200 Most Creative Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

Is your mom’s birthday coming up but you’re stuck for gift ideas? Fortunately, Beauty and Tips is here to help you out with a whopping 200 creative birthday gift ideas for mom!

Moms are special. There is no one in life who can be compared to our beautiful and loving mothers. Our mom is our best friend, wisest adviser, biggest supporter and cheerleader. And they deserve to be treated like the wonderful and special people they are. Moms are more than our best friend. We still go to them when we’ve got a problem, we dance the night away with them, and we love to take them places.

But what how do we make them feel special on their birthday or on Mother’s day? Buying gifts for people is just plain hard sometimes. Let’s take a look at 200 creative birthday gift ideas for mom that will give you inspiration and boost your creativity.

We divided our gift ideas for mom by categories, so that you can always come back to this article as your inspiration and reference. Let’s begin.

Birthday gift ideas for mom sorted by categories:



Tasty treats


Self Care


Subscriptions and Vouchers

Books and Diaries

Household goodies





What To Get Mom For Her Birthday?




Amazon Echo Dot

If your mom is tech-savvy and doesn’t get scared by a smartphone, the Amazon Echo Dot is an amazing gift to buy her. It’s not too expensive but can help to make her life a lot more efficient, so that she can make calls, send messages, check the news and so on with ease from now on.

Even if your mom isn’t all that tech-savvy, it’s still a gift worth considering, as it’s easy to get the hang of and could quite literally change her life!

The Amazon Kindle

If your mom loves to read but STILL doesn’t have an Amazon Kindle, this gift could be right up her street.

The Kindle gives her access to millions of books. The next time her partner is watching a war film or a sports game, your mom can lose herself in a book of any genre, fictional or nonfictional. Over time, she’ll develop her own personal library. The more you think about it, the more you might realise that this is the perfect gift.

A Camera

If your mom is like most moms, she’s probably never had a proper camera. She’s probably taken LOTS of photos over the years (including those really embarrassing ones of you!) but she’s always had to use either a simple disposable camera, an old polaroid, or her phone.

Now’s the time for her to upgrade to a stunning camera that helps her take the best pictures ever …

… the best, most embarrassing, 4K pictures of you, of course!

(why do moms take such bad pictures of us and then tell us we look “cute”?!)

Wireless Earphones

It’s highly likely that this gift is going to be for the rest of the household as it is for mom. Why? Because moms have this tendency to play videos on their tablets without headphones so that everyone can hear it.

“Mom, no one else wants to listen to your video about what happens when you get an enema!”

Buy mom some top quality headphones so that you can watch her videos and listen to her music in surround sound all by herself.

A Smartphone

Forget not having Netflix for the moment (though we might come back to that), your mom hasn’t got a smartphone either?

We’re shaking our heads.

Mom needs to enter the 21st century and this is ALL on you.

Get her a brand new smartphone so that she can join the families WhatsApp and keep up to date with everyone. Download Skype to her phone, too.

Amazon Fire Tablet

Your mom doesn’t even need to be tech savvy to get her this gift – and it could be the thing she’s been missing most in her life up until now.

The Amazon Fire tablet is a great way to bring your mom into the 21st century. She can use it to watch videos, listen to her favourite music, check the latest news headlines and much much more.

Easier to use than a laptop and less hassle than a desktop computer, the Fire tablet could be the perfect gift for your mom this year.

A Bluetooth Speaker

Does your mom love to party like it’s 1999? If so, bring her into the 21st century with a Bluetooth speaker that she can control from anywhere in her home. Just cover your ears when she plays Wham!

Gloves With Touchscreen Abilities

These gloves are amazing! If your mom has a smartphone, buy her gloves that she doesn’t need to take off when operating her phone.

Remote Control LED Candles

How amazing would it be if your mom could control her candles from far away?

Let’s say she wants to light them up but doesn’t want to leave her comfy place on the sofa/in the bed. With a remote control LED candle, she doesn’t have to!

The perfect gift for the perfect mom!

An Apple Watch

If your mom happens to be tech savvy, get her the latest gadget everyone is talking about – the Apple Watch.

This is a super cool gift for the modern mom who keeps up with the latest trends and inventions. Not only will she find it useful and entertaining, but she’ll also no doubt love to show it off to others.

USB Cards

If you’ve got a mom who’s constantly running out of space on her old laptop and needs somewhere to store the millions of photos she takes of you and her grandchildren, a great gift would be a few USB cards, so that she can happily take more photos and videos without having to worry about where she’s going to save them all.

USB cards are really cheap too and they solve a problem. Mom will love them.



Bath Bombs

Why a bath bomb? Because all women need time to relax in the bath after a long week!

No woman alive is going to refuse a bath bomb. They smell amazing and make us feel wonderful!

So go on, give her a relaxing soak she can look forward to!

Essential Oil Gift Set

There are lots of fabulous essential oils out there, from chamomile to lavender, and they all provide amazing health benefits. They boost us physically, and they also give us a boost mentally.

This year, don’t get your mom just one or two essential oils – get her a whole set.

Why? Because you love her so much!

Indoor Slippers

Does your mom need new slippers? Or does your mom need soft, warm, gorgeous, comfortably and fluffy slippers?! Then buy her some new ones, so that she can relax at home and take it real easy!

Replace her old ones that are giving her sore feet with soft new ones that are a lot kinder her on her soles and heels. Self-pampering in the home doesn’t get much better than new slippers!

Date Night

Nope – not date night with her partner. Date night with you!

That’s right – take your mom out soon (or even on her birthday night if possible) and treat her to something special. This could be a meal, a date at the cinema, a spa day…whatever you can think of.

Experiences count a lot more than than material gifts sometimes, and she’ll appreciate a date night with her beloved daughter.

A Haircut

Noooooo, we’re not saying you should cut your moms her on her birthday! (Unless you’re a qualified hairdresser, of course).

But what you could do is you could pay for your mom to have a hair treatment at a really upmarket, trendy hair stylist.

How amazing would this be?!

If your mom desires to refresh her hair style and wants to look younger or even more beautiful, treat her to an expensive haircut. It’ll make her year and you know she deserves it!

A Massage Voucher

We all need something to look forward to, and it’s only fair that moms get something to look forward to, too.

