10 Reasons Why Long Hair Is Not That Easy to Maintain, but It’s worth it

There’s a lot going around about how difficult long hair is to care for. It takes a lot of washing, loads of brushing and you’re forever going for trims, but life’s not all bad with long hair, so, we’re not going to dwell on the high maintenance aspect of long hair here, we’re going to get straight on with why having long hair is simply awesome.

1. It needs LESS maintenance!

Despite what people may tell you, long hair can actually be easier to take care of than short hair. Some short styles need far more frequent trimming than long hair and short hair often needs shampooing more often as well.

2. Brushing your hair becomes a pleasure

There is no question that long hair takes longer to brush, but that’s no real hardship, because brushing long hair feels wonderful. You have to get the knots and tangles out first, but after that, it’s all fun. It’s even better if you can get someone to brush your hair for you.

3. You can play with it

OK, so you’re not actually supposed to twiddle with your hair, because you can break it and cause split ends, but it is fun to do and men find it totally irresistible. Gently twirling long hair around your fingers is strangely calming too, and it helps you concentrate. You can even give yourself a moustache with long hair, and you can’t do that with short hair, can you!

4. You have so many styling options

You have almost endless options when it comes to styling long hair. You can wear it up, wear it down, braid it, put in a ponytail, and you can have it straight or have it curly. You can wear your hair to suit your mood and the occasion and, sadly you just don’t have all those choices when your hair is short.

5. It can lengthen a round face

If you have a fuller, rounded face, short hair will accentuate the roundness of your face, whereas long hair will lengthen a round face. Long, layered hair will make a round face look much more oval in shape. It will also hide your ears if that’s a feature that you are not keen on.

6. You can make perfume last longer and diffuse better

If you spritz some perfume in your long hair, the scent will last all day long and it will follow you around wherever you go. It’s also great for getting a guy’s attention, because if you flick your hair, he’ll get a waft of your signature scent floating his way.

7. Bad hair days are less frequent

If you your hair up loosely in a bun when you go to bed with long hair, all you’ll probably need to do the next morning is brush it out again. It’s the short hair styles that get all crumpled up and crazy in bed and leave you looking you had fright in the night. You do need to keep long hair well-conditioned, though, because the ends are much older, so they are more likely to get dried out.

8. You can be really dramatic with long hair

You cab swoosh long hair around and use it for wonderful dramatic effect. When you turn your back on someone in anger and walk out, your hair follows you a few seconds later that looks and feels so good. Flicking wet hair back when you’ve been swimming is something that only girls with long hair can enjoy too.

9. Long hair is so feminine and sexy

Anyone can make long hair look good and it feels so feminine and sexy. Short hair can look gorgeous too, but there is so much of long hair that you can really show off how shiny and well cared for long is. Also, they say that one of the first things that men notice about a woman is her hair, so it stands to reason that the more hair you have, the more you are going to get noticed!

10. Because it took so long to grow

The next time you feel like cutting your long hair short, just remember how long it took to grow the length it is now and ask yourself if you really went to wait that long again. Of course, there are lots of reasons why short hair is awesome too, and it really all comes down to what you want and your own personal style. Long hair can be easier to look after, though, and it does give you a lot more styling options.

Stay happy!

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