How to add volume to your hair? Almost every girl desires to have thicker hair with more volume. There are various tips and tricks that will help you to do so. Let’s look at some of them right now:

1) Use special hair care products.

Shampoo your hair with volumizing shampoo and then, apply your conditioner only on the lengths of your hair, avoiding the roots. This way you will preserve volume near the roots of your hair.

2) Hair highlights.

Small amount of blonde (or other) highlights can give an illusion of thicker looking hair, adding texture and dimension, making your hair look more voluminous.

3) Avoid two-in-one products.

Avoid frequent use of two or tree-in-one products, because these kind of hair care products have a tendency to settle down on your locks, cluttering your follicles and making your hair look flat.

4) Use clarifying shampoo 1-2 times a month.

When we use hair mousses, hairsprays, gels and other kind of hair styling products, stuff builds up on our hair, which can make our locks appear greasy, flat and dull. The use of clarifying shampoo, at least, once a month can help remove all these deposits, restoring the shine and giving your hair a fresh start.

5) Use volumizing mousses and hairsprays.

Avoid using hair gels, balms and hair waxes, because these products have a tendency to flatten your hair and, therefore, decrease the volume. Instead, use hairsprays and mousses made especially for volumizing the hair.

6) Upside down.

Instead of applying hairspray from the top, turn your head upside down and then, spray your locks with it; wait a little bit and style your hair as usual. This simple tip can help add significantly more volume to your hair.

7) Don’t overload your hair.

Avoid overloading your hair with various heavy hair care treatments and products because they might be too heavy and weigh down your hair, making them look flat and “volumeless”. Instead, follow the rule of “less is more” and use only light weight formulas to care for your hair, if you desire to have more volume.

8) Night time hair volume trick.

Make a high ponytail prior to going to sleep (avoid making it too tight, because it can feel painful in the mooring). When you wake up, loosen your ponytail and you will see a lot more volume on your head, than before.

9) How to blow-dry?

Blow-dry your hair with your head turned upside down, moving your blowdryer quickly to avoid heat damage. Also, make sure to always blow-dry in the direction of the cuticle, this way you will help seal it, which will add more shine. Blow-drying your hair upside down can add significant amount of volume to thin looking hair.

10) The right haircut and hairstyle.

A good haircut (long or short) can make a big difference in the way your hair looks; therefore, make sure you go to a good hair salon where they can advise you how to add volume to your particular hair type.

Curling your hair can also add significant volume to your locks, but if you love straight hairstyle, try applying some volumizing mousse on your roots only, in order to get more volume just there.

11) An easy way…

An easy tip to add more volume to your hair is to change your parting. It’s a very quick and simple way to, temporarily, give a lift to flat looking hair.

12) Dry shampoo.

Avoid washing your hair every day, because it strips your hair from natural oils, making your scalp produce more…Try using a dry shampoo in between your hair washes, it will help get rid of greasy feel and add more volume to your locks.

What are your favorite tips on how to add volume to your hair? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!


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