So why not buy her a massage voucher so that she can look forward to a massage?

Massages are amazing and, as you know, moms get stressed. So help relieve the tension she’s feeling by sending her for a massage. She’ll come home feeling like a brand new woman.

Hair Extensions

If your mom is concerned about her hair (and who among us isn’t?) and has perhaps talked to you in the past about wanting to get hair extensions, now might be the time to buy her some.

Hair extensions are a fun gift, and if they help your mom feel younger and even more beautiful, then, why the heck not?!

White Bath Robe

Nothing says cleanliness quite like a white bath robe. We’ve all seen them in movies and in hotels and we reckon your mom would love one too. So get her one for her birthday this year!

Bathtub Tray

So that she can eat ice cream, drink champagne and read her romantic novels and magazines in the bath of course!

Spa in a Basket

Can’t afford to give you mom a full-on spa day treatment? No problem – simply buy her a spa in a basket instead!

This fabulous gifts contains all the products, nutrients and vitamins needed to keep her skin and body in good shape. She will LOVE it.

A Weekend Break

If you love, love, LOVE your mom to bits and are feeling extra flush at the moment in terms of money, why not splash out on a weekend break for her and dad?

Pick a swanky hotel in a place you know she loves, book it, pay for the train tickets and include some spending money in her birthday card.

It’s an amazing gift that’s going to be too extravagant/expensive for some people, but if you can afford it the question is – why not? Mom will be totally blown away by this one.

Tasty treats


Gin and Tonic Popcorn

If your mom likes gin & tonic and popcorn and movies, what’s a more creative gift than actual gin and tonic popcorn?! We literally can’t think of one, which is why we think you should buy this immediately after leaving this website.

No excuses.

And, yes, that’s gin and tonic flavoured popcorn – not a bottle of gin and tonic and a bag of popcorn.

Although that could work, too.

Good IDEA!

Marmite Popcorn

Mom not a huge fan of gin and tonic? Then try her with marmite popcorn instead.

Hey, she’s either going to love it or hate it.

Let’s hope she loves it.

A Box of Chocolates

Got a mom with a sweet tooth who finds chocolates simply irresistible?

A box of chocolates is always a winner and no mom can turn them down. Whether she’s nibbling on a coffee cream during Netflix or whether she indulges in a cheeky caramel, while in the bath, she’ll absolutely love her box of treats.

Just make sure dad doesn’t steal the best ones …

And make double sure you don’t get tempted to steal the best ones before you hand it over to mom!

Chocolate Pizza

It’s mom’s birthday, so what do you get her?


Or pizza?

… Or BOTH?!

Personally, we’d go for both.

A happy birthday chocolate pizza is easily one of the best and fun ideas on this list of birthday gift ideas for mom. It’s indulgent, it’s fun, it’s a guilty pleasure … oh hey, just buy it!

A Love Box of Sweets

Because mom has a sweet tooth, right? And because you just know you’ll be visiting soon for tea and sweets…

Chocolate Cows

Have you got any good reasons for why you SHOULDN’T buy mom chocolate cows for her birthday?


Didn’t think so. Chocolate cows it is.

Chocolate Frogs

Chocolate cows?

Chocolate frogs?

Or both!?

We’d go with both on this one. Although cows are cuter.

But what if the frogs taste better?!

Better go with both.

Sophisticated Chocolate Gift Box

Find the most special, unique chocolate gift box you can.

And don’t forget to ask if your mom will let you have a few!


Does your mom have a sweet tooth? Then buy her the sweetest of all gifts – donuts!

Go to Krispy Kreme and buy a variety of donuts, from jam-filled ones to custard-filled ones.

If mom is a big fan of donuts, she’s going to absolutely love this gift.

Although she might also be worried that you’re trying to make her fat …



Family Tree Photo Frame

This gift is especially awesome if you or any of your siblings have children, too. With a family tree photo frame, your mom can take a look at her entire family at a glance. And she’ll LOVE it!

There’ll be a photo of her parents hanging up there, a photo of herself and her partner, photos of you and any siblings, as well as photos of any grandchildren she has. It’s an amazing gift that you’ll need to put some effort into perfecting and it’s one that she’ll definitely appreciate.

Picture Frame With A Poem

Want to really tug at your moms heartstring? Then buy her a picture frame with a poem attached!

If you have a child too, it would be awesome to include a photo of your mom and her grandchild alongside a poem that lets her know how much both you and your children appreciate her love and warmth.

She will treasure this gift forever.

A Glass Plaque

Imagine if your mom could wake up to a daily reminder that you love her? Texting her every single day isn’t going to cut it, so why not capture the message in a glass plaque that she can place on her mantelpiece or in her bedroom?

A glass plaque that say “I love you, mom,” is an amazing birthday gift that might cause her to shed a tear or two! Each time she sees it, she’ll be reminded of your love. And that’s really sweet.

Handwritten Bracelet

Don’t buy your mom any old bracelet – buy her one with a handwritten message that comes straight from the heart.

Any mom will appreciate this. You can include a personalised message on the bracelet that says something like “I appreciate all that you’ve done for us.”

Be sweet, be sentimental and make sure she has a constant daily reminder of your love for her.

Personalised Keepsake Box

Imagine if your mom could keep her most treasure memories safely tucked away in one place? Well, she can if you buy her a personalised keepsake box.

To personalise it, decorate it with photographs of the whole family. Don’t forget to get her started by including a few keepsakes in the box.

And, yes, this gift might make her cry! Be ready.

Mom Necklace

Nothing says “special” quite like a mom necklace. Sweet.

A Teddy Bear

Women are never too old to have a teddy bear. In fact, the older we get, the more we probably want one. Teddy bears are cute, comforting and great to have around the house.

Get your mom a personalised teddy bear this year that she can place on her sofa. It will add a certain charm.

Rotating Photo Cube

Buy your mom a rotating photo cube and stick a photo of different members of the family on each side. This can include you, your mom, your dad, your mom’s parents and any siblings or grandchildren you have.

If there’s room, don’t forget the dog or cat.

Personalised Family Print

Sure, a family photo is cute and great but it’s a tad cliched. So how about a customisable family print instead?

The whole fam will be animated and it will look really cool!

