How to take care of dry hair? Top 10 tips

When the shafts of your hair do not retain enough of your nature oils, then hair can become dry, brittle and more susceptible to split ends. People do have different kinds of hair, naturally, but dry hair can also be caused by using harsh hair products, poor diet and over-washing your hair. If dry hair is a problem for you, then read these ten great tips on how to take care of dry hair.

1. Olive oil

Our first tip on how to take care of dry hair is very simple. One of the most popular and effective, home remedies for dry hair is olive oil. Use olive oil as a hot oil treatment for your hair and it will moisturise, nourish and bring back the shine, in no time at all.

2. Don’t shampoo every day

Another important tip on how to take care of dry hair is to avoid shampooing your hair daily, because it will strip out even more of the natural moisture in your hair. If you are shampooing every day, then try switching to every other day (or, ideally, once every three days) and you will see an improvement in your dry hair.

3. Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and lecithin, which will strengthen and repair dry and damaged hair. A weekly hair mask treatment will help fix your dry hair problem. Just whisk up the white of one egg, with a little warm water, apply to the hair and leave it on for about ten minutes and then wash out. If you hair is super dry, then mix an egg with some coconut oil and use the mixture in the same manner.

4. Turn down the temperature

Another tip on how to take care of dry hair is to turn down water temperature when you shampoo your locks. If you have the water too hot when you wash your hair, then it will swell the strands of hair, allowing more moisture to escape, which will lead to even more hair dryness. Always have the water just warm, not very hot, and finish your shampooing with a cold water rinse.

5. Beer

Beer is another great home conditioner that you can use to treat dry hair. Simply shampoo your hair as you usually do and then spray your hair with a small amount of beer and let it dry naturally. The protein in the beer will help bring back the shine and the lustre to your hair.

6. Make sure you use the right kind of shampoo

When you go shopping for shampoo, make sure you buy the rich formulas that are specially designed for dry hair. They might be a little more expensive, but it will make a difference to your dry hair.

7. Mayonnaise

Another easy tip on how to take care of dry hair is to use mayonnaise. Yes, you read us right, mayonnaise is a great, protein rich, home treatment for dry hair. Massage some full fat mayonnaise into your hair and leave it on for about thirty minutes. When you wash the mayonnaise out, your hair will feel soft, nourished and look silky and shiny again.

8. Protect your hair

The elements will also dry out your hair, so protect your locks with a hat or scarf on windy days, as well as on sunny days. If you are a swimmer, then don’t forget to thoroughly rinse your hair after a swim, because chlorine will also dry out and damage your hair.

9. Eat omega-3 rich foods

You can also moisturise your hair from the inside out, through the foods that you eat. Eat healthy, fresh food and increase the omega-three content in your food by eating more foods like oily fish and nuts.

10. Avocado

Our final tip on how to take care of dry hair is to use natural, nourishing hair masks that will help bring the shine back into dry hair. Avocado is the perfect ingredient for such hair mask. Mash one peeled, ripe avocado and mix in a teaspoon of wheat-germ oil. Apply the mixture to your hair, before washing, and leave it on for half an hour. The fats and vitamins contained in the avocado will moisturise and nourish your hair and leave it silky smooth.

How to take care of dry hair? What are your best hair care tips and secrets?

Stay beautiful!

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