20 Things Every Girl Should Do At Least Once In Her Life

They say that we shouldn’t regret the things we have done, but the things we haven’t done. The key to a happy life is getting out there and making things happen. Rather than, you know, sitting around the house all day thinking about taking action.

At times, it’s easy to feel as though life is passing you by. As though your friends are the ones doing things, travelling to places, having children, taking vacations and being bold, while you’re still doing the same things over and over. Before you know it, your thirtieth birthday is looming, and you can’t help but feel a tinge of bitterness over the fact that you haven’t been brave enough with your own life.

If this is you, it’s time to feel more fulfilled. It’s time to stop missing out on amazing opportunities that will enrich and enlarge your life. Let’s take a look at 20 things every girl should do at least once in her life.

Ask Someone Out

Yes, we know that it’s traditional for a man to ask a woman out. But what happens when that man of your dreams is too shy to do it?

In 2015, more and women are being brave and popping the question to the guy. In this way, they are saving themselves and the man a heap of time and wasted energy. If you’re attracted to a man and want him in your life, why not take the plunge? You should do this at least once in your life; you never know, the rewards could be huge.

Fight For A Better Career

You only have one life, so why waste it in a dead-end job you don’t love, and which is only making you miserable?

If you’re having a hard-time in a career that you’ve fallen into, take a look at your options and consider your skill-sets. Are they worthy of a better job? Consider also a career you actually would enjoy, and set some time aside to research it and polish up your cover letter.

Try Something Scary

Nothing says that you’re bold and brave quite like trying something scary. We all have fears and anxieties, and we’re all afraid of doing certain things.

But what if these certain things are actually things that would enrich our lives? What if we would actually enjoy doing them, if only we could summon up the courage?

Before you get too old to try your hand at something that scares you, it’s time to take the plunge now. Being scared of something is what can make us alive, and overcoming these fears gives us a rush of adrenaline and makes us feel truly accomplished.

Go Travelling … Alone

We all love to go abroad with our mates. Of course we do. Going abroad with your mates gives you all a chance to let your hair down, sip sangria on the beach and generally have a fantastic time.

But you should also try travelling alone at least once in your life. Travelling by yourself gives you unlimited freedom to do everything you want to do. You can explore the places you want to explore without having a friend sucker you into doing something they want to do. You can even extend your vacation if you want, and really open yourself up to the world and all that it offers.

Try A New Hair Style

Sure, we all get protective over our hair. If it looks awesome right now, we’d rather not change it. It’s our style, it suits us, and we know that others love it too.

But isn’t it time to experiment with your hair at least once in your life? You could, for example, try cutting it shot for a trendy, chic look. You never know, it may suit you so much that you get more looks than you’ve ever had!

And if you don’t like it, don’t worry; it will grow back!

Learn A New Language And Show It Off

Like many of us, you’ve probably lived your life being jealous of those who can speak more than one language.

And you’re probably insanely jealous of multi-linguals who can speak every language under the sun.

Not only can they speak Icelandic, Urdu and some language you’ve never even heard of, but they also just love to flaunt it at dinner parties.

It’s time to be that person. Empower yourself by learning a new language and flaunting it whenever you get the chance. Big deal if you’re showing off; you only get one life, after all.

Be The Soul Of The Party And Enjoy Yourself

When we are at a party, we often worry what people might think of us, what they might think of what we say or how we are dressed, and it makes us uneasy. For this reason, we’re pretty conservative and we take it easy.

But why not enjoy yourself? Be the life and the soul of the party. Try it at least once. You’ve worked hard all year, so now it’s time to let yourself loose and embrace the moment.

Spend Your Christmas With The Disadvantaged

Okay, so Christmas only comes around once each year. But if you live until you’re 90, this means you get to experience at least 85 Christmases with your loved ones (discounting your first four years when you were too young to know what was going on – unless you were as clever as Einstein. You clever clogs, you!).

So why not spend at least one Christmas with disadvantaged people who have no home to go to, and no family to eat Christmas dinner with? Bring a smile to their faces, spread some Christmas time with them and embrace your charitable side. You’ll feel amazing afterwards.

And you can always stuff your face on Boxing Day. You deserve it.

Live A Day Without Your Cell Phone

How much of our time each day is spent checking our phones for messages and emails? How long do we spend scrolling up and down Facebook and liking random stuff that isn’t actually going to improve our lives?

