Do gentlemen prefer blondes? 10 Myths about blondes that you should stop believing

Busty blondes, dumb blondes, blondes have more fun, gentlemen prefer blondes…the list is almost endless of the, less than flattering, characteristics attributed to girls with blonde hair. So, is there anything to it at all? Is there something in the genetic makeup of a blonde haired girl that impacts upon her IQ level? If that’s true, then is there some sort of chemical in blonde hair dyes that has the same effect? We investigate some of the myths for you here to finally get the truth about blondes:

Myth 1: Blondes Are Stupid

For years, blondes have been portrayed on TV and in movies as being a bit, well, a sandwich short of a picnic. From Paris Hilton to Marylyn Monroe, blondes have been seen to be gorgeous, but dippy and frankly, some famous blondes really haven’t helped to bust this myth. But of course, there is no scientific evidence to prove this whatsoever, though some think that the myth originated from ancient times, when some Roman women who bleached their hair were affected by the fumes of super strong bleach that they were using at the time!

Myth 2: Blondes are seductive

Every man is looking for his blonde bombshell, right? No, wrong and it’s another myth busted. Research has shown that blondes are just as likely to be single as anyone else. In fact, statistically, it’s redheads that have a greater chance of finding a partner.

Myth 3: Blondes get spoiled

This one comes from misquoted statistics in a newspaper that stated that blondes get more of their own way. Actually, the statistics showed that it is beautiful women in general, blondes as well as brunettes, who get more of what they want. As they say there are lies, and then there’s statistics.

Myth 4: Natural blonde hair are rare

You can never find a blonde when you need one! Well, actually this is true, as natural blondes make up only 4% of the world’s total population.

Myth 5: Blondes are going extinct

According to scientists this is true too. With dark hair – blonde hair couplings, the dark hair gene generally dominates when children are born and scientists have predicted that blondes will disappear from the earth in around just 200 years time from now. Look on the bright side, that means, if you’re a blonde, you really are special!

Myth 6: Blondes make men more stupid

This is an interesting twist on the dumb blonde myth. Well, sometimes, men subconsciously mimic the blonde stereotype when they are with one. But this is totally a stereotype, not a fact!

Myth 7: Blondes look younger

This one’s a fact. Fair hair darkens with age, so, the blonder you are, the younger you look.

Myth 8: Gentlemen prefer blondes

This, of course, is a myth perpetuated primarily by the movie industry. If it weren’t, with only 4% of the world’s population being blonde, there’d be an awful lot of very disappointed men out there!

Myth 9: Blondes have more fun

We know that there is no real difference between a natural blonde and a natural brunette, other than the colour of their hair. There is a just a little truth in this statement, though, as people who colour their hair are more likely have a more outgoing personality in the first place and a brighter hair colour will also make them feel more confident.

Myth 10: Blondes get all the attention

Arguably, this is true! Because of the serotyping that blondes suffer from, men may gravitate towards the blonde at a party, but remember, statistically, blondes marry earlier, but many of them divorce more frequently, so perhaps this extra attention is actually as shallow, as the stereotyping is.

So, do gentlemen prefer blondes? Do you know some other myths about blondes that we all should stop believing? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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