10 Tips on how to part your hair to suit your face shape

Although most people just stick with the part in their hair they have always had, changing your parting is an easy way to dramatically change your look. How you decide to part your hair can highlight specific areas of your face, so it is quite important to choose a part that will suit your face shape and draw attention to your best features. The other thing to bear in mind is that, as we grow older, the shape of our face changes, so what may have suited you as a teenager, might not be the best part for you now. Experimenting with your part is easy, though, and if you don’t like it, you can just comb it out. If you are thinking about changing the way you part your hair, here are ten tips on how to choose a part that will suit you.

1. Know your face shape

The first tip on how to part your hair the right way, that will suit you, is to know your own face shape. Although no one will fit precisely into one category, these generalised face shapes will give you a guide. Take a look in the mirror and see what best describes the shape of your face: round, oval, square, heart, or diamond. If you are not sure, then ask your friends, or look on the internet for some examples.

2. Experiment with all the types of parting

Like all of these generalisations, you shouldn’t just take our word for it! What will suit one person may not suit another, so do try out different styles and make sure that you are happy with the results. Just use a comb and give it go!

3. Oval face

If you have an oval shaped face then you are one of the lucky ones, because just about any parting will suit your face shape. That means that you can experiment with any type of parting and you can create new looks for yourself easily. You could try a side part, a centre part, or for something a little different, why not see how a zig zag part would look?

4. Heart shaped face

A heart shaped face is one where the face is widest at the cheeks and the chin is narrow. If you have long hair, then a centre parting will probably suit your face best. If you have shorter hair, then a side part might be better, as it will help to bring more balance to your features. This will definitely be the case, if you have a pointed chin as it will divert attention away from that part of your face.

5. Diamond shaped face

A diamond shaped face is one where your forehead is quite small, compared with the rest of your face, and so is your chin. If you have a diamond shaped face then growing out your fringes and wearing your hair in a side parting will suit you very well. Short hair, with a side part, works particularly well for people with diamond shaped faces.

6. Square shaped face

If you have a square shaped face, then you will have a square looking forehead and quite a wide, well defined chin, so you will be looking for a style that will soften the angles of your face. The best way to do this is with a fairly deep side part, and a fringe to soften the look of the forehead. You don’t want the part to be too deep, though, because that would accentuate the angular shape of your face. Start your part just above the arch of your eyebrow.

7. Round face

With a round face, you will be best opting for a deep side part that will highlight the best side of your face. With all parts, you need to decide which side of your face you want to highlight, and which side you don’t mind covering up a bit with your hair.  Most people do have a favourite side of their face, but if you are not sure which yours is, try looking in a mirror with one half of your face covered to help you decide.

8. A middle part elongates the face

Here is a general tip on how to part your hair: a middle parting will elongate your face, so it is suitable for people who have smaller faces. This would only really work with long hair though. If you have short hair and a small face, then a side parting will help to thin out your face.

9. A side part can balance out the features on a face

Deep side partings are great for balancing out the features on your face, especially, if you have a rounder face. With long hair, they also give you the opportunity to highlight one side of your face, as we mentioned before.

10. When to use a zig zag parting?

A zig zag parting is a great way to add more volume to your hair, if it is lying a bit flat. It’s a useful way to disguise your roots, if they are overdue for a colour touch up. Otherwise, a zig zag parting can just be a way to add some interest to your hair style, and to try something new.

How to part your hair to suit your face shape? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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