Just don’t complain if the illustrator makes you look fat. It was your idea.

Ok it was ours. But still.

Mom Angel Figurine

Because mom is an angel OF COURSE.

Super Mom Charm Pendant

Is your mom a super mom or isn’t she? If she is, let her know with this super mom charm pendant. It’s massively cute, aww.

Mom and Daughter Bangle

Get your mom and yourself on a bangle together that she can keep and love forever. It’ll be amazing.

A Birthday Newspaper Edition

Newspapers usually let you buy a copy – or at least the first page – of a newspaper that was released on a certain date many years ago.

Buy the one that was released on the date your mom was born and send her on a trip down memory lane.

Watch out because there will be tears!

Box of Blessing Cards

Blessing cards contain inspiring messages that will warm your moms heart each week and make her feel thankful for being alive. Awesome gift for her to treasure.

Self Care


A Skin Care Kit

Our skin is our most visible organ. Anyone can see it, which means anyone can see when things start to go wrong: They can see our wrinkles, our dark circles, our fine lines, our acne and so on.

We can cover it all up with makeup, but we know it’s all still there. Moreover, there comes a time in the day when we have to take our makeup off.

If your mom is concerned about her skin, get her a brand new skin care kit. The kit will restore her skin to its former glory, bringing out its vitality and glow once again.

She’ll love it and it will make her feel fabulous!

A Foot Massager

What gift says “I love you” quite like a foot massager?!

Buy her one of these and she’ll probably never move from it ever again. Her feet will love you forever!

Neck Massager

A foot massager is a good gift … but a neck massager is a great one!

If mom is a bit stressed and achey at the moment and finds it hard to relax, buying her a neck massager could be a fantastic idea. A neck massager will relax her muscles, ease the tension and can help her to de-stress.

Go for it.

Body Massager

Forget a foot massager or a neck massager because you’re gonna go one better and buy her a whole body massager!

A body massager will be a great way for your mom to relax after a long and stressful day. However, she’ll need someone to actually do the massaging for her.

We’re all looking at you, dad.

Argan Oil Butter Body Cream

Treat your mom to body cream the right way with argan oil butter body cream.

A Teeth Whitening Kit

We know what you’re thinking:

“I want a teeth whitening kit too, that’s a great idea!”

Get one! But just make sure you get one for mom first as, yes, this makes for a great gift. It will whiten her teeth and restore her confidence, so that she won’t be able to stop smiling.

Hand Warmers

This battery-powered hand warmer gift is an amazing idea. If it’s cold, buy mom this to help her keep her hands warm in the biting winter.

Pure Spa Essential Air Diffuser

This is something for the home that your mom – and possibly you – never thought of before. An air diffuser will give her health a boost, and it will also refresh her mind. It’s essentially a form of aromatherapy and it’s a great way to treat your mom this year.

So go on, be nice to her with something a lot less showy than most of the other gifts on this list. An air diffuser might be low-key but the boost it gives her health will be amazing. Because you care about your mom so much that you want her to have fresh, clean air.

Some Gorgeous New Soaps

This is an inexpensive but still indulgent gift, and it often smells and looks so luxurious.

Good Quality Body Cream

Let’s face it, as we get older, our skin begins to dry, wrinkle, sag and age. No one can escape the ageing process forever, but we can slow it down and improve the way our skin looks by doing certain things – such as using body cream.

Unfortunately, your mom isn’t immune to ageing. Buy her some body cream to help keep her skin hydrated, smooth and glowing.

Luxurious Hand Cream

Darling, we all need hand cream, and we are sure – your mom will also love this gift.

Infuser Water Bottle

Wish your mom was a tad healthier? Wish she drank more water? Perhaps she just needs a bit encouragement – which is exactly what this gift can do.

An infuser water bottle adds flavour to her next glass of water. And because water is so important to our health, this is certainly a gift well worth considering. It isn’t too expensive either!

A Tea Infuser

If mom is a serious tea connoisseur she’ll absolutely love this gift.

Just watch her experiment and get even healthier!

And, yes, you might have to pretend to like her concoctions.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser is another one of fabulous birthday gift ideas for mom. There are essential oils for every occasion: relaxing and calming ones, or on the contrary, mood boosting types. So, you can give your mom an essential oil diffuser together with a small collection of difference essential oils. She will love it! Because mom wants everyone to think she has the time and money to go to a spa every single weekend.



A Good Bottle of Wine

This is a simple but oh so effective gift. Everyone loves wine, but since it’s her birthday, splash out on your mom with a more expensive bottle of wine. Perhaps can buy her something that’s a few years old. Make the extra effort and get her something a bit more special.

A Wine Fridge

Does your mom LOVE wine?

Does she love it so much that she’d be the kind of mom who appreciates a wine fridge? If so, get her this gift. She might laugh at first but she’ll soon realise how awesome it is!


Forget wine, forget cocktails, forget spirit. It’s your mom’s birthday and – in the words of 50 Cent – we gonna party like it’s your mom’s birthday. Which means just one thing – CHAMPAGNE!

Personalise it if you can and add chocolates, too.

Wine Glasses

If there’s something we all need more of, it’s wine. But if there’s something we always forget to stock up on, it’s wine glasses.

Treat your mom this year to some swanky new glasses that she can show off to her friends. Plus, it will go some way to making up for the time you smashed one of her glasses (come on, we all did that, right?!)

Personalised Birthday Glass Shot

Does your mom love shots? Then buy her a personalised birthday glass shot, so that she can get the party started in style!

Where’s the tequila …

A Drinking Fudge Set

Seriously, what can be more fun than alcohol and fudge?!

We feel a drinking game coming on here! Seriously, though, if your mom happens to like alcohol and chocolate fudge, buying her a drinking fudge set could be the best birthday gift idea you’ve ever had.

Just make sure there’s some left for when you visit.

Gin Infusion Kit

If your mom is a MASSIVE gin lover (and which mom isn’t!?) treat her to a gin infusion kit, so that she can experiment with different flavours herself.

Wine On-Demand

That’s right – wine on demand. What could be better?!

This wine concierge service will be just perfect for the mom who loves a tipple and doesn’t fancy having to spend all evening picking which one to have. In fact, the service will use her preferences and tastes to recommend her new ones that she hasn’t tried before. Perfect, huh?

