How to grow your hair faster? 10 Useful tips

If you have been trying to grow your hair out and it seems to be taking an age, then you might have wondered if there is anything at all you can do to speed up the growth of your hair. Well, the answer is more a case of making sure that you are not doing anything to slow the natural growth of your hair, rather than doing anything that will magically make you sprout beautiful long tresses. To ensure that your hair is growing as fast as it possibly can, you need to take care that you don’t break and damage your hair and that you keep it well-nourished and well hydrated. Here are ten tips on how to grow your hair faster.

1. Feed your hair from the inside

Dermatologists and hair care experts agree that the best way of all to promote strong and healthy hair growth is to eat the right foods. Hair is formed from protein, so try eating more high protein foods, like fish, eggs, and beans. Generally, a healthy diet of fresh produce will improve the overall health of your hair and that will lead to faster growth and to your hair being less prone to damage.

2. Get your hair trimmed frequently

Contrary to popular belief, getting your hair trimmed won’t make it grow any faster, but it will stop split ends travelling further up the length of your hair. If you don’t have regular trims, when you get it done, the stylist will have to cut your hair shorter to remove the split ends.

3. Don’t shampoo every day

Another tip on how to grow your hair faster is to avoid shampooing it every day. If you leave your hair unwashed for a day or two, it allows the natural oils in your hair to spread along the whole length, and that is the best way to hydrate your hair and repair any damage to it. Don’t leave it for too long, though, or your scalp will itch and scratching it could damage your hair.

4. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the natural products that is said to be able to boost the growth of hair and it will help keep your hair tangle free and give it a lovely shine. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to some water and use that as your final rinse.

5. Castor oil hair treatment

Another tip on how to grow your hair faster is to try castor oil treatment. Castor oil can have an amazing effect on hair; it will strengthen it and make it look a lot thicker. Massage some castor oil into your hair and scalp before you go to bed, wrap your hair in a towel, and leave it on overnight. When you shampoo your hair the next morning, the castor oil will have conditioned and nourished your hair, making it look amazing and strengthening it in the process.

6. Brush your hair to stimulate blood flow to the scalp

Gentle brushing of your hair, twice a day, will spread the natural oils along the full length of the hair, which will hydrate it and protect it. Brushing will also promote a good blood supply to the scalp, which will encourage the growth of hair. Don’t tug at your hair, though, or brush it when it is wet, or you will run the risk of breaking your hair.

7. Air-dry your hair whenever you can

One of good tips on how to grow your hair faster is to air-dry your hair whenever you can. Heat is your enemy when you are trying to grow your hair; it damages hair and it will make it more prone to breakage. Whenever you have the time, gently pat your hair dry, but never rub it and then just leave it dry naturally in the air. The more often you can do this, the better condition your hair will be in, and the faster you will see it growing.

8. Use a Vitamin E-rich hair mask

Another tip on how to grow your hair faster is to feed it from the outside with nourishing, Vitamin E rich, hair mask. Gently warm up some sweet almond oil and coconut oil and mix them together. Massage the mixture into your hair and leave it to sit for half an hour before you wash it out. This will make your hair shiny and bouncy and it will boost hair growth as well.

9. Avoid over-styling your hair

Heated tools will strip the natural oils from your hair and damage it, so give your hair a rest from styling as often you can. If you do use heated tools, turn the temperature setting down to low, so that you cause less damage. Quite simply, the more you damage and break your hair, the longer it will take to grow.

10. Finish your shower with a blast of cold water

Very hot water is no good for your hair at all, so keep the water temperature down when you shower. It’s also a good idea to give your hair a rinse in cool water after a shower, because that will help by sealing off the cuticles and giving your hair back some of its strength after the hot water has softened it.

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