How To Repair Damaged Hair? 10 Natural Remedies for Bringing Your Hair Back to Life

If your hair has lost all its life and become unmanageable, don’t give up hope, because we have got ten easy to follow and inexpensive natural remedies that are guaranteed to put the life and bounce back into your hair.

Dry, lifeless hair can be caused by a big number of different things. It could be that you’ve skipped the conditioner a few too many times, it could have been caused by over-styling, or it could be simply a result of all the nasty pollution that is in the air.

Whatever may have caused your hair to look a bit dull; these ten really simple and 100% natural remedies will soon bring your hair bouncing back to life.

1. Put the moisture back with egg yolk

Egg yolks are so good for putting the life back into your hair that they are often used in store-bought conditioners and shampoos. Egg yolks are a great source of protein, which is what your hair is made of, and they contain other hair-nourishing nutrients as well. You can use egg yolks on their own as a hair mask, if you like, or you can add some honey or olive oil too. Simply mix your chosen ingredients together, apply to your hair, and then shampoo it out again with lukewarm water after about half an hour.

2. Soften locks with milk and honey

Another good tip on how to repair damaged hair is to use milk and honey. Milk is a great natural ingredient that will work absolute wonders on your hair. It contains the perfect blend of protein, zinc, calcium and magnesium to nourish and strengthen your hair. For maximum shine and softness, try a mixture of milk honey. Take some milk and gently warm it first. Then, add a tablespoon of honey and stir it in until it has completely dissolved. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it to sit for about 30 minutes. When you shampoo it out and condition your hair as usual, you will be amazed at just how much difference the honey and milk has made.

3. Rinse your hair back to life with apple cider vinegar

Another useful tip on how to repair damaged hair is to make an apple cider vinegar rinse. If you have some apple cider vinegar in your kitchen, you really don’t need expensive clarifying shampoos. Lifeless hair can often be caused by a build-up of hair products on your hair and apple cider vinegar is the perfect remedy for that. All you need to do is give your hair a final rinse after shampooing with a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts water. Leave it on your hair for about 10 minutes and, when you rinse it out again, your hair will be clear of the accumulated product residue and it will look and feel a whole lot healthier.

4. Bring the shine back with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is brimming with ingredients that your hair will love; including eggs, oil, vinegar and lemon juice and it makes a wonderfully effective and very cheap hair mask. Simply apply mayonnaise to damp hair and leave it to sit for half an hour. Depending on your hair type, you will probably get the best results with mayonnaise if you avoid the roots of your hair and concentrate more on the tips.

5. Rinse with beer

Another great tip on how to repair damaged hair os to rinse it with beer. Yes, it really does work! Beer is good for your hair because the alcohol cleanses your hair and softens it and the vitamins and minerals that come from the malt and hops nourish your hair deep down. Simply rinse your hair through with regular beer, after you have shampooed it, and then rinse it out again with warm water after 20 minutes or so. Don’t worry about the smell; that will disappear as your hair dries.

6. Treat dry and frizzy hair with avocado

Avocado is just the right thing for dry and frizzy hair. It moisturises the hair and it contains a protein called biotin, which will nourish the hair and bring back the shine. You really don’t need anything but the avocado to beat the frizz, but you could add some olive oil if you wanted to put a bit of extra shine on your hair as well. Mash up the flesh of one ripe avocado and mix it with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it to sit for 30 minutes. When you wash it out, you will find that the frizz has gone and your hair is lovely and shiny again.

7. Try a banana hair mask

Next fabulous tip on how to repair damaged hair is to use a banana hair mask. Banana is brimming with natural oils, vitamins and potassium, all of which will nourish your hair and improve its elasticity. Simply mash up one large ripe banana into a paste and then apply that to your hair. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes and then wash it out again. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will leave your hair looking shiny and soft.

8. Condition with yoghurt

Plain yoghurt is a great natural hair conditioner that will fight dandruff at the same time as it conditions your hair. Yoghurt contains protein to nourish your hair and lactic acid, which helps to repair damaged hair. The best way to use yoghurt as a conditioner is to apply before you wash your hair and leave it in for about half an hour before you shampoo.

9. Treat your hair to a hot oil massage

Hot oil treatments have been used to treat dry and damaged hair for centuries and it is one of the best natural treatments for lifeless hair. Hot oil moisturises and nourishes the hair and the massaging action promotes a better flow of blood to your hair follicles. Massage some warm oil into your hair, then wrap your head with a towel, and leave it on for half an hour. If you don’t mind sleeping with a towel on your head, leaving the oil on overnight will have an amazing effect on your hair.

10. Repair damaged hair with honey

Honey is a superb conditioner for dry and damaged hair. You can use it on its own, or you could mix some in with some avocado or egg yolk. Half a cup of honey applied to damp hair and left on for twenty minutes will soften hair and bring back the shine. Honey also has antifungal properties, so it’s good for treating itchy scalp as well.

How to repair damaged hair? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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