A Spill Proof Wine Glass

Got a mom who seems to be spilling her wine often?

Or perhaps mom happens to know lots of clumsy people (such as you!) who are always spilling their glasses!

Either way, a spill proof wine glass is the perfect answer to all her problems. She and her family and friends can enjoy an evening get-together at mom’s house without the worry that someone is going to ruin her carpet!

Cocktail Shaker

This is another wonderful birthday gift idea for a great party at mom’s house.

Subscriptions And Vouchers


Amazon Gift Card

Has your mom got an Amazon account? If she has, she probably likes to go as crazy as the rest of us and spend until her partner finds out!

Get her an Amazon gift card, so that she can treat herself to something nice this year. Don’t forget to include the gift card in a greetings card with a personalised message.

A Magazine Subscription

Does your mom like to read magazines? Most moms do. Usually, it’s lifestyle or celebrity gossip magazines, although sometimes you’ll catch them with a gardening magazine or a home improvement magazine. Whatever your mom likes to read, get her a magazine subscription for her birthday, so that she never has to miss an issue of her favourite monthly read. We can guarantee this is something she hasn’t even thought of herself, so she’ll absolutely love it.

Netflix Subscription

Wait, what? Mom hasn’t got Netflix yet?!

We’ll let that one slide.

It means mom has never seen Stranger Things. Or House of Cards. But we’ll let it slide too.

Besides, you can make up for it by bringing her up to date with TV in the 21st century. Pay for her Netflix for a whole year and give her something new to watch in the evenings. Go on, be amazing.

Kindle Subscription

If she’s already got a Kindle, buy her a subscription so that she can download as many books and periodicals without having to spend anything.

Cinema Pass

If your mom is a bit of a movie buff who would love to go to the cinema more often, but who just can’t keep up with the prices, why not buy her a cinema gift card/pass, top it up with a few $$$ and let her go and watch a movie whenever she wants for free?

If she’s a big fan of the big screen, this is a gift she’ll cherish.

A Wine Gift Card

We know, we know. There are a LOT of wine gifts on this list. But don’t blame us. A wine gift card is another one of fabulous creative birthday gift ideas for mom, especially if she is a true connoisseur.

A Cosmopolitan Subscription Box

Not sure what your mom will like exactly? Let her do all the hunting herself and buy her a Cosmopolitan subscription box.

Amazon Prime Subscription

If your mom loves shopping and literally can’t stop spending on Amazon, it might be a good idea to do her a MASSIVE favour by getting her an Amazon Prime subscription. This means she’ll get free two-day shipping, as well as all kinds of other awesome goodies, such as grocery delivery, unlimited Prime Video streaming and more. WIN.

Spotify Subscription

If your mom loves music and has a laptop or a tablet but doesn’t have a Spotify subscription, we can’t understand why you haven’t bought her this yet.

We’re shaking our heads over here!

Books And Diaries


A Fascinating Romance Novel

Does your mom like to read? If so, she’ll probably love the latest best-selling romance novel.

Let’s face it, moms love to get lost in a romance story. We do too, and we know you do as well! Take a look at the bestseller lists and pick out the bestselling romance novel. This will give her something to do in the evenings, as she looks to unwind and take it easy.

A Useful Self Improvement Book

If, on the other hand, she isn’t really into fiction and definitely isn’t into romantic fiction, how about buying her a book on personal development instead? Self improvement books are super popular at the moment and for a good reason: People genuinely want to better themselves.

Search for self improvement books on Amazon or Google “best self improvement books” to help you make a decision.

A Book of Puzzles

Trust us on this one – all moms love to pass the time with a good crossword puzzle. This will be an amazing and creative gift that your mom will appreciate.

An Inspiring Biography Book

If you’re not sure your mom would appreciate a romance novel or a self improvement book, she’ll be sure to appreciate a biography.

Many people like to read about the lives of the rich, famous or otherwise successful. Whether it’s a rock star, a comedian, an actor, an entrepreneur or a fallen star, we find humans who have achieved something in life so fascinating.

Have a think about who your mom most admires, or who she’s talked about a lot over the years. Who does she find interesting? Who would she enjoy reading about?

A Beautiful And Sophisticated Bookmark

If you do buy her a book, don’t forget to get her a beautiful and sophisticated bookmark to go with it!

A New Journal/Planner

Journals and planners are those things we know we really need but which we rarely get round to buying ourselves.

Save your mom lots of time and hassle by getting her a new journal or planner, so that she can record things and make proper plans.

A guy might find this gift a tad boring but women will love it!

Don’t forget to include a personalised message within its pages, too.

A Library Card

Oooooh, this is another one of good birthday gift ideas for mom! If your mom really loves books and you don’t know what to buy her, why not just get her a library card instead? This way she’s free to pick and choose what books she wants whenever she wants.

Just make sure she knows there’ll be a fine to pay if she returns the books late. Otherwise, this birthday gift could turn into an expensive nightmare!

A Notebook

Mom’s use notebooks for all kinds of reasons. They use them for shopping lists, making plans for the weekend, drafting letters and so on. So why not buy her a really nice expensive one that you personalise with your own heartwarming message that lets your mom know how much she means to you?

A Colouring Book or Cards

Sometimes, moms need something to do to pass the time. And we can’t think of anything better than a colouring book!

Colouring books are amazing for when we need to pass the time on, say, a long train or plane journey. Or maybe we’re waiting for a phone call and need something to take our minds off things. Colouring books help us to de-stress. If your mom needs to relax in the evening, get her a colouring book she can lose herself in.

Household goodies


A Picture Frame or Digital Picture Frame

Do all women love picture frames? Probably! Let’s face it, we all do.

A picture frame is much better when it’s been personalised to include a photograph of your mom in it. If you want, you could use a photo of you and mom when you were a baby, or you could use a more recent photo.

Because moms often don’t like seeing themselves in photos sometimes, make sure it’s one you know she’ll definitely love!

Flamingo Candle

A flamingo candle?! You read correctly! Jazz up her home this year with a flamboyant and utterly cool flamingo candle. Because why not?!

Scented Home Candle

Buying your mom an amazing scented home candle, or even a set of candles, is another one of cute and thoughtful gift ideas that your mom will love! Because mom wants her home to smell like a palace, of course.