Too much time, is the answer.

Living a day without your cell phone will feel hugely liberating. Rather than worrying about that email or that text, you can actually relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Look out of your window, take a walk, be at one with nature.

Play A Prank On Someone

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, why not play a prank on someone?

Playing a prank can be incredibly amusing, and it can really lift your spirits. Watching others work themselves up into a state because of your pretence is even better than watching a comedy.

Drive Fast (someplace safe, straight and desolate)

Driving fast can be dangerous, stupid and reckless; but it can also be totally fun too.

As long as you choose to drive quickly someplace straight and desolate, you’ll be fine to break the speed limit just this once.

Driving fast really gets your blood pumping and can make you feel alive like nothing else. It’s even better if you can exercise your inner speed-kid in a convertible. The sense of speed is incredible, and can give you such a rush of adrenaline that you’ll probably will enjoy it. But remember, always be safe!

Open Up Your Mind To The Possibility Of Dating Someone Older Or Younger Than You

Now, we’re not suggesting that you date someone who is 75 while you’re 30. That’s too big of an age gap. But what we are saying is that you should definitely be a bit more open when it comes to your dating criteria at least once in your life. Rather than saying you won’t date a man who is over 5 years older or younger than you, loosen up a little.

Older men have wisdom and experience that can be really refreshing and rewarding. As long as you’re both comfortable and enjoying each other’s company, a bit of an age gap is totally cool.

Live In A Foreign Country

If you’ve always wanted to move abroad but always been afraid to take the plunge, now is perhaps the time to do it.

They say that upping sticks and living somewhere foreign (even if just for a few months) is something for the young. So while you’re still youthful, why not pack your bags and just go for it?

Living elsewhere can be an eye-opener. You get to learn new customs, adopt new ways of life, embrace new cuisines and even learn new languages. Your own life and mind will be enriched, and you might find that living in a foreign city is better for your soul.

Pretend To Be Someone Else (for a few hours) 

We only get one life and we’re expected to live as the same person throughout all of it.


Making up a fake identity and chatting to someone throughout the night can be really fun and exciting. You can pretend to be whoever you want to be for a few hours!

Though you might have to spill the beans if you and a guy fall in love with each other.

Do Something Your Friends Wouldn’t Agree With

How many times do we refrain from doing something because we worry what out friends might think of us?

As nice as our friends are, they don’t always know what is best for us. Okay, even we don’t always know what is best for us, but what is the harm in giving something a go?

If there is something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t, because you know your friends wouldn’t approve, now is the time to be a little selfish and actually do it. It might be a mistake, but at least you took the chance.

Live Alone

Perhaps you’ve always lived with others because you’ve always felt safer, or because living with your best friends is something you’ve always wanted. It’s fun, and you get to have a giggle and do stuff together.

But maybe now you’re thinking about living by yourself. Your friends are settling down, perhaps getting married, and in any case you’re not as close as you used to be. Moreover, maybe you just want to able to do things you want to do without worrying about someone else.

This could mean coming home at 4am on a weeknight, or playing your music loud. It could mean leaving the dishes in the sink for a few days or walking around naked. Whatever it is, living alone gives you so much freedom.

Say No

A lot of us are selfless people who would do anything to please others. But sometimes you just need to learn to say No.

If you’ve said Yes all your life to your friends, for example, helping them out with advice and generally always being there for them, it’s time that you said No at least once in your life. Saying No is really empowering and definitely makes you feel happier. It reminds you that your time is your time and not someone else’s.

Start All Over

Starting all over again can be really scary, but there’s nothing wrong with doing it. If you feel as though your life has hit a bit of a dead-end, you should seriously considering starting over. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Moreover, time is on your side.

Tell Him You Love Him

If there is a guy you’re head over heels in love with, you should let him know. Life is too short for missed opportunities. Even if he’s a close friend and you’re worried about what your confession might do to your friendship, you should totally reveal your feelings. It might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Use A Dating Site

Never used a dating site before? It’s easy and actually kinda fun.

Although many of the messages you receive from guys will be weird and a little bit creepy, they’re also pretty funny too.

And you never know, you might end up meeting a Prince Charming who owns an island. Maybe.

Stay happy!

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