She started her modeling carer at the tender age of 13. She is considered to be the world’s first supermodel (according to the source). In 1950 she won her first beauty contest as “Miss Television”. Betty Brosmer’s pretty face and curvaceous figure graced more than 200 magazine covers.

Betty Brosmer

In total, Betty Brosmer won over 50 different beauty contests. The  proportions of her hourglass figure are simply astonishing: 37-18-36 (inches)!

Betty Brosmer1

Betty was born in august 2, 1935

Betty Brosmer3

Her gorgeous face and graceful figure could be regularly seen in full page ads in such publications as Esquire, Life and The Saturday Evening Post, Fortune and Time, etc.

Betty Brosmer4

After Betty’s appearance in Sears & Roebuck catalog, her advertising agency started to be bombarded by multiple demands to book the photo shoot session with this new American beauty icon.

Betty Brosmer21

When Betty turned 16 – the abundance of various beauty titles started to hit her by surprise over and over again. She won over 50 beauty contests before the age of 20.

Betty Brosmer5

Betty appeared on hundreds of different calendars.

Betty Brosmer6

She was the highest payed model of her time. Betty was the first real Super Model.

Betty Brosmer7

She became one of the first models to own the rights to all her photographs.

Betty Brosmer8

Betty also was the first model to receive a percentage every time her picture was published.

Betty Brosmer9

Marilyn Monroe had her real breakthrough after 1955. Since 1948 to all the 50s Betty was the reference of perfect feminine beauty. She played the essential role in the development of “pin-up girl” image.

Betty Brosmer10

In 1961, the 26 years old Betty marries Joe Weider –  the famous canadian bodybuilder and co-founder of the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB). He was the creator of the Mr. Olympia, the Masters Olympia and the Ms. Olympia bodybuilding contests. Joe Weider was also the publisher of miltiple bodybuilding and fitness-related magazines, most notably Men’s Fitness, Shape, Muscle & Fitness, Flex.

Arnold Schwarzenegger credited Joe Weider with inspiring him to come to the United States and enter bodybuilding.

Betty Brosmer11

Betty Brosmer12

Betty Brosmer13

Betty Brosmer14

Betty and her husband Joe Weider:

Betty Brosmer15

In 1981, Betty co-founded a health and fitness publication for women – Shape Magazine, where she still writes two magazine columns: “Body by Betty” and “Health by Betty”. Several million readers still enjoy her writing monthly.

Betty Brosmer17

Betty Brosmer18

Photos are owned and copyrighted by Betty Brosmer.


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