10 Must-know hair tips for blonde girls

Whether you were born with golden locks, or you have coloured your hair, there is no doubt blonde looks great on most women, but it does require more care to keep it looking that way. When you are blonde, you have to be more careful that your hair doesn’t dry out and become brittle, and you have to take steps to ensure that the colour doesn’t change and start to look brassy. To help you keep your blonde hair in perfect condition, here are ten top healthy hair tips that every blonde girl needs to know.

1. Deep condition regularly

If you have bleached your hair to get it that gorgeous blonde colour, then you are going to have to take special care to keep it from drying out. When you use bleach on hair, it strips out all the natural oils, so you will need to do a deep down condition regularly or it will end up looking like you have a pile of straw on your head!

2. Protect your hair from the sun

Naturally blonde, or coloured, you would be well advised to protect your blonde hair from the sun. The UV rays in sunlight can dry out your hair and change its colour, so use a UV protective spray, especially on days when it is really hot and sunny. If you are going to be out all day in the sun, then it would probably be best to wear a hat.

3. Don’t over-wash your hair

Don’t shampoo your hair every single day, because that will dry it out and cause frizz. Shampooing every two or three days will be enough to keep your hair clean, and if you need to, you can always use a dry shampoo on the days that you don’t get your hair wet. Dry shampoo works better with blonde hair anyway, and it can help lighten any dark roots.

4. Use the right type of shampoo

If you want to keep your hair looking great, then use shampoo that is specifically designed for blonde hair. Use a shampoo that has purple undertones and that will stop your hair turning brassy. Moisturising shampoos would also be a good idea, to combat the dryness, and always condition after you shampoo.

5. Don’t use too much heat

If you apply too much heat to bleached blonde hair it will dry out and go frizzy. Set your heated tools on a low setting, don’t use them every day, and use a heat protector product on your hair to help prevent damage. Bleached hair is far more prone to damage, so the gentler you treat it, the longer your hair will stay in perfect condition.

6. Wet your hair before you swim in a pool

The chlorine in swimming pools has a nasty habit of turning blonde hair green, but you can easily prevent this by making sure that your hair is wet before you jump in. If you wet your hair with fresh water first, less of the chlorinated water will be absorbed by your hair.

7. Dry your hair with a tee shirt

This is a simple trick that anyone can use to prevent damaging their hair when they dry it. Rubbing your hair with a towel is very likely to cause damage, so try using a tee shirt instead. Tee shirts are more absorbent and they don’t cause the same levels of friction. Pat your hair dry with a tee shirt and then leave it to dry fully in the air.

8. Have your hair trimmed regularly

Because blonde hair is more prone to breakage, you will need to get it trimmed regularly to keep the split ends at bay. Split ends and damaged hair look more visible with blonde hair, so you will need a regular trip to the salon to keep your hair looking neat and tidy.

9. Use a hair mask once a month

Bleached, blonde hair might heed more than just a regular deep down condition, so you should probably be using an overnight hair mask once a moth as well. You can buy hair masks at a store, or you could make your own with natural ingredients. The beauty of an overnight hair mask is that it will soak deep down into your hair, while you sleep and that will stop split ends and breakage.

10. Use a good hair oil

You may also find that using hair oil will keep your hair soft, shiny and looking healthy. Just a few drops of something like argan oil will replace lost moisture, tame any frizz, and keep your hair well-conditioned.

Do you have other healthy hair tips for blonde girls?

Stay beautiful!

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