What to do with old magazines? 10 Creative arts and crafts ideas for adults

Have you got a pile of old magazines sitting around gathering dust? Well, don’t throw them out, because there are one hundred and one things that you do with them. Get your scissors and craft glue out, here are 10 genius crafty ways to use old magazines:

1. Place mats

Tear out pages of your favourite magazine that contain large, colourful pictures. Fold the pages in half, and then half again, and then once more, so you have a thicker square, with rounded edges. Then arrange your squares into a place mat sized shapes, using scotch tape on the back to hold it all together. Sew down the seams with a sewing machine and you have your own, homemade and interesting place mats. You can then seal them with a few coats of sealer glue for extra durability.

2. Cover notebooks and journals

What to do with old magazines? The prefect way to personalise your notebooks and journals is to cover them with the pages from your old magazines. Cover your recipe books with pictures of your favourite foods and your gratitude journal with pictures of things you love. It’s a simple and easy way to make boring old notebooks look a lot more interesting.

3. Create your own pop art

Let your imagination run wild with just some old magazines, a craft foam board and some sealer glue. Cut the pages of a magazine into strips and arrange on the foam board into patterns that please you. Try sticking to a theme with both what’s in the images and the colours for a more striking effect.

4. Nails that will get you noticed

Here is another cool idea on what to do with old magazines: if you’re bored with one colour nails, then try this for something a little different. Paint your nails first, with a white nail polish and leave it dry. Dip one nail into some rubbing alcohol for about thirty seconds and then press a page of print down onto your nail. Leave the paper on your nail for another thirty seconds or so and the words from the print will have transferred onto your nail. When it’s dry, add a coat of clear nail varnish for a more polished effect.

5. Make your own wallpaper

This is not for you if you are looking for the subtle look, but it can be great for a feature wall in a room. Don’t just stick any old images to a wall, though, select images with a theme, for example pictures of tropical beaches, and try and arrange them so that the colours graduate from one side of the wall to the other.

6. A magazine Halloween dress

Yes, you can make a dress out of old magazines and they make fantastic Halloween costumes. You’ll need some old magazines, Velcro, thread and a sewing machine and you can find all the instructions here.

7. Give an old suitcase a new lease of life

Another cool idea on what to do with old magazines is to give a new life to your old suitcase. All you need for this is a battered old suitcase, a stack of magazines, scissors and some sealing glue. Cut out the pictures you like and arrange them, haphazardly, on the suitcase, stick them on and seal. You could use pictures of places you’ve been, or destinations you’d love to travel to. What’s more, you won’t have any trouble in spotting your suitcase on the airport luggage carousel!

8. Party garlands or floral arrangements 

What to do with old magazines? Create some party garlands or flowers using old magazines! Instead of buying coloured paper to make garlands for a party, decorate your home with garlands (or flowers) made from your favourite pictures from a fashion magazine. For garlands just cut the pictures into neat triangles and hang them on thread around the room, or make flowers by folding magazine pages into beautiful flower shapes.

9. Just hang them on the wall 

If you can’t bear the thought of tearing up your old magazines, then create a display of them on your wall. All you need to do is hang them on some coat hangers, arranged neatly on a wall, and you can admire the covers whenever you want and take them down again to read too.

10. Say it with magazines

Create your own mood message with the pages from your old magazines by cutting out the letters of a word and sticking them to a board or straight onto your wall. The message is up to you, it could be ‘Live, love, laugh’ or ‘You Can Do It’, or how about ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.’

What to do with old magazines? What are your best creative arts and crafts ideas for adults?

Stay happy!

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