10 Beach tips on how to keep your hair healthy while enjoying the sun

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for the beach with long days in the sun and splashing around in the sea, having fun, but it also means getting home afterward and wondering what on earth happened to your hair! Just when you wanted your hair to be full of shine and bounce, the sun and the salt water, dry it up and bring out the frizz. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, you can enjoy summer days at the beach and keep your hair looking great, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive hair products to do it. Enjoy the sun while it’s here, and stop worrying about your hair, read these ten great tips on how to keep your hair healthy while you are enjoying the sun on the beach.

1. Get a trim

Get your hair trimmed just before the beach season starts. You want to look your best on the beach and a haircut will remove any dry, split ends, which are only going to get worse in the summer sun. You can then leave it until the end of the summer for your next trim and your stylist can fix any damage the salt water and sun have done after.

2. Wet your hair before you jump in

Don’t go running off down the beach and jumping straight in the water, take some time out to wet your hair with fresh water first. Damp hair absorbs a lot less of the salt from sea water, and less chlorine from a pool, so a quick shower under some fresh water will help stop your hair from drying out and getting frizzy later.

3. Go easy on the hair products

Another tip on how to keep your hair healthy is to go easy on the hair products. As a general tip for the summer months, you should be using as little gel, or hairspray, as possible, or the chemicals in them will react with the sun and dry out your hair. If you are going to use product in your hair, then look for those that contain SPF to help protect your hair from the sun. Less is best, especially on beach days when it’s going to get washed out by the sea water anyway.

4. Condition before you comb

If you are not going to get a chance to shower and shampoo your hair, but you still want to tidy it up, never brush your hair when it is dry after a day at the beach. Always apply conditioner to your hair before you brush or comb it. It will help stop you damaging your hair and causing it to go frizzy.

5. Wear a hat

Another tip on how to keep your hair healthy while enjoying the sun is to wear a hat. You know the drill; SPF for your skin and a hat for your head, are both absolute musts, if you plan to spend all day in the sun. A hat will protect your hair from the sun and from the dry winds that that you get on a beach. It will also protect you from getting sunstroke and no one wants to have their beach day ruined because they are feeling unwell.

6. Use a hair mask in between visits to the beach

Every time you go to the beach you are going to be stripping out the moisture from your hair. A weekly, deep-down, conditioning mask will replace some of that lost moisture and it will keep your hair looking fantastic all through the summer. You can use store-bought hair masks, or you can find some wonderful homemade hair mask recipes in our hair care section.

7. Don’t add to the problem by using too much heat on your hair

Another tip on how to keep your hair healthy while enjoying the sun is to try and avoid using the blow dryer on a high temperature setting during the summer and let your hair dry naturally in the air whenever you can. Your hair will already have lost enough moisture and you don’t want to lose anymore. If you do use a blow dryer, then use a diffuser with it, and that will help to reduce the damage to your hair.

8. Don’t wash your hair every day

Over-washing your hair is another way that you will only make things worse. On days that you don’t go in the sea or a pool, only wash your hair every three days, so that it gets a chance for the natural oils to re-moisturise your hair. When you do wash it, always use a conditioner too.

9. Be extra gentle with your hair

Your hair will become extra brittle after a few trips to the beach, so be very careful when brushing or combing it. Don’t yank tangles out, or you will break hair off, and remember too that hair is even more prone to damage when it is wet.

10. Increase your intake of healthy fats

Our final tip on how to keep your hair healthy and in good condition is to watch what you eat. Increase your intake of healthy fats by eating more avocados, dressing salads with healthy oils and eating more nuts and seeds. That will help to hydrate your hair from the inside out.

How to keep hair healthy while enjoying the sun? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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