A Mom Mug

We all have this thing where we LOVE having our own mug, right? Dads have “Best Dad” mugs, boys have their sports mugs and young girls have their “Princess” mugs.

Isn’t it time that mom had her own mug?! Buy her a “World’s Best Mom mug” for her birthday but personalise it if possible. She’ll love it!

New Coasters

Especially if your mom loves to play hostess for dinner parties at her home, she’ll love her coasters. So why not buy her some funky new ones that she can show off to her friends? We love the idea of polka dot coasters, but it’s up to you to pick which ones would work well with her home.

An Outdoor Statue

If your mom loves pottering around in the garden (and indeed, if she even has a garden), you simply can’t go wrong with an outdoor statue.

Again, like a lot of the gifts on this list, it’d be great if you could buy her a personalised outdoor statue that says something simple but touching like “Best Mom.” These don’t usually cost too much money but they add beauty to any garden, and your mom will definitely appreciate it.

A New Duvet

Get your mom something nicer, warmer and fluffier to nap in. A new cosy duvet can make her movie nights so special.

A Phone Grip

Is mom always dropping her phone and literally one more smashed screen away from having no phone? Then buy her a brand new phone grip, we are sure she will love the idea.

Moroccan Tea Glasses

Always fancied getting your mom tea cups that are a bit different? If she loves her eastern, herbal teas, buy her some elegant Moroccan tea glasses for her birthday. This present can add a touch of sophistication and class to her daily tea time.

A Vacuum Cleaner

Why do moms continue to break their backs with their old, rubbish vacuum cleaners? Maybe they’re just waiting for us to buy them a new one…

A Charging Station

Moms can be pretty practical, but when it comes to modern stuff, their heads aren’t always in the game. If your mom needs a new charging station, bring her into the 21st century with a slick new one. She’ll love it.

A Bird House

Does your mom love to hear the birds cooing in her garden? Does she love to feed them? Then buy her a neat new bird house. Aww.

A Funky New Kettle

Is mom’s kettle looking a bit dated? Give her kettle and her kitchen a makeover by buying her a brand new, funky kettle that will rock her socks. Making a cup of tea will never have been so much fun for her!

Indoor Garden

An indoor garden – how amazing does this sound?!

If tending to an outdoor garden is too much for you mom but you know she loves all things green, buy her a cute, miniature indoor garden that she can tend to. It will take a lot less looking after and it’ll certainly brighten up her home.

A New Pillow

Another gifts that dads just won’t understand, a brand new pillow could be just the thing your mom craves. Get her one that’s soft, super duper pillowy and which – of course – comes complete with a cute pattern.

A Guest Chair

Is mom always complaining that there are never enough chairs in the house for guests? Then buy her a brand new guest chair. If possible, buy her one that doubles up as extra storage, it’s useful and practical too.


Can’t think what flowers to buy mom? If in doubt, do what we always do – go for orchids. Orchids are said to be a symbol of luxury and love, and your mom is definitely worthy of the best flowers in the world!


There surely isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t love candles. Scented candles look beautiful, smell beautiful and make the perfect addition to the home.

If your mom likes candles but doesn’t have any in the house at the moment, buy her some new ones for her birthday. Make sure to pick a scent you know she’ll love.

Hot Water Bottle

If it’s winter where you are right now, or if winter is on its way, you need to look after your mom. And what better way to look after her than with a hot water bottle?

A hot water bottle will keep her fingers, toes and tummy warm at night. It will keep everything warm and she’ll appreciate it SO much. Combine it with the scarf, slippers and gloves if you want. Prepare your mom for winter!

A Tea Set

Does your mom LOVE tea just as much as your dad loves beer? Then buy her a tea set.

Tea sets contain lots of different teas from around the world, from chamomile to darjeeling to jasmine and beyond! With such a cool blend of flavours and health benefits, this is one birthday gift your mom is sure to love. Just make sure you visit her soon for a cup of tea with a box of chocolate!

A Hand Blown Tea Pot

Not just any old tea pot, of course. You’ll need to think outside the box with this one and get her a hand blown tea pot that’s unique. She’ll love it and won’t be able to wait until she gets the chance to flaunt it in front of her friends.

A Clean House!

This gift is pretty amazing and super duper creative, but it’s going to take some extra effort on your part.

Got time to clean your mom’s house? Gonna be able to do it without her noticing? Then do it!

You could get your dad to take her out for a meal the day/night before her birthday, while you and your partner and a friend pop over to her house and clean like you’ve never cleaned before. She’ll appreciate this so much!

A Huge Bouquet of Flowers!

You simply can’t go wrong with a huge bouquet of flowers where moms are concerned. ALL moms – and, indeed, all women – appreciate flowers.

Buy your mom her favourite flowers and make your bouquet look so big, that your mom will be surprised like a child. If your budget stretches far enough, buy her a new vase to put flowers in, too.


Mom doesn’t have to be a massive art lover for you to buy her a piece of wall art. If she loves, say, Picasso or Degas, you could buy her a popular art print that you know she’ll love. But what will work equally well is a custom art piece, such as a commissioned painting of her dog or cat.

Custom art is a fantastically creative gift. It’s got the personal touch and it will look great on her walls. Alternatively, how about a portrait of the whole family?

New Bed Sheets

Dad will think this is such a boring gift (but he’ll soon learn to appreciate it when he finds out how comfortable and gorgeous the new sheets are!), but your mom will love it. Buy her some funky new bed sheets (but preferably not ones with your face on them!).



A Cook Book

Or maybe she needs a new recipe book.

If your mom fancies herself as a bit of an amateur chef who’s always cooking meals for people, treat her to a new cookbook this year. Think about the meals she usually likes to prepare and eat. Is she vegetarian? Does she like Italian food? And then buy her a cookbook you know she’ll love. This is win-win for you because it also means she’ll be cooking up a storm for you soon!

A New Apron

Does your mom love to cook or bake? If she spends a lot of time in the kitchen, why not buy her a “World’s Best Mom” apron?

For any mums who love to cook or bake, this could be the perfect gift. Make sure to pick a tagline that you know she’ll love and perhaps buy her a few new utensils that she can use for cooking. For example, does she need a new whisk?

