How To Stop Hair Loss?

If I was asked whether or not I’d prefer to be blind or deaf, I’d probably say that I don’t want to lose anymore hair.

Okay, I’m joking. But you get the idea.

Hair loss is a scary thing among women and men. You look at the back of your shirt and you see clumps of hair. You look at your pillow and yelp in terror as you see more hair. You look at the bottom of the shower and shout “someone call 911!!” as you see EVEN MORE HAIR.

It isn’t unusual to lose hair, but when you start to lose more than usual it’s easy to go into a blind panic. It’s alarming.

Hair loss, though, can be controlled. Let’s take a look at how to do just that:

Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a small miracle that is fantastic for both your skin and your hair. I make homemade scrubs containing coconut oil, as it does an excellent job at restoring the shine and youthful glow to my skin.

It can also stop your hair from falling out in great chunks.

All you need to do is regally massage coconut oil into your hair, digging deep into the roots. Over time, coconut oil will work its magic, strengthening hair growth once again.

Reduce Stress

Can stress really cause hair loss? You bet it can!

Stress is actually among the prime causes of hair loss, but what is far less understood is the causes of our stress. For some, it’s financial worries. For others, it’s the pain of a breakup.

Ask yourself if you’ve been feeling more stressed than usual recently, and then identify ways in which you can tackle it.

Get More Vitamins

There are a few reasons for why hair loss happens on an epic scale, and one of those is a real lack of vitamins in your body.

You need vitamins to function properly. Without the right amount of vitamins in your body, all kind of things can go wrong – including hair loss.

I recommend using Amla, because it’s rich in vitamin C and various other powerful antioxidants that pretty much solve all hair growth problems.

All you need to do is crush an Amla before combining its juice with two teaspoons of lemon juice. Then, apply to your scalp before leaving to drive.


Exercise benefits your body, making you fitter and healthier.

So why wouldn’t it benefit your hair, too?

It might surprise you, but working out actually improves your hair’s heath. In other words, it can reduce or even stop hair loss altogether.

How does it do this?

Although exercise isn’t going to magically make your hair grown again, it can improve your mood and eliminate stress. And when this happens, your hair starts to strengthen again.

Apply Eggs

Eggs are fantastic. They’re rich in vital proteins and minerals that your body needs. But you don’t need to just eat eggs to get the most out of them – you can also apply them to your scalp to prevent hair loss.

A hair pack of egg whites combined with olive oil is a powerful recipe for preventing hair loss. All you need to do is mix the white of a single egg with a tsp of olive oil. Then, beat until you’ve got a paste-like consistency. Once you’ve got this, simply apply it to your scalp before leaving to settle for about 20 minutes.

Rinse with warm water.

Snack More

Could it be true? Are we actually telling you to snack more?


You’ve probably had it drummed into you so many times that snacking is so bad for you that you now no longer even know what snacking is.

“What is snacking? Is it like twerking??”

The truth is that there is a smart way to snack. Avoid the candies and snack on the likes of blueberries and nuts and you’ll be A-okay.

But how does snacking prevent hair loss?

When you go too long without eating, your body loses energy. And when it loses energy, one of the things it can’t do so well is form hair cells. Oh no!

As such, it’s a good idea to snack (healthily) between meals.

Improve Your Diet

Another key factor behind hair loss is a poor diet. If you’re not getting enough micronutrients into your system, your body will send out not-so-subtle hints that it needs more zinc, iron, potassium and so on.

And one of its most emphatic hints is to rip your hair out and leave it all over your pillow.

“Sorry for the mess, but I need more micronutrients. With love, your body.”

The best way to get yourself more micronutrients is via fruit, vegetables, beans, and grains. Eat the right foods and your hair will start to strengthen itself once again.

Sleep More

How many hours do you sleep on average at night? If your answer is less than 5, a lack of sleep might be the reason why you’re losing so much hair at the moment.

Of course, there are many variables involved when it comes to a lack of sleep, and perhaps you’re not getting enough shut-eye because you find it hard to fall asleep.

But whatever the reasons, it’s really important that you try to get more sleep. Because it is during sleep when your body heals and repairs itself. In other words, it is during sleep when it strengthens your hair.

Protect Yourself From Pollutants

Your hair is vulnerable to many dangers that threaten its health, and one of the biggest dangers is pollutants and toxins that come from the environment, the dust, and even the weather itself.

Especially if you live in a heavily industrialised town, it’s important that you take steps to protect your mane from toxins that can cause hair loss. Tying your hair up when you leave the house can help, as can covering your head with a scarf.

Look After Your Body

As a final tip, it’s fundamental that you take good care of your body. We are only as strong as our weakest link, and if you have a bad habit such as smoking or drinking, it could be weakening your hair.

Stay beautiful!

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