16 Must Know Hair Volume Tips On How To Keep Fine Hair From Falling Flat

Not all of us have been beautifully blessed with full thick hair. You know what kind of hair we’re talking about! You know that hair that has that amazing texture that can not only hold curls amazingly, but also can be worn straight without looking flat. If you were born with this ideal hair type, then congratulations, if not, you’re in for a treat. We have discovered the fool proof ways that you can prevent the dreaded flat hair. Sometimes nothing can ruin a perfect date night more than spending an hour on the delicious bouncy wave just to find that they fall flat before you even get your first drink. Here is everything you need to know about how to keep that hairstyle on its toes all night long.

How can you stop fine hair from falling flat? 16 Hair volume tips

Understand The True Texture Of Your Hair

This is one of the basic hair volume tips. It is important to know how your hair behaves naturally. The best way to do this is to let your air dry on its own, without blow drying it. Once dried you should be able to see every curl and cowlick, so that you know and understand how your hair looks without any styling tools. Just remember that the hair texture that you usually like to wear, may not be how your hair naturally falls. It all depends on whether or not you have color treated or processed your hair. Understanding the true nature of your hair can help you figure out how to care for it and what it needs.

Weightless Products

Believe it or not, the trick to holding tight onto a great, voluminous hairstyle starts with how you treat your hair after it’s cleaned. We love our sprays and cream hair products too, but keep in mind that heavy products can really weigh your hair down. This is especially true if you have very thin hair. When it comes to keeping your hair from falling flat throughout the day, keep the hair products light! We suggest that you try light oil hair sprays or mists. These oils will nourish your hair without adding too much weight.

Embrace the Upside Down

A trick to holding onto a great hair style is all in the volume. Not all of us were blessed with a crown of hair that is as high as the heavens. Some of us need to fake it until we make it. Embracing the upside down starts right in the shower. After shampooing your hair, apply a small amount of conditioner starting from the mid shaft of your hair and working it towards the ends. You should avoid applying conditioner directly onto your roots, because this can lead to flat hair. Next turn the water temperature down to a cool warm and flip your head upside down. The conditioner will more thoroughly be rinsed out of your hair and your roots will be manipulated to go upwards, which will create more volume.

Blow Out

A good blow out is one of the very efficient hair volume tips and it is the best friend of most thin haired ladies out there. Those magical hair stylists can seemingly create volume out of thin air. But, did you know that you have tools to give yourself that same lift right at home. All you need it a bristle round brush and a hairdryer with a direction attachment. When it comes to the perfect blow out for holding a nice hair style, it is more about lift and less about style. The styling will come later on. The trick is to wrap your wet hair up in an old cotton t-shirt and to leave it alone until most of the excess water has been removed. The t-shirt will prevent frizz and will help to keep that root lift that you did in the shower. Next, it’s time to flip your hair over again! Work in small sections using your round brush to pull hair upwards, while holding your head upside down. This is going to feel super weird at first, but practice makes perfect.

Be Slightly Dirty

Sometimes the best way to keep your hairstyle banging all day is to start with a ‘dirty’ base. There is some serious truth in those jokes about not ever washing your hair. Slightly dirty hair has texture and body. This is because freshly cleaned hair can be too sleek to even hold a curl. So, plan ahead! If you know that you have that hot date coming up, wash your hair 1-2 days before the date. When you’re ready to get your style on, your hair will have plenty of “slept in” texture that is ideal for curls and other volume enticing hairstyles.

Tease Em’

Are you finding that even though you flipped your hair upside down, kept things light and also waiting until your hair was that perfect state of dirty that you still can’t get rid of that flat hair look? It may be time to pull out the big guns in the form of a teasing comb. Teasing can be your best friend and also your worst enemy. To keep your hair style more modern and less rat nest, follow these hair volume tips! Use a fine tooth comb that isn’t densely packed with bristles. Bristle teasing combs can create more frizzes. The best way to tease your crown is to take it slow and smooth it out. Work in small sections and tease and smooth out but leave the tops layer alone.

Meet Your Hair Volume’s New Best Friend – Dry Shampoo

If you don’t have at least one can of dry shampoo in your beauty arsenal, what are you even doing with your life? Dry shampoo has come miles from the chalky white powder it used to be. Dry shampoo will not only help fight greasy hair, but it will also give that perfect gripping texture that will help prevent the dreaded hair fall. Not only can you spray it at the roots to give your tease some extra lift, you can also use it to refresh your hair during the rest day. This way your style has a longer shelf life.

