10 Things girls with gorgeous hair don’t do

If you want gorgeous hair, then you can spend as much money as you like on expensive products, but, if you don’t take proper care of your hair, the damage that you can cause to your hair will ruin any good that products, or any amount of hair styling, can do. Great looking hair can’t be treated roughly and it can’t be left uncared for, and it’s the things that you don’t do to your hair that really count. If you want fantastic looking hair that will be the envy of all your friends, read these ten things that girls with gorgeous hair know never to do.

1. They don’t forget to brush their hair

Girls with gorgeous hair understand the benefit of brushing and they never rush the job, or skip it altogether. Regular brushing of the hair removes dead and loose hair, it promotes blood circulation in the scalp, and it helps to distribute the natural oils evenly along the strands of hair.

2. They don’t use heated tools every day

Girls with wonderful looking hair know that heat dries out hair and can damage it. That’s why they only use heated tools, like curling irons or hair straighteners, for special occasions. They even avoid using a blow dryer, if they can, and they leave their hair to air-dry naturally. On the rare occasions that they use heat on their hair, they turn the temperature down low and they use heat protecting products, so that they do as little damage as possible.

3. They don’t shampoo their hair every day

Another trick that girls with great hair quickly learn is that hair doesn’t need to be washed every single day. If you over wash your hair, it will become dry, brittle and more prone to damage. Second day hair is actually a lot more manageable too, and it has far more texture. For the third day hair you can use dry shampoo or, if you want to avoid all the chemicals, then try lightly dusting rice powder on the roots of your hair for a beautiful, refreshed look and more volume.

4. They don’t use the cheapest hair stylist

When you get your hair styled, it is worth spending a little bit more money going to a good stylist rather than the cheapest one that you can find. It’s not only that your hair cut will look better; it will also need fewer products and less heat to keep it looking that way.

5. They don’t scrub their hair dry with a towel

Girls with gorgeous hair don’t treat their hair badly, because they know that rough treatment will damage it just as much as heat will. They are more likely to use a Tee shirt to dry their hair than a towel, because a Tee shirt is more absorbent and gentler on hair. Hair is also a lot more prone to damage when it’s wet, so be very gentle with it when you comb it through.

6. They don’t sleep on old pillows

What you sleep on can make a big difference to your hair too. Girls with great hair change their pillowcases regularly and they prefer to use silk pillowcases, which are a far better choice, because your hair won’t get caught up on them, tangle and break. Clean silk pillows are also better for keeping the natural moisture in your hair.

7. They don’t expose their hair to things that will damage it

These girls who have head turning hair also know that the elements can damage it and dry it out. They protect their hair from the sun in the summer, and they cover it up on the coldest days of winter. They also take sensible precautions when they go swimming, like damping their hair with fresh water first, so that less chlorine is absorbed into the hair from the chlorinated pool water.

8. They don’t neglect the conditioning of their hair

Girls with gorgeous hair are not the wash and go type, they always use conditioner or nourishing hair masks. As well as using a regular conditioner, they also use a deep conditioner, or hot oil treatment, at least once a month to keep the moisture topped up in their hair.

9. They don’t ignore split ends

If you want wonderful looking hair, then you can’t ignore split ends. When you condition your hair, the ends are what you should be paying the most attention to. One of the best things to use for moisturising the tips of your hair is coconut oil, because it is absorbed very easily into the hair. You should also be getting regular trims, so that any split ends that you do get are removed.

10. They don’t forget that diet is important too

You must never forget how important it is to feed your hair, from the inside out. Eat a healthy diet that includes food like olive oil, fresh salmon, and avocado, and all the good oils that you will be consuming will help your hair stay healthy, strong and shiny.

Stay happy!

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