Cutting Board

Something else for the kitchen, a cutting board is the perfect gift if your mom does a lot of cooking and needs a new cutting board.

And let’s face it, all mom’s need a new cutting board. The one she’s using now is probably the same one she was using when you were a small child! Make this gift extra special by getting one with a message included. There are lots of funky boards out with with cool messages, so go out and find one!

Waffle Maker

Obviously, you love waffles (who wouldn’t?!) but does your mom? If she does, a waffle maker could literally be the best present EVER.

And think about it – the next time the whole family gathers together at your moms, you’re all going to be in for some seriously tasty treats. Don’t forget to buy mom a few delicious toppings to go along with her waffle maker, too.

Coffee Machine

Does your mom love coffee? Can she literally not live without it? Then get her a coffee machine, so that she doesn’t have to wait until she goes to Starbucks to have her next latte!

Coffee machines don’t have to be too expensive and they make the perfect gift for all coffee-loving moms. And if you ask her nicely, she might even let you have a cup of Joe yourself.

A Cheese Making Kit

If your mom is utterly OBSESSED with cheese (and who isn’t?!), a cheese-making kit could be just the gift she’s been hoping someone would get her after all these years.

A cheese-making kit is a quite brilliant idea that will go down a treat if your mom likes cooking, LOVES food and can’t get enough cheese. Just make sure you don’t end up eating all the cheese when you visit.

A Blender

If your mom loves making smoothies and has always wanted a blender but for some reason still hasn’t got one, now’s the time to buy her one.

Moms who blend, win. Buy her a blender, and buy her a stack of fruits and vegetables, so she can make an instant start, too. Especially if your mom wants to get healthier and eat more healthy smoothies and soups, this is an awesome idea.

A Juicer

Would your mom prefer a blender or a juicer? Either one will work for the mom who wants to get healthier and fitter. If she wants to eat more fruit and veg, a juicer is a great gift to get her. Make sure to buy her some fruit and veg to go along with it so that she can start experimenting immediately. Before you know it, she’ll be inviting you round for “green smoothies”! Reckon you can handle that?!

Ice Cream Maker

We feel a tad bad for following blenders and juicers with an ice cream maker because, well, who wouldn’t choose an ice cream maker instead?!

We’d choose an ice cream maker for ourselves, but remember – this is your mom’s birthday. Does she love ice cream and is she already fit and healthy? If so, this might be a really cool gift to get her. If, on the other hand, she’s actively looking to lose weight and doesn’t even like ice cream all that much, you should look at blenders and juicers instead, as this ones a bit naughty.

(But oh so good!)

A Fruit and Vegetable Hamper

Remember the days when your mom would buy you a hamper stuffed with sweets and chocolates and soda when you were a kid? Well, you’re now going to return the favour, but instead of sugary treats, you’re going to get her a hamper full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Because you care about her!

Salt and Pepper Boxes

Do her current salt and pepper pots look a bit dated? If so, jazz up her kitchen with some trendy new salt and pepper boxes. She’ll definitely appreciate them.

A Toast Making Machine

Toast is amazing, right? If your mom happens to agree, an awesome gift you could buy her for her birthday this year is a toast making machine.

Toast making machines will encourage her to get creative with her toasted sandwiches. She can make new ones using all kinds of ingredients and who knows? She might hit on an exceptionally tasty toasted sandwich that becomes your new favourite thing in the world!

A Herb Slicer

Does your mom love her herbs? As she probably knows, slicing up herbs isn’t exactly easy. Not unless you’re a seasoned pro (get it!?). A herb slicer makes slicing, dicing and adding herbs to dishes SO much easier.

Herb Growing Kit

If your mom cooks a lot and would love to experiment with herbs more, buy her a herb growing kit.

A New Strainer

This is a useful gift that’s perfect for any mom who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

BBQ Grill Set

Provided mom eats meat, a BBQ grill set could make an awesome birthday gift idea. Remember to buy her a few steaks, too.

A Baking Cookbook

Does your mom love to bake? Or perhaps she’s been wanting to bake for ages but never got round to it? Either way, buy her a baking cookbook to inspire her to bake some new cakes. And you know what this means: More cakes for you!

A Stand Mixer

She’s got her baking cookbook, she’s got her ingredients. Now mom is about to get creative with a stand mixer.

Cakes for everyone!

A Guac Stone

A guac stone is what moms use to grind up spices – such as pepper – to add to dishes. If your mom cooks a lot, this is a gift that’s sure to go down well.

A Spiralizer

With a spiralizer, your mom can turn her courgettes, carrots and cucumbers into vegetable spaghetti. If your mom loves to cook, this will make for a fabulous gift.



FitBit Charge 2

If your mom is fit and active, this will help her to keep track of her heart rate and other fitness stats.

New Running Shoes

Nobody really likes running, do they? If your mom dislikes it and dreads it, as much as everyone else, but wants to run more to get fitter and healthier, buy her some smart new running shoes for her birthday, so that she doesn’t do herself an injury out there.

Remember, though – don’t buy cheap ones.


Is your mom thinking of becoming a gym bunny? Maybe she just needs a bit of a push in the right direction? If so, you might want to think about getting her some weights for her birthday.

Weights are a gift of encouragement. They might not be the most fun gift ever (but you could also get her a bottle of wine, too!) but they are a thoughtful gift. Moreover, weights might be something she really wants/needs right now in order to get in shape.

A Workout DVD

Mom might be finding it hard to workout by herself or stay motivated, so treat her to a workout DVD. Even if she is going to exercise for 10 or 15 minutes per day, it will make a wonderful improvement in her energy levels.

New Slacks

Why is it that moms never seem to think of buying slacks for themselves? Instead, they “lounge” around the house in the most uncomfiest jeans ever.

A Pair of Nike Air Max Shoes

Make your mom look even more beautiful, cool and sporty on the streets by buying her a new pair of Nike Air Max shoes. We are sure she will appreciate this gift, especially is she likes comfortable and trendy shoes.

New Trendy Gym Clothes

If it’s mom’s mission to hit the gym this year, buy her this perfectly timed gift – trendy and beautiful gym clothes. Make sure you chose the right size and the style that she will love.

