10 Amazing tips on how to grow and style your bangs elegantly  

Bangs can look great, they can look beautiful, cute and chic, but they can also be a pain, especially, when you’re trying to grow them out, so check out these ten ideas for styling your bangs and keep them looking fabulous:

1. The twist back

One simple solution is the basic twist back. Simply part your hair down the middle and twist them. Then, pin back the twists, as far as they will go, with bobby pins to sides of your hair.

2. Side ponytail

Wearing a ponytail low and to one side enables you to twist or braid your bangs into the pony. The braid will hold your bangs in place and the side pony is an elegant answer to keeping your bangs under control, while they are growing out.

3. The good old headband

Headbands are not only good for kids, you can get grown up ones to do them too, from basic black to more glamorous designs. When you use a headband though, be careful that the ends of your bangs don’t stick out from behind the head band.

4. A side part

You can hide the fact that you are growing out your bangs with a sweeping side part. Style while your hair is wet; apply some hair gel and then pin your bangs in place with bobby pins and then, either allow your hair to dry naturally or use a blow dryer. If your bangs need a bit more encouragement to stay in place, then try using some moulding wax.

5. The two-phase grow out

You can grow out your bangs and, at the same time keep them. If you pin back the top part of your bangs and leave the shorter part in place and trimmed, you can still grow out the top section, while keeping a fringe. Once the top parts are long enough, you can blend in the other hairs at the bottom and then, let them grow out too.

6. The Bridgette Bardot look

The Bardot look has been around for a while and it has now been adopted by many celebrities. It’s the, half up look, that you get by pinning your hair up from the crown and then leaving the long bangs to frame your face. It looks cute, feminine and elegant, try it!

7. Keep them trimmed

Cutting something that you are trying to grow out might seem a bit of a strange concept, but keeping them neat will disguise the fact that you are growing them out. Ask your stylist to cut them at an angle, and a simple side sweep will keep them out of your eyes.

8. The bang braid

Another easy way to style your bangs is with a braid. You can use the elegant French braid, which is always in style or try a loose braid. Either way, it will help keep your bangs away from your eyes.

9. Use your hairspray

A can of extra firm hold hairspray could become your best friend, while you are growing out your bangs. You might not relish the thought of cardboard like hair, but it will keep your hair in place, whichever style you chose for your bangs.

10. Experiment with parts

There are loads of styles to try and variations on different themes. Experiment with your part, add braids or half braids and different hair accessories, and you can stay looking stylish and elegant, while your bangs grow out.

What are your favorite tips on how to grow and style your bangs elegantly?

Share your thoughts and hair styling tips in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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