9 Ideas Of Fun Things To Do With Friends

In 2015, it’s getting harder and harder for a lot of us to balance our work and personal lives. Spending time with friends, therefore, can be difficult when there is so much going on in life.

But your friends are important, and it’s thus important that you work hard at setting some time aside to see them.

But then, perhaps by now the bigger problem has become finding something fun to do with your friends. Maybe you’ve exhausted the usual stuff, such as going to a bar before hitting the clubs. Maybe you’re looking to do something different with them to keep things interesting. If so, let’s take a look at 9 fun things you can do with your friends.

Go Volunteering Together

Volunteering with your friends is certainly something different, but as well as being fun it’s also hugely rewarding. All you need to do is find a local homeless centre or senior cenfun things to do with friendstre, and head over there with your friends to help out.

Volunteering with your friends makes you all feel good, but it also helps each one of you to learn more about one another. You will have new respect for each other, and you might talk about things that had previously been out of bounds. You’ll also feel so satisfied at helping others that you might decide to do it all again.

Play Board Games

You’ve probably already played video games with your friends, but maybe you’ve killed enough bad guys on Halo for one year. So why not do games old school-style by dusting off the board games?

There are lots of board games available for you to play, and many of them are really fun. You can choose intellectually challenging games, such as Scrabble, or you can choose physical games that are just a darn good laugh, such as Twister. Whatever you choose, you should pair off into teams and pit friends against friends. The losers will, of course, have to perform a forfeit.

Have A Movie Marathon

Everyone loves movies, but rather than spending your money at the cinema on a new film that all of you might dislike, why not have a movie marathon at your place?

Ask each friend to bring their favourite film, or a film they know none of you have seen before; then, prepare the snacks and drinks and you’re away!

Or, you could simply log into your Netflix account and hunt for movies off there or settle for box sets. Either way, you’re guaranteed a fun night.

Hit A Dating Site

Another one of fun things to do with friends is to hit a dating site together. Okay, this only works for the single friends.

But if y’all are single, a really fun thing to do is to hit the online dating site scene for the evening. You should each create profiles for each other, and then try to find each other a date! It’s super fun, especially if one of you managers to hook a Johnny Depp look-a-like.

Actually, that’s only fun for the one who managed to hook him. Everyone else just hates you.

Play Hide And Seek In The Park

Okay, so you’re an adult now. But, really, there’s no rule that says you can’t play hide and seek just because you’ve “grown up”.

An adult game of hide and seek in the park is probably the first time any of you have played it since you were kids, which is why each and every one of your friends’ eyes will light up at the mere suggestion.

“Come on,” the most enthusiastic friend will say. “It’s not like we play it every week.”

You’ll have a whale of a time as you indulge in one of your favourite childhood memories, and you can even get kids on your side by making sure they keep quiet about your location. And to help you feel adult, you should introduce a few adult forfeits for the losers.

Go To A Casino

Going to a casino is arguably more adult than hide and seek, so if playing games in a public park is a little beyond you, why not rock up to the casino with your group of friends?

The thing is, though, that casino’s are only really fun if you’re prepared to spend a bit of money and aren’t too worried about losing. If you turn up to a casino with $20 and really don’t want to lose a cent of it, you’re not going to have any fun.

So be prepared to go wild with abandon. Play for the high stakes, go all out at the blackjack table, and win some dough.

Then get married.

Okay, we’re just kidding. This isn’t Vegas.

Go Camping Together

Camping is another one of fun things to do with friends. Someone brings the guitar, someone brings the drinks, someone brings the food, while someone else brings the fishing rods. And that’s pretty much all you need to have one heck of a time around a midnight campfire. Just you, your friends, some songs to sing along to, and some delicious food.

If you choose to camp in a really remote place, you can also have a bit of fun telling scary stories too. Remember the one about Bigfoot? And how he hasn’t been caught yet? And how there was a sighting of him RIGHT HERE?

Have A BBQ

If it’s spring, summer, or autumn, you should have a BBQ (if you are a vegetarian, then you can grill fruits and veggies). Barbecue’s are a great way of bringing people together for some good food and drink, as well as some laughs and catching-up. They take you away from the usual meet-up places, such as pubs and coffee shops, and give you all a chance to relax in each others’ company and have some fun.

Later on in the evening, you can take things indoors and whip out the board games or movies.

Play A Sport In The Park

Sports were often the number 1 thing we looked forward to playing when we were kids (in the summer anyway), so why not rekindle your fondness for team sports by organising a sports day down the park with your friends?

You could all play basketball, baseball, soccer or netball; whatever you choose! It doesn’t even matter whether you’re good or bad; you’ve just got to enjoy spending time with your friends and having a laugh.

Do you have other ideas of fun things to do with friends?

Stay happy!

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