10 Lies About Your Hair You Probably Still Believe

A few months back, I went to the salon determined to get a new cut. I’d decided that it was a new year and a new me. I was going to try something different for once. I’d broken up with my boyfriend and was about to embark on a new career. So I wanted a new hairstyle that showed where I was at these days.

The trouble was that my stylist growled that such a cut would never work on me. She raised her eyebrows as I persisted, drank some of her coffee, and repeated that it just wouldn’t work on me.

“It won’t frame your head very well, honey,” she said impatiently, trying to fend me off. I felt deflated, and didn’t know what else to say. She’s right, I thought. After all, she’s the expert.

I relented and let her do my usual style, but when I returned home I asked what my friends thought. They all agreed that my stylist was talking nonsense. She was lying to me.

Why? Who knows.

But the more I talked this over with my friends, the more they revealed the “lies” they have been told about their hair, too. As a result of believing these lies for too long, we’ve all got these unshakeable beliefs about what our hair needs, and what it can’t do.

So, to separate truth from fiction, let’s take a look at 10 lies about your hair that you probably still believe.

Dry Shampoo Is Fundamental

Who created this lie? Probably Fashion Week or Vogue.

Sure, fashion models use it for volume and texture, but they probably also use it for world peace, too.

Truth is, dry shampoo is not essential. Nope, no way.

Never Use Drugstore Shampoo

Of course, you washed your hair with drugstore shampoo when you were a teen, and maybe you still did into your twenties. But eventually someone – probably your stylist – pointed out to you that “honey, drugstore products are the devil.”

And so you spent all your wage for the next few years on expensive shampoos.

But is this really right? Not according to the pros. Your stylist might tell you that inexpensive, drugstore shampoos are really bad for your hair, probably because they’re so cheap and “loaded with chemicals.”

But if you have daily hair rituals like me, you’ll know that cheap shampoo products are where it’s at. Moreover, the pros agree that drugstore products are perfectly okay. It’s just a matter of carefully reading the ingredients before you buy to make sure that you’re not getting a product that is “loaded with chemicals” that are bad for you.

OMG You Need LOTS Of Styling Products

When I was younger, my friend once came to my place to get ready for a night out. When she saw that I had very few styling products, she was aghast.

“You need at least ten!” she cried. I thought I’d ruined her night out. She almost had a panic attack when she couldn’t locate a texturising spray.

However, if you have the right hair cut, you can easily get away with just two stylers at the most.

Don’t Trim Your Own Split Ends

This is a bit of a white lie, normally spouted by stylists who have taken a long time creating a masterpiece with your hair. Obviously, they don’t want you messing with it afterwards!

But you won’t create a massacre as long as you have a simple cut and have a lot of split ends. You can dust these yourself without making a mess.

You Need A Trim At Least Once A Month

I’ve been told a few times that it’s important that I get my hair trimmed at least once a month, or once every six weeks if I’m prepared to be a little bit daring.

But this is another myth that is just not true. Sure, Kim Kardashian has the time and money to get a trim every other week, but who else does? It just isn’t practical and conducive with most of out lives.

Furthermore, if you have a low-maintenance cut, why on earth would you need to get it trimmed every month? You don’t.

Regular Trims Make Your Hair Grow Quicker

They say that if you trim your ends, your hair will grow super quickly.

It keeps it looking healthy, but it’s a total lie to say that it magically makes it grow quicker. It just doesn’t.

Layers Will Add Thickness To Your Hair’s Look

This lie has some degree of truth to it, but it depends on a few variables. For starters, yes, layers can add the illusion of thickness to your hair by creating space in-between your hairs.

But if you’ve got super-fine hair, you don’t need layers to add thickness.

When it comes to fine hair, it is the method the stylist employs to cut your hair that is more important than adding layers. If you have super-fine hair, it needs to be cut dry. When it is damp, what happens is that the hairs clump together, which means a stylist might end up cutting too much. Therefore, it looks as though you’re thinning on top.

Brushing Your Hair Is Good!

You probably learned that brushing all day everyday is bad for you when you were a teen and got depressed when great chunks kept getting entangled in your weapon. But maybe you’ve since been told that brushing regularly is good for “distributing your hair’s natural oils.”

It might be, but you’re still doing more damage than good, especially if you have fragile hair.

If You Have Fine Hair, You Should Always Get It Cut Short

I have fine hair, and have done for a long, long time. A few years back, my former stylist told me that I should really get it cut short because fine hair can’t handle being grown long. I believed her, of course, and got myself a bob.

Which I hated. Naturally.

I’ve since used other stylists who have corrected my old one on this. Indeed, even if you’ve got super fine hair, you’re not obliged to get anything done.

As long as your hair isn’t stringy, then grow it out. If it looks good, why not? You just need to up your maintenance game, that’s all.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day Because This Is Bad

I know plenty of women that don’t wash their hair every day simply because they’re worried that they’ll be drying out their strands. Some are leaving it for 3-4 days at a time, going dirty because they’re terrified of things going wrong.

But it turns out that we’re all going filthy for no reason at all, because you’re absolutely fine to wash your hair every single day, as long as you air-dry it afterwards.

Naturally, if you use shampoo a lot, you will need to go gentler. But that’s just common sense, right girls?

Stay happy!

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