10 Tips on how to add volume to hair

Some people are just born with thin hair and that’s down to your genes, while others might find that their hair becomes thinner as they grow older. Thinning hair can also be caused by a poor diet, mistreatment of hair and by some medical conditions. A lot of people complain about their hair being thin and how to fix it is one of the most common things that stylists are asked. So, if your hair is not as thick as you’d like, here are ten tips on how to add more volume to your hair.

1. Visit your doctor

If your hair has suddenly started to thin and you have noticed large amounts of hair fall when you shower, or on your hair brush, then it would be a good idea to visit your doctor for a check-up. Approximately half of all women do experience some hair loss after the menopause, but in some, fairly rare, cases, hair loss can be an indication of other underlying medical problems.

2. Massage your scalp

You can encourage the growth of hair by simply massaging your scalp. This tip is a long term solution to the problem of thin hair, but if you massage your scalp daily, it will encourage more blood to flow to the follicles and that will promote the growth of new hair. Simply massage your scalp with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion for about five minutes every day.

3. Turn down the heat

Thinning hair can be caused or made worse by heated tools and blow dryers because heat makes your hair more brittle and so it will be more prone to breakage. The best thing to do would be to avoid using any heat on your hair at all but, if you can’t bear the thigh of doing that, you should at least turn down the temperature settings on all your heated tools.

4. Treat your hair with care

If your hair is thinning, then you need to be very gentle with it, so that you don’t damage it and cause your hair to thin even further. Don’t dry your hair by vigorously rubbing it with a towel; gently blot it dry with an extra absorbent towel or a T-shirt instead. Also, don’t pull too hard on tangles and never do it when your hair is wet. Gently tease out tangles with a wide toothed comb.

5. Change your part

If you have always worn your part the same way, you will add instant volume to your hair by switching it. Over time, your hair will have flattened in the one direction after years of brushing and combing it the same way. If you switch your part the other side of your head, it will lift the strands of hair off your scalp and make your hair look a lot thicker.

6. Go curly or wavy

Changing your hairstyle to curly or wavy one will add volume to your hair and you don’t even need to use heat to do it. For an easy heat-free way to add volume to your hair, apply a volume mouse to your hair and then, put your hair up in braids and leave it to air dry. When it is dry, shake your hair out and run your fingers through it and you will have natural looking waves.

7. Eat your veggies

You can improve the health of your hair and give it more volume through what you eat. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and they will supply you with iron, biotin, and zinc, which are minerals that are needed for healthy hair growth. You will also need plenty of protein in your diet to get thick hair so adding more chicken, seafood, eggs, nuts and whole grains to your diet will help as well.

8. Get a volume adding cut

If you have fine hair, then very long hair is probably the best style choice for you, because the weight will pull your hair down flat and make it look even thinner. Short cuts or middle length cuts will work better and having layers cut into your hair will give it more volume and make it more bouncy.

9. Use the right type of shampoo

It’s also important to make sure that you are using the right type of shampoo if you have fine hair. If you have oily hair and you don’t use shampoo designed for your hair type, your hair will get weighed down by the excess oil and that will make it look flat. On the other hand, if you have dry hair and you use the wrong type of shampoo, your hair will become brittle and be more prone to breakage.

10. Volumizing products

You can give the volume of your hair a boost with volumizing shampoos and conditioners, which make hair look and feel thicker but they don’t leave a product build-up. When you use volumizing conditioner, apply it to the central parts of the shafts of that. That will give your hair lift and body without weighing it down at the roots.

How to add volume to hair? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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