8 things your hair can say about you that you may not realize

Short, long, curly or straight, how you wear your hair can say a lot about who you really are, and people make instant assessments about your personality, simply by looking at your hair.

Summing you up as a person just by looking at your hair may seem unfair, particularly if you’re having a bad hair day, but that’s just what they do so, read here is what other people think about your hair, 8 things your hair can say about you that you may not realize:

1. Long, long locks

It might be the look of some very glamorous ladies, but, super long hair makes people think that you are afraid of change. Keeping the same hairstyle for so many years is not the sign of an adventurous person.

2. A short haircut

Short hair style draws people’s attention straight to your face and eyes. Some men don’t like girls with short hair, but you don’t care, because girls with short hair are brimming with confidence and do things their own way.

3. Curly Hair

There are two ways people might look at curly hair. On one hand, if your curls are natural, it suggests a happy, ‘go lucky’ personality and a person who is comfortable with their own looks. On the other hand, if your curls are not natural, it suggests someone who is not happy with their own hair, so they might be a bit difficult to please.

4. The bob hairstyle

Short but not too short; a bob expresses the youthfulness in a girl’s personality. This is a person who likes to have fun and has a playful character, but is not too extreme.

5. Day-Glo hair colors

The mad colors of bright reds and blues obviously draw attention and this is what you are looking for when you dye your hair Day-Glo. Definitely a free spirit, but you are also making a conscious statement that you won’t conform, not for anybody!

6. No fuss, hair up

This might look like you just put your hair up quickly to do your chores at home, but it’s the everyday choice of some. Very low key and understated, this style shows the comfortable and relaxed personality of someone who is as happy at home with the kids, as she is being out partying. It could also be someone who got up late!

7. Side swept bangs

A favoured look of many a celebrities, including Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel, this sophisticated look is for a lady that means business. You want to look youthful but you are also a very motivated, career oriented person too.

8. The feathered cut

This style can look really good, but it does look a little like you just got out of bed. The random, chopped look makes you appear to be a bit of a rocker, so you know how to have fun and enjoy yourself.

What other things on your opinion your hair can say about you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful! 

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