10 Tips on How to Add Volume to Your Hair

If your hair lacks volume, then don’t give up hope, because we have got some great tips for you that will help you add volume to your hair. Thin hair is most usually just down to your genes, but it can also be caused by over-styling, rough treatment and your hair can get thinner as you get older, but there are lots of tricks that you can use to make your hair look fuller. Here are ten of our top tips on how to add volume to thin hair.

1. Blow-dry with your head upside down

The easiest way to add volume to your hair is to blow-dry your hair with your head upside down. It’s such a simple trick, but it really does work very well, because it lifts your roots from your scalp while you are drying it. When you flick your hair back again after you have dried it this way you will have thick looking, bouncy hair.

2. Use a volumizing shampoo

Another good trick on how to add volume to your hair is to use volumizing shampoos and conditioners. Contrary to what you may have heard, the best volumizing shampoos don’t make hair look thicker by coating it in some kind of gunk; they are designed to leave less product residue on your hair, so that it is not weighed down. The lighter your hair is, the more volume it will have.

3. Flip your part to the other side

The chances are that you have always parted your hair in the same way and that could be making your hair look flatter. Try flipping your part to the other side and that will give you a lot more volume at your crown. Sometimes, it is better to do this when your hair is wet because if you do it with dry hair, it can make your hair look lopsided and it won’t stay in place. A light spray of hair spray is also a good idea to keep your new part in place.

4. Use dry shampoo

Next great tip onhow to add volume to your hair is to use dry shampoo. As soon as the oils in your hair start to appear, they will weigh down your hair and make it look thinner. Instead of waiting until you notice that your hair needs dry shampoo, try putting a bit of dry shampoo on your hair straight after you have dried it. This pre-emptive application of dry shampoo will keep the oil at bay for longer and make that ‘just-washed-bouncy-look’ last a lot longer.

5. Get a volumizing cut

As a general rule, long hair will make your hair look thinner, because the weight of it flattens out your hair on your scalp. Ask your stylist for advice about a volumizing cut. They will probably suggest mid-length or short cut that has layers. Shorter hair won’t weigh your hair down quite so much and the layers will make your hair look bouncier and add volume.

6. Sleep with your hair in a bun

Another good tip on how to add volume to your hair is to simply sleep with your hair up in a bun. If you go to bed with your hair damp and in a bun, then you are going to wake up with waves and volume. After you have showered, put your hair into a fairly loose bun on the top of your head while it is still damp. Use something like a scrunchie to keep your hair in place, not a tight band, or you will be left with creased lines in your hair.

6. Back-brush the roots

Not everyone likes the idea of back-brushing, because it can leave tangles but, if you do it at the roots only, it won’t be too bad. Pin up the upper layers of your hair and then give the roots a quick, once or twice back-brush. That will add volume to your hair when you let that straight hair fall back over the back-brushed roots. If you want the volume to last longer, give the back-brushed roots a light spritz of hair spray.

7. Add some colour

If you have never lightened your hair before, you may not know this, but getting your hair coloured will add volume. When you use bleach on your hair, it dries and roughens the hair and that will give you more volume. You don’t need to colour all of your hair, a few highlights in the upper layers of your hair near to the roots will do the trick.

8. Blot your hair dry

If you have thin hair, then rough treatment is likely to make it even thinner, so don’t rub your hair dry with a towel, blot it dry with T-shirt. If you blot your hair dry, you will do less damage and you will find that, when it fully dries, it your hair won’t be laying so flat against your scalp. When you have thin hair, being gentle with it is always the best thing to do,

9. Use hot rollers

This is another good, simple tip on how to add volume to your hair. Any kind of wavy or curly hairstyle will give you a volume boost, and the easiest way to put some waves in your hair is to use hot rollers. Everyone seems to forget all about rollers these days, but there is no real trick to how you use them. Just put them in while you are finishing your makeup and when you take them out again you have instant waves and volume.

10. If your hair has started to thin suddenly, get a check up

If your hair has suddenly got thinner, then it might be a good idea to get a check-up by your doctor. Many women experience some thinning of the hair as they get older and, more often than not, it is nothing at all to worry about. However, on rare occasions, sudden hair thinning can be a sign of other medical problems, so it would be best to play it safe and get a check-up.

Do you have other tips on how to add volume to hair?

Stay beautiful!

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