10 Interesting facts about hair

Everyone has it, most of us obsess about it, but how much do you really know about your hair? That stuff that crowns you head and that you care for diligently by brushing, shampooing and conditioning, has some pretty amazing properties that you probably never knew about. So, the next time you are having a bad hair day and cursing your locks, think about these ten amazing and interesting facts about hair that might make you appreciate it just a little bit more.

1. It grows a lot quicker than you think

If you think that it’s taking a long time to grow your hair long then, be patient, because it is growing far faster than you think. Hair actually grows at around 0.33mm every day, so if you kept your hair alone for a year, it would have grown 6 inches. What will slow the progress of your hair growing, though, is the rough treatment that you give it and the repeated use of heated tools. If you treat your hair badly, you will break it and it won’t get a chance to grow very long.

2. You lose about 100 hairs every day

Don’t worry about all those hairs that you find in your hairbrush, it’s perfectly natural for hairs to fall out every day. One of interesting facts about hair is that on average, we all lose between 50 and 100 hairs every single day, but there’s no need to panic, they start growing back again straight away.

3. Straight hair is curly

All hair has twists in it, even what appears to be perfectly straight hair. As hair grows, it develops twists and, the only difference between straight and curly hair, is that curly hair has so many twists in it that it causes the hair contract on itself and that causes the hair to curl.

4. Your hair could support two elephants

Despite all our warnings about how easily you can break and damage your hair, it is actually remarkably strong for its size. A single strand of hair is capable of supporting 100 grams of weight, and your whole head of hair, although we don’t recommend that you try it, could support the weight of two elephants. It’s your scalp that wouldn’t be able to cope with the weight.

5. A single hair can last a very long time

Another one of interesting facts about hair is that, if you treat your hair right, it can last you a long time. The lifespan of a single hair can vary quite considerably, but on average, a hair will live for between four and seven years. Interestingly, when a hair has reached the end of its life, if you pull it out, you won’t feel a thing.

6. Hair grows faster in the summer

One of interesting facts about hair is that the warmer the weather gets, the faster your hair will grow. Human hair growth is stimulated by warmth, so if you are trying to grow your hair long, get out more in the summer, or turn up the heating at home in the winter!

7. Hair is elastic

Hair is very elastic, so it can stretch and then return to its original length. When hair gets wet, its elasticity increases even further and wet hair can stretch by up to thirty percent without it being damaged. Wet hair is weaker though, so if you pull it too far, it will break more easily than dry hair would. While we are on the topic of hair elasticity, the lighter the colour of your hair, the more elastic it will be.

8. Cutting your hair does not make it grow any faster

It is nothing more than a myth that says that cutting hair makes it grow faster and it won’t make any difference to the condition of your hair either. A hair cut will, of course, neaten up your hair and remove frizz and split ends, but your hair will carry on growing at the same rate, whether you cut it, or not.

9. We have hair on our head for a good reason

We have hair on our heads for a very good reason. Unlike the rest of our body, our heads do not have any layers of fat to insulate them against the cold and that is why we can lose so much body heat through our heads. We have hair on our heads to compensate for that lack of insulation, to keep some of that heat in.

10. Scientists can tell a lot about you by looking at your hair

And finally, one of interesting facts about hair is that by looking at the core structure of your hair, a forensic scientist would be able to tell what kind of food you have been eating, what you drink, and even find out about some of your lifestyle choices. A single hair from the head could now be used to tell whether a person had taken any illicit drugs too, so it could be used to provide evidence in an investigation.

Do you know other interesting facts about hair?

Stay beautiful!

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