10 Important things to know before going platinum blonde

There is sandy blonde, golden blonde and then, there is platinum blonde. When you go for platinum blonde, and you’ve never done it before, there are a few things that you need to know about how to care for your hair, and what to expect from your new blonde look. If you have finally worked up the courage to take the leap to platinum blonde, then read these ten important things to know before going platinum blonde.

1. You might need to change your wardrobe

Platinum blonde hair can be stunning, so it needs to be the star of the show. Blonde hair looks best with monochrome outfits like grey, black and burgundy. Simple colours will make your hair stand out more and make it look classier.

2. Get used to the roots

With platinum blonde, your roots are going to show in about two to three weeks and it can be hard to keep up with all that re-touching. Dark routes are chic though, so learn to love them and don’t panic when they appear.

3. Don’t wash your hair before bleaching

The chemicals used to make your hair platinum blonde are very powerful and the best way to protect your scalp is to not wash your hair for a few days before you bleach it. This also helps to protect your hair and will stop it from drying out too much.

4. You’ll probably have to change all your makeup too

Depending on the hair colour that you are changing from, it’s quite likely that you’ll have to change all your makeup colours too. You may, for example, want to go lighter with the bronzer and more subtle with eye makeup.

5. Go to a salon the first time you go platinum blonde

It is advisable that you get your first platinum blonde colouring done by a professional. They will be able to advise you on how much bleach your hair will need and they will recommend you the right toners to use.

6. Short hair can look better

Shorter platinum blonde hair can look classier, than very long platinum blonde hair and it’s also a lot easier to look after too. There will be less dry hair to worry about and less trimming needed to keep it all looking great.

7. Buy in plenty of silver shampoo and hair masks

To keep platinum hair looking great, you will need plenty of conditioner and a regular hair mask treatment, because the bleaching dries out the natural oils in your hair. You’ll also need some silver shampoo to keep the colour looking fabulous.

8. Avoid using too much heat on your hair

Because your hair will be prone to drying out easily, it’s best not to use styling tools too often. If you can, just let your hair dry naturally and if you do use heated tools, keep the heat turned down to a minimum to avoid damaging your hair.

9. Don’t go cheap on bleaching products

This is one time when working to a budget won’t be such a great idea. If you are going to bleach your hair at home, then buy quality products to do it with. They will be less likely to damage your hair and your hair will look a lot better too.

10. Platinum blonde is not for the faint hearted!

It’s not just you that will have to prepare for the shock of seeing yourself for the first time platinum blonde; it’s all your friends and family too. Platinum blonde hair can make your face look really different and, as a matter of fact, not everyone is going to like it; also, be prepared for a lot of attention from men! If you have the confidence to pull it off though, then others will soon get used the idea too.

Have you ever tried going platinum blonde?

Stay beautiful and be happy!

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