How to keep your hair healthy on the beach?

The summer is here again, and that means that it’s time to head off to the beach, but the sea air, the salt water, and the sun can all play havoc with your hair. You already know how important is to protect your skin with sunscreen when you are on the beach, but do you do anything to protect your hair? If the answer to that question is no, then read on, because we have ten tips for you on how to keep your hair healthy when you are enjoying a hot sunny day on the beach.

1. Get a trim

The sun will damage your hair and it will make split ends look worse, so time your next trim so that it comes just before the beach season. Then you can leave it for the rest of the summer until you get your next trim and your stylist can fix any damage you have done to your hair, all in one go.

2. Forget the styling products

You are only going to get your hair wet anyway, so forget all about using hairspray, gels, or any other product, because it won’t last for long and, when it is combined with the salt water, it will become a sticky mess and be impossible to do anything with. Just go natural for the day and skip shampooing the day before. That will give your hair a little bit of extra protection.

3. Use UV protection

If you have coloured your hair, then it might be a good idea to use a UV protectant spray on your hair. Your hair will have already been dried out a bit by the colouring process and the sun will only make that worse. It could also change the colour of your of your hair and make it go brassy. A few spritzes of UVA protection spray will protect your hair from the sun and stop that happening.

4. Wear a hat during the hottest time of the day

When the sun gets particularly intense, usually around midday, the best way to protect your hair is to wear a hat or a headscarf. It will also stop you getting heatstroke too, which, if you’ve never had before, believe us, is really not a nice experience. You can make a hat or headscarf into a bit of a fashion statement, so it won’t look out of place at all.

5 Dampen your hair before you go into the sea

It may sound a bit silly to shower before you go get your hair wet in the sea, but it will protect your hair against the salt water. If your hair is already damp when you jump in the waves, it will absorb less of the salty sea water and it’s the salt in sea water that does all the damage and makes your hair feel like straw. Incidentally, the same is true for when you go swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool.

6. Use conditioner before you try to comb your hair

Never try to comb your hair after you have been on the beach without first putting some conditioner on. The sea air and the salt water will have dried out your hair and it is quite likely to have tangles in it. If you try and comb it out without conditioner, you will damage your hair and break it. The best thing to do after a day on the beach is to shampoo your hair, condition it and then leave it to air dry.

7. Eat plenty of healthy fats

It will help to keep your hair hydrated if you eat plenty of healthy fats during the summer. You could eat salads in the evenings with some olive oil or flaxseed oil drizzled over the top, or a nice piece of fresh salmon. For you beach snacks, try avocados, or nuts like almonds, or you could take a smoothie with you that has coconut oil in it. Eating more healthy fats will help keep your hair soft and shiny all the way through the summer.

8. Apply coconut oil to the tips of your hair

There are so many different beauty uses of coconut oil and here’s another to add the list. Rub a small drop of coconut oil between your hands and then, before you go to the beach, apply it to the tips of your hair with your hands. This will give you protection from split ends, but it won’t make your hair too greasy. If your hair is dry normally anyway, you could rub your hands through all of your hair before you hit the beach.

9. Don’t use heated tools

Your hair is going to suffer enough with the heat at the beach so you really don’t want to add to the by using a blow-dryer or hair straighteners as well! Go with the relaxed beach-babe look for a few weeks and let your hair dry naturally. If you really have to use heated tools, use a heat protection product before you do.

10. Be careful when combing

When you do comb your hair after a day on the beach, be very careful how you do it and don’t tug too hard on tangles. As we’ve already mentioned you should condition your hair first, and then gently comb it, not brush it, with a wide toothed comb. This will stop breakage and it will help stop the frizz.

How to keep your hair healthy? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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