, but cutting down on heat style is essential. Heat damages the hair’s moisture barrier, and will result in frizz, dryness, and split ends in no time. Try to limit your hair’s exposure to heat, and experiment with new styles in the meantime; braids, heatless curls, and cute buns are all great options.

Try a clarifying rinse

First off, what exactly does clarifying mean? When you use products in your hair, the leftovers will build up over time. In fact, even the oils and sebum that your hair naturally produces build up too. When you remove this build-up, it’s like cleaning a diamond ring; all of a sudden you’ll find shine and colour that you never realized had faded. There are DIY methods to clarify, like using apple cider vinegar and baking soda mixed as a shampoo.

Ditch the towel

What’s your first instinct when you hop of the shower or bath? To grab a towel and wrap your hair up, out of the way. Here’s the problem: terry cloth (normal) towels have small loops and fibers that catch individual hairs and create frizz. But there’s a solution! Using a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel will eliminate frizzing, and even more so if you ‘blot’ your hair instead of rubbing it to dry.

Serums and sprays

From Bumble and Bumble to Kerastaste to The Body Shop, there are many hair serums to choose from. The benefit of using a serum on your hair is that you can reapply as necessary – whenever your hair is feeling thirsty. This is a staple that should also be on your shelf (and even in your purse!), 365 days a year.

Olaplex: the wonder product

All right, let’s get the disclaimers out of the way first: this is a procedure that can only be done at a salon, and it’s the priciest option by far. The catch? It really works. Olaplex is a hair treatment that markets itself as a “bond multiplier” and is said to repair damaged follicles, and improve colour and shine. It’s a heavy-duty way to ensure that your hair’s luxurious luster is restored!

Stay beautiful!

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