A Yoga Mat

If your mom loves a bit of yoga but still doesn’t have a yoga mat, now’s the time to treat her to one and make her life (or at least her yoga routine) complete.

Athletic Leggings

Encourage your mom to go sprinting with a pair of athletic leggings. She’ll either love or hate you for this, but hopefully the first!

A Treadmill

If your budget stretches far enough, a treadmill could be an awesome gift if a) your mom already loves to keep fit or b) your mom keeps saying she needs to exercise more.

Any mom who wants to workout more or stay in shape will appreciate this amazing gift. Think of it as a gift of encouragement that lets her know you’ve got her best interests at heart.

A Tracksuit

If your mom wants to stay fit and pines for the days of her youth, buy her a cute tracksuit, so that she can go jogging in it, or simply feel comfortable and cosy at home.



A Personalised Necklace

With this one, you could pay extra and ask an engraver to write your mom’s name on a necklace, but buying a mom engraved necklace works just as well, too.

Sure, your mom will probably already own one or two necklaces. But NO necklace is as special as the one you got her for her birthday that’s been engraved just for her. It reminds her of who she is, and that she’s got people who love her, cherish her and care for her.

A Beautiful Jewellery Box

Jewellery boxes make for amazing birthday presents for mom. They can play music and they look absolutely gorgeous. Also, you could personalise a jewellery box a little bit with your mom’s picture. Nice! If you do buy her a jewellery box, try to personalise it, so that it’s extra special. She’ll love it. And buy her one or two new jewels, too!

A Butterfly Necklace

If your mom loves butterflies and all beautiful things, then you can buy her a butterfly necklace. It’s such an amazing and inspiring gift!

(But try not to confuse a butterfly for a moth. It’s easily done).

Friendship Bracelets

Another wonderful birthday gift idea for mom is to by her one of amazingly cute friendship bracelets. Because maybe your mom is a bit bored of new clothes and wants something else to spice up her attire and wardrobe?! And who can be a better friend than your loving mom?!

A Gold Plated Ring

Come on, you know your mom is worth it!

A Monogram Ring

This is another one of wonderful and creative birthday gift ideas for your mom. We are sure that your mom will appreciate this gift and it will always remind her of your love and care.



Best Mom T-Shirt

Keep it simple and keep it real with a “Best Mom EVER” t-shirt that will maker her smile. Make sure this isn’t the only gift you get her for her birthday, as it’s not the most amazing gift ever. But it’s cute and she’ll be sure to wear it whenever she’s pottering around inside the house.

Vacuum cleaning while wearing a “Best Mom EVER” t-shirt? We think so!

A New Scarf

If winter is approaching where you are right now, or if you’re already in the middle of another harsh winter, it might be a good idea to get your mom something winter related – such as a scarf.

A beautiful new scarf will help to protect your mom from the elements, and it will also give her more style. Pick one with a colour or pattern you know she’ll love, of course! Because, while a scarf will certainly protect her from the cold, she’ll want to wear something that looks good, too.

Beautiful Gloves

Earlier we mentioned a winter scarf but winter is going to bite at your mom’s fingers unless you get her a pair of winter gloves, too.

In fact, it doesn’t even matter if it isn’t winter where you are right now. The plain fact is that it will be winter again sometime, and your mom needs to be ready for it. Show that you’ve got her back with some winter warmers that are going to protect her from subzero temperatures and remind her of your care.

A Picnic Basket

If your mom loves the great outdoors and takes regular adventures with her partner and her family, a picnic basket will make for a great gift. She’ll absolutely love it! Mom can store all her food and drink (okay wine) in the basket, as well as all the other important stuff, such as a map and more wine.

Make sure to get her a really cute one and don’t forget to include some beverages inside the basket. Cheese always goes down well.

Fluffy Socks

Why? Because fluffy socks are amazing. Buy her these and watch her face light up because they’re so cute and all moms love cute things. Plus, they’ll keep her warm in the winter.

A New Pen

Naturally, you shouldn’t buy her just any old pen. Make sure it’s a really nice one, such as a fountain pen.

Let’s face it, moms write a LOT. What are they writing?! Usually, it’s the shopping list but to be honest? We don’t know. We just know that moms often like to write a lot. So get your mom a pen, so that she can write in style. Trust us on this – she’ll love it.

A Sewing Machine

All moms like to sew. Even if you haven’t seen your mom sew since you were five years old, we can guarantee that she still loves to sew. The only thing is, she just hasn’t had a proper sewing machine for the last few years.

OK, make sure your mom definitely likes to sew, and if she does, consider getting her a sewing machine. Especially if she has grandchildren herself, your mom will fall in love with this gift ,as it means she can make clothes for her grandchildren too.

A Box Set

We’re sure there’s a TV show your mom loves to watch. So why not buy her a box set, so that she can watch it whenever she wants? Whether it’s Outlander, Mad Men, House of Cards or Lost, give her something awesome to do with her evenings after work!

Luggage Set

Is your mom planning on travelling this year? Is her current luggage set a bit, well, rubbish? Then make her next trip hassle free by buying her a brand new luggage set that looks great, is lightweight and user friendly.

Reusable Shopping Bags

These are good for planet earth but they’ll also save your mom SO much hassle. She’ll never need to struggle home with a rubbish shopping bag ever again!

A Cute Beach Towel

Get her in the mood for her summer holiday with a beautiful, colourful beach towel because, well, which mom doesn’t want to hit the beach this summer?!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Not everyone likes a jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles can be frustrating, time-consuming, and they can cause arguments. And what happens when you realise a piece has gone missing?! Hmm…Noooooo!

However, if your mom happens to like jigsaw puzzles and even sees it as a bit of a hobby, buying her one for her birthday is an excellent idea that we highly recommend. Do it! Just try not to get involved with solving the puzzle yourself – you could get stuck there all day.

A Spider Catcher

This is a really funny gift, but it’s only worth buying if you know your mom has had trouble with spiders recently (and your dad is too soft/lazy to get rid of them himself).

If it’s a bit of a running joke that mom has spiders in her house, get a spider catcher for her birthday. She won’t be able to stop laughing.

A Travel Mug

If your mom goes travelling often, be it for personal or business reasons, she probably gets through a lot of coffee … as well as a lot of plastic or cardboard coffee mugs.

