8 Hair myths you should stop believing (hair care tips)

Today let’s dispel some hair myths that you’ve, probably, been tricked into believing. There is so much information about healthy hair tips in magazines, books and online, that sometimes, we can feel confused and wonder what things are, actually, true and what is totally inaccurate and ridiculously incorrect…Let’s look at some persistent hair myths you should stop believing:

1) Trim frequently to make your hair grow faster

One of the very popular hair myths states that you need to regularly trim your locks, in order to make your hair grow faster. This is totally untrue! Yes, trimming your hair can, definitely, make your locks look healthier and can help you get rid of split ends, but regular trim won’t accelerate the growth of your locks, because your hair grows from the roots and not from the ends; therefore, in order to make your hair grow faster, you can make use of hair growth masks and hair treatments.

2) At certain point your hair stops growing

You’ve, probably, heard about this hair myth before: your hair stops growing at certain point, when it reaches its maximum possible length. This is totally untrue! Your hair will continue to grow, as much as you want it to grow. If you take a good care of your locks, you stick to healthy diet and make sure to keep split ends at bay, your hair can grow longer and longer and longer, don’t worry!

3) If you use the same shampoo and same conditioner all the time, at one point, these products will stop working.

This hair myth sounds like an absolute truth, but it’s totally erroneous. Rotating your shampoos and conditioners all the time, won’t make your hair clearer and shinier. Of course, if you’ve decided, at one point, to color your hair blonde, then, probably, it would make sense to adapt your shampoo and conditioner to your new hair concerns – no doubt, a more moisturizing and repairing formula won’t hurt. But, if you’ve already found your “holly grail” hair products and you love using them, then, keep on doing so, you don’t need to change them regularly to get great results!

4) Rinse your hair with ice-cold water to make your locks shinier.

This myth sounds like a real deal. We’ve heard about this beauty tip so many times: ice-cold water will make your hair cuticles close, making your hair shinier and healthier looking. This information is inaccurate! Your hair can’t react on cold or hot water, because your hair isn’t made of living cells. Products that can really make your hair shinier and smoother are hair oils, silicone based hair conditioners, hair masks and hair styling products.

5) Plucking out gray hair will make more of gray hair grow on this place.

Have you ever heard that, if you pluck out one gray hair, then, one, two, three or more gray hairs will grow on this place? Well, this is absolutely incorrect. Plucking gray hair out won’t create more of gray hair, but what it can do, is irritate the skin of your scalp! Therefore, if you start noticing gray hair on your head, the best solution would be to use a little amount of hair dye to cover it up.

6) Some products can cure split ends.

Often we wonder: “How to get rid of split ends?!”…and we are told that certain products can cure it! Well, some moisturizing and nourishing hair products can prevent split ends, but won’t be able to help you get rid of them, nor can these hair products cure split ends! If you want your hair look healthy and you desire to keep split ends at bay, then, make sure to hydrate and nourish your locks, trimming the ends every two months.

7) If your scalp is oily – skip hair conditioner

It might sound that this hair myth makes a lot of sense, but, actually, it’s still only a myth! Oiliness of the scalp is caused by overproduction of sebum, hair conditioner has nothing to do with it. However, it’s not recommended to apply hair conditioner all over your head, apply it only to the length of your hair, avoiding the roots. Also, try using dry shampoo to keep hair oiliness at bay.

8) How to get rid of dandruff? Dandruff can be reduced by tying your hair up!

Tying your hair up won’t affect your dandruff, it might only help to, somehow, hide it. Dandruff can be caused by multiple scalp problems and, if you want to get rid of it, ask your doctor for advice or use anti-dandruff shampoos and hair treatments.

Well, now things have become a lot clearer! We’ve dispelled some of the very popular hair myths and can take proper care of our locks.

Do you know other hair myths we should all stop believing? Please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!


  1. Anonymous
    November 12, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Thank you for providing us with such wonderful tips! But I disagree with no.1. Yes trimming your hair doesn’t accelerate hair growth but yes if you don’t trim your hair, you will have split ends and split ends DO make your hair look unhealthy and they also slow down the hair growth because it’s totally dead at the ends!And I have even experienced this. Anyways just thought of sharing my experience with others. Thanks again.

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