How to treat frizzy hair? 10 Great home remedies for frizzy hair

Whether your frizzy hair problem is an everyday occurrence, or it happens only occasionally, it is still frustrating when all you want is for your hair to be shiny and bouncy. Hair becomes frizzy when it doesn’t have enough moisture in it and that can be caused by pollution, chlorine in swimming pools, high humidity, or you could just be more genetically prone to dry hair than other people are. There are plenty of products that will tame frizzy hair temporarily, but if you want a long term solution, then a more natural approach might be better. Here are ten of the top solutions, tips and home remedies for frizzy hair.

1. Avocado hair mask

One of the best known natural home remedies for frizzy hair is an avocado hair mask. Simply mash up the flesh of two skinned, ripe avocados, with a tablespoon of olive oil, massage it into your hair and leave it on for about half an hour, before you wash it out again. Avocados are a great source of natural oils that will moisturise your hair beautifully. Do this once a week and your frizz will soon be gone.

2. Banana and yoghurt hair mask

Along with the frizz, you usually get split ends too, and bananas are one of the best natural things to use for split ends. Bananas are a good source of vitamins and minerals that will nourish your hair and they also improve the elasticity of hair too. Try a home remedy for frizzy hair made of one mashed up banana, three tablespoons of natural yoghurt and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Leave it on for half an hour, then wash it off and enjoy frizz-free hair.

3. Go easy with the heat

You can help tame the frizz by being kind to your hair too. If you use heated tools like irons and the blow-dryer too often, you will only dry out your hair and damage it even more. Avoid using heat on your hair as much as possible and, when you do use heated tools, turn the temperature setting down low.

4. Hot oil treatment

Pure olive oil can work wonders on frizzy hair. Here is one of very efficient home remedies for frizzy hair: warm up some olive oil in a pan, making sure that it is not too hot, and then massage the oil into your hair and scalp. Make sure that the oil gets all the way down to the tips of your hair too. Leave it in your hair for half an hour and then shampoo and condition as you normally would.

5. Protect your hair

You can save yourself a lot of time having to deal with frizzy hair by protecting your hair from the weather and from pollution.  Wear a hat on very sunny days and cover up in cold windy days too. Both excessive sunlight and the wind can dry out your hair and that will make it frizzier. When you go swimming, always wet your hair in a shower first, and that will help to stop the chlorine in the water in a pool being absorbed by your hair.

6. Try a beer rinse

Beer is another one of fabulous home remedies for frizzy hair and it can have an amazing effect on your locks. It helps to rehydrate dry hair and it puts back some of the lost nutrients too. Try giving your hair a rinse in beer and then leave it on for about five minutes, and then rinse it out again with cold water. It will make your hair far more manageable and it will bring back the shine and bounce too.

7. Don’t shampoo every single day

If you are shampooing every day, then that could be one of the reasons why your hair gets frizzy. Shampooing too often strips all the natural oils from your hair and dries it out. Try shampooing only every other day and give your hair a chance to rehydrate itself. You could also try changing your shampoo to a more gentle formula, because the chemicals in some shampoos can be the cause of frizz.

8. Look for shampoos that contain humectants

Humectants are substances that stop things, including your hair drying out, and they can be found in a number of different natural products. Things like rice and wheat extracts and coconut oil are humectants, so look for shampoos that contain those ingredients. It will reduce the drying effect that your shampoo has on your hair and it will help your hair retain moisture.

9. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another of the natural home remedies for frizzy hair. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which helps to bring back the life to dry and damaged hair. Dilute the apple cider vinegar with and equal amounts of water, rinse it through your hair and leave it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing out again. It will balance the PH of your hair, add shine and it will remove any product build up as well.

10. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great source of saturated fats, and of Vitamin E. Warm up some coconut oil and massage it onto your hair and scalp. Wrap your head in a towel and leave this on overnight and the coconut oil will condition your hair while you sleep. When you shampoo your hair again in the morning, you will find that you have shiny and frizz free hair.

How to treat frizzy hair? What are your favourite home remedies for frizzy hair?

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