Buy mom her very own ceramic travel mug that might make travelling that bit cooler. Don’t forget to personalise it with a beautiful and inspiring message too.


Has your mom never owned a onesie before? OMG. It’s time to bring her into the 21st century. Buy her a cute onesie and keep her comfy when it’s time for bed. Although you just know she’s going to be wearing it all day. Each time you pop over for a cup of tea, she’ll open the door in her cute onesie.

And what?

Lunch for Two

Can’t quite afford to pay for a whole weekend getaway for your mom (and dad, of course!)? Then how about paying for lunch for two? Book your mom (and dad!) a table at her favourite restaurant and pay for the whole three-course meal. This is a really sweet gift that mom will remember forever.

New Socks

We’re always buying men socks, but have you ever stopped to think that mom needs new socks, too? Buy her some cute and colourful fluffy ones for her birthday. She’ll love them!

A New Watch

Time pieces can be expensive, but if you’ve got some money to spare and fancy treating your mom this year, getting her a new watch could be the best gift she’s ever received from anyone. Make sure you buy her a watch she’ll like. After all, you know how picky women are, especially when it comes to the things we put on our arms!

A Handbag

Go on, treat mom to a beautiful, good quality handbag! We are sure she will love it so much and will use it for the years to come.

A Glass Plaque

Nothing says I love you quite like a glass plaque that says “I love you.” Your mom will be touched by such a thoughtful gift.

Afternoon Tea

We don’t know about you but treating mom to afternoon tea sounds kinda amazing to us, and not only on the occasion of her birthday, it can also be done any time, without any reason at all.

Cute Keychain

Because you don’t want your mom to ever lose her keychain again, d’uh.

A Lunch Bag

Is walking round work with a lunch always a hassle for your mom? Then buy her a brand new lunch bag that she will enjoy.

A Globe

This is another one of fun and creative gift ideas for your mom’s birthday. A globe makes the perfect, magisterial addition to any living room. She’ll love it.

Leather Jacket

Come on, what mom wouldn’t suit a leather jacket?! Only make sure you get the one that really caught her eye, not only your eye, so that she can really be happy and enjoy wearing it!

Rose Dipped In Gold

This year, you’re not going to buy your mom any old rose: Instead, buy her a rose dipped in gold. Why? Because she deserves it and you can. We are sure your mom will be amazed!

A Sassy Sweater

Does your mom have a bit of sass? If so, find the most funny sweater you can find and buy it her. Bet she can’t wait to wear it loud and proud.

A Polaroid Camera

Nope, you don’t have to splash out on an expensive camera. If your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far but you’ve got a mom who’s always taking pictures, you can just buy her a brand new polaroid camera instead. And, hey, it’ll be a lot easier to use than an expensive camera.

Fancy Hair Brush

Make her bathroom cabinet more stylish than ever with a fancy new hair brush. She will use it often, and think about you and your love for her.

A Makeup Brush Set 

All women love makeup and a new makeup brush set can really make your mom’s day. Actually, all moms need makeup brushes. So why don’t you oblige?

A Good Perfume

Find out what perfume your mom loves but maybe she didn’t have time to buy it for herself, and get her exactly what she wants. A good bottle of perfume can make a big difference in a woman’s mood, therefore, it’s one of the best and useful birthday gift ideas for mom.

A New Hat

Does your mom look good in a hat? Has she worn hats before? If so, an awesome gift this year could be a brand new hat. Make sure it’s as stylish as possible, of course.

A Fancy Pair Of Sunglasses

Make mom look like a movie star this year by buying her a beautiful pair of sunglasses. We are sure, she will appreciate the gift!

A Silk Scarf

This scarf isn’t really for the winter. Instead, it’s for the summer, spring and autumn, and the mom who’s super chic. Get it and watch your mom set new fashion standards.

A Red Leather Jacket

Why stick to black, if your mom is a bit edgy and prefers to set trends rather than follow them?

A Chic New Umbrella

Especially if you live in a perpetually rainy place, this is the most useful birthday gift for mom EVER. Make sure it’s a stylish one, of course.

A Board Game

Does your mom love playing board games with her family? Then buy her a brand new one and invite the whole gang round for a night of games! Remember to let her win at least once, though!

Good Quality Scissors

Scissors come in handy for everything, from cutting labels to trimming the garden to cutting hair to cutting lettuce! So buy a very good quality scissors for your mom, especially if you know she needs one.

Hair Dryer

Not just any old hair dryer, of course, but a super sonic hair dryer that dries mom’s hair without frying it. Perfect for moms who have great hair.

A Carry-On Suitcase

Got a mom who loves to fly and who flies often? Then get her a really good quality, sophisticated carry-on suitcase. She will love using it and will think of you and your care often.

Shaving Product

Make her shaving routine a whole lot easier with a brand new shaving set. This gift is especially useful if your mom needs one, but didn’t have time to buy it for herself.

A Vanity Bag

It’s super chic and will help your mom to keep her stuff organised. From all her cosmetic products to jewellery – everything will be in the right place from now on.

An All-In-One Bag

Buy mom a purse, a gym bag and a work bag all in one. This is an amazingly creative and useful gift that your mom will enjoy and use for many years.

Hiking Boots

If mom has talked about going hiking but doesn’t have the equipment, encourage her with some hiking boots.

Chalkboard Vase

Google it because this is a WONDERFUL birthday gift idea for mom. It’s creative and lets your mom get creative, too.

A Cashmere Shawl

A cashmere shawl is such an amazing birthday gift idea for mom, especially for those times when your mom wants to look chic but stay warm at the same time.

A Drawstring Purse

A drawstring purse means that your mom will never have to worry about someone stealing her valuables ever again.

A Travel Mug

This gift idea is perfect for the mom who loves to go camping.

A Box of Blessing Cards

May your mom start her days by reading beautiful and inspirational messages on these blessing cards and may she start her days on positive and uplifting notes.


So, there you go, now you can get creative and choose the best birthday or Mother’s day gift for your beautiful Mom to make her feel extra special and loved on her special day!

Feel free to share this article with your friends and also feel free to comment and share your own tips and ideas about best birthday gifts for mom.

Stay happy!

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