How to Spice Up Brown Hair Color?

Are you planning to dye your hair a different shade of brown or are you a natural brunette looking to inject some life into your locks?
If you’ve been blessed with naturally gorgeous brown locks, there are various different options to liven it up. With a wide range of products available on the shelves of shops to expert advice in salons, even the dullest brown hair can be revitalised.
Before you decide which shade you should go for, you should check it against your skin tone; the end result should always be a proud set of locks you are happy to have dyed.

Getting The Right Shade Of Brunette Hair Color

It’s always tricky to find out what shade of brown will look best in your hair. However, there are few clever tricks that can help you resolve your hue blues.  Firstly, you’ll want to determine whether you have cool undertones in your skin or warm ones. This is an important part of dying your hair, because getting the colors wrong can result in brassy tones and shades just don’t look right on you.
In order to check it accurately, you’ll need to do this test (without any makeup on and in daylight), so that you can get the best match. Hold something silver and something gold next to your face – which looks better? If you prefer the silver – you will prefer going for cool tones in your hair, if you prefer the gold – you guessed it, warmer shades are for you.

Some of the colors that celebrities are going for, at the moment, are rich and deep shades of brown. Victoria Beckham, for example, has mahogany hair color dye with auburn tips, while well known actress Eva Mendes has her tresses dyed in a beautiful glossy chestnut shade. It’s all about figuring out what look you want to go for and what will look best against your skin tone and hairstyle.
If you have short hair or hair with loads of layers consider getting some color weaved through your hair to achieve natural looking, healthy brown hair.

Highlights or Low-lights Option for Brown Hair?

A lot of people might get confused between these two terms, so let’s start by figuring out which is which.
Low-lights are darker colors applied to lighter hair. Highlights are lighter colors applied to darker hair. It seems simple, but you can have low-lights in dark hair too, as well as highlights in lighter hair. Sounds confusing?
Highlights, usually, require the use of bleach and some maintenance, whereas low-lights don’t often require the same level of care. With highlights make sure they don’t contrast too much with the color you want in your hair. If you find that they need to be darkened you can always get some toner put in afterwards. Toner usually doesn’t cling on to your hair with just one application, so expect to be back in the salon after 6 washes.
The general rule of thumb with this type of dying is not to go any more than three shades darker or lighter than the natural color of your hair (or your new dye), this will ensure that you get the most natural look.

Again, with highlights and lowlights think carefully about your overall hair color. A tip for if you are naturally brunette is to opt for colors that are within the brown or red family. This will really liven up your hair without making it look too dry or straw like. Try to avoid blonde tones as much as possible – this is because they will do the opposite to livening your hair up. Chances are that the blonde strands will look dull and brittle against the rest of your hair.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent hair color ?

When you are reading the range of products on the shelf or you are looking at dying your hair in the salon, you might want to know how long the color will last in your hair…

Semi Permanent Hair Color

If you want to opt for only subtle and slight change of your hair color, then you want to go for a semi-permanent hair color. It will, usually, last between 6 and 12 shampoos and are likely to be ammonia and peroxide free. For that reason semi-permanent hair colors won’t lighten your hair, they will only darken it. If you are worried about dying your hair or are a first time dyer – this is a great option for you, as it gives you a chance to try out a color without having full commitment to it.

Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Not a lot of people know about demi-permanent hair colors. These, usually, last around 22 to 24 shampoos. It’s a more permanent solution, than the semi. Although like the semi-permanent hair color this dye won’t dramatically lighten your hair, however, because it has some peroxide, it will add some subtle shades to your hair and provide a noticeable change, great for when you want to change your hair color but not too much.

Permanent Hair Color

This is usually the hair dye that you will need to use, if you want to make more drastic changes to your hair color. Both ammonia and peroxide are used in the process, it’s wise to do the 24-48 hour skin test prior to going for permanent hair colors, just to make sure you aren’t allergic. Your hair is bleached and the color is replaced with the new shade, other than the pigments of your old shade. This won’t wash out but grow out, so you’ll need to get regular touch ups for your roots, usually, around every 4-6 weeks.

But I Want To Get Adventurous!

If you desire to go for something completely different in your hair, for example, purple, blue or rainbow hair color, you don’t need to go permanent! Most alternative colors for your hair will be semi-permanent and will wash out after shampooing a few times.

A few colors that look great in brown hair are blue and purple shades or some red tones. These really compliment the warm tones in brown hair, as well as the cooler shades from the colors, such as the blue and the purple.
They will add some much needed zaniness to your hair and will let you to stand out of a crowd. If you plan to pop these colors in your hair, consider having it dip dyed, rather than getting streaks of color in your hair. An advantage to this way of dying is that you can always change your color when it washes out (because the color is semi-permanent)!

Whether you want to go for highlights, lowlights or a full head of one color, following these simple tips will help you make the right choice for your hair and will do wonders for your locks.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this subject in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!

About the Author:

Anisha works alongside a hair dye provider in the UK, Hunt or Dye, who specializes in providing bright hair colors and bleaching kits from brands such as La Riche and Crazy Color .


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