Set It

There will always be new and exciting ways to style your hair for more volume, but sometimes the best tricks are the ones that have been working for years. Setting your hair may seem like something that your Grandma does once a week at the beauty salon, but maybe Grandma is onto something. Grab your slightly dirty textured hair and get to setting. You will need a good amount of small setting pins, hairspray and a curling wand. Start with the section at the base of your neck and work your way up. Curl small sections of hair away from your face and don’t let the curl fall off of your wand. Instead hold the curl like a little nest in your hand and pin it up. Follow up with some hair spray to each pinned curl. After your whole head is done, allow the curls to cool completely. This can take up to 45 minutes depending on how thick your hair is. Once your hair is cool to the touch, remove each pin slowly. You will be left with tight curls that are not going anywhere.

Shake it Off

If you tried the pin curl method, you are going to need to shake off those curls. This is of course unless you want to have super tight poodle curls. Start by gently pulling on the end of each curl. Make sure to apply very soft pulling pressure so you don’t unravel the curl all together. Next shake your hair to relax some of the ultra tight curls. You will be left with bouncy curls. If you want a more relaxed curl with some body, grab yourself a boar bristle brush. Softly pull the brush through your hair starting mid shaft to the end. Make sure to keep refreshing your hair with hair spray every now and then. You can repeat all of these three steps until you have achieved your preferred style.

Hands Off

A common mistake that people make when it comes to keeping their hair style from falling flat is to be constantly touching their hair. We get it; bouncy hair can be fun to play with. However, for the sake of your style lasting, keep your hands off. Your hands are covered in oils and dirt, which can weight down your hair and undo all of that hard work you did.

Cool Off

Have you ever noticed that snowflake setting on your hairdryer? That magical little button may have been a mystery to you, but not anymore! A quick blast of cool air can help to set your style which can prevent hair from falling flat later on in the day. Give your style a once over with cold air.  This will help to shock your hair into place.

Plan Ahead

While you can prepare your hair for almost every situation, there is one thing that you cannot control. This is the weather. Nothing can flatten your bounce more than a rainy day. So before you spend hours getting every hair set in place, check the forecast. Combat those rainy days with a solid umbrella or a head scarf. If you have very fine flat hair that sticks right to your scalp at the first sign of moisture in the air, go with an easy top knot and save the waves for another day.

Treat Roots Kindly

Most flat hair problems start right at the root. Keeping your hair from falling flat has a lot to do with how you treat your roots. One great way to ensure that your style will stay nice and voluminous is to give your roots some grip and grab. Using some root lifting mouse before attempting any hair style will start your roots off in the right direction. Just make sure not to over saturate your roots. Thin haired ladies should use any styling mouse in moderation. If you have thirsty and thick hair, feel free to lather in that mouse more liberally.

Sea Spray

This next tip works best on well maintained hair, because it can dry out frizzy hair pretty quickly. Sea salt sprays can not only give you the fresh from-the-beach-look, but can also give your hair some grip. Best of all, sea salt sprays can also double as a light hairspray to keep those curls in check. After curling your hair, loosely brush out tight curls and liberally spray some sea salt magic. People will marvel at how loose and lived in your hair will look.

Switch Your Parting 

This is one of the quickest hair volume tips – switch your hair parting. Everyone has a favorite way to part their hair. However, your hair will eventually predict this behavior. Like most things, it is important to switch up your part every now and again to keep flat hair look at bay. Try styling your hair with a solid middle part. Next, take the pointy end of your teasing comb and swiftly part your hair in a new and unexpected direction. This is a fast way to add some surprising volume with very little effort.

Have A Good Hair Travel Kit

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, our hair will still do what it wants to do at the end of the day. So keep your hair volume in check by always keeping a travel kit in your purse. All you need is a travel size bottle of dry shampoo (a sample size of baby powder works also!) a teasing comb and a small bottle of hair spray. This way you can lift up the volume anywhere you go. People will be asking you how you keep your hair so voluminous and bouncy all day long! Sometimes the best way to make your style last longer is to give some extra care and attention throughout the day.

Bounce On

Once you have the right tools and tricks to keeping your hairstyle fresh, you are free to slay all day long. Just remember that there are some things that are out of your control. So while you should prepare for the day ahead, don’t be afraid to embrace the unexpected. Who know, maybe that windstorm will give your locks the extra twirl it needs to be a knockout. 

What are your favourite hair volume tips?

Stay beautiful!

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