10 Winter Date Ideas That You Both Will Love

Winter isn’t everyones favourite time of the year. It’s cold, wet, and you can’t go to the beach. So why not get all cozy with your man on a wintry, romantic date?

I’m not the biggest fan of winter, but I am a big believer of always looking for the positive in things. So while winter can get unbelievably cold, it’s also got a few things going for it. Second to Christmas are the special dates I get to go on with my man, from cozying up to him by the fireside in a pub, to skating.

As it turns out, winter is perfect for a bit of romance. There are plenty of opportunities for curling up with your partner and shutting the world out. If you’re wondering what to do over the next few weeks and months, here are 10 winter date ideas that you both will love.

Go To A Spa Together

Do girls love spas? Of course!

But do men? They might wince and moan when you first mention the idea, but I can guarantee that they’ll use the phrase “I’m in Heaven” at least five times once they’re there.

Nobody who has been to a spa doesn’t like it. And whilst it’s a pleasant retreat that can be enjoyed by yourself, it’s made extra special when you go with your man. You both get pampered, get to relax and spend some quality time together.

You could also head on down for a steamy sauna session too.

And don’t forget the champagne! Clink-clink.

Log Cabin Getaway

If you can afford it, there is no excuse not to try this winter date. Even if you getaway for just one or two nights, it’s something you won’t forget.

Log cabins ARE winter. They ARE romance. It’s you, your man, a crackling fire, an inviting sofa, and total and utter seclusion from the world. How much sweeter do you want things?!

Hot chocolate, homemade soup and cuddles? Okay, you got it!!!

Head Out On A Sleigh Ride

I can’t think of a more romantic winter date than a sleigh ride. It’s magical, captivating, and will create an awesome memory for the two of you to look back on.

If there are no sleigh rides in your city, you could find one that does and book it. Taking one before Christmas is guaranteed to melt both your hearts, and make you fall in love with each other again.

Make sure to snuggle up to one another!

And why not top the ride off with a cup of hot chocolate as you tour the moonlit city?

Go Sledding

Recapture your childhood by going sledding with your man. And if you never went sledding as a kid, it’s time to try a new extreme sport!!

Sledding is the most fun an adult can have during the winter without jumping into a ball pool and getting told to leave the building. And when you go sledding with your man, it’s even more entertaining.

All you need is a park, a load of snow and a sled.

And if you hear your man cry out “Oh no!” as you both barrel down a hill, just pray to God.

Go Hiking

If you’re both the outdoorsy types who don’t mind doing a bit of walking, how about lacing up with hiking boots and tackling some rough terrain?

Hills and mountains become even more majestic in the winter time, but what I love most about hiking with my man is the pub meal we eat afterwards! I look forward to it way too much!!

If you do decide to go hiking, always make sure to check the weather forecast first, and take a map with you. You guys certainly don’t want to get lost up a mountain on a date!!

Make A Snowman

Snowmen are practically the definition of winter. Unfortunately, mine are so terrible that they’re probably more like the definition of total insanity. But, hey, as long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters, right?

To bond with your man this winter, you could build a snowman with him. This is an excellent chance to a) test out your teamwork skills and b) critique the way he crafts a snowman’s head.

If it’s anything like mine, it will probably look like a monster. Oh dear!

Ice Skating

Ice skating is probably the quintessential date for most couples. It’s you and your man dancing on ice (or trying not to fall over in my case!) wearing cute outfits and being all cute together.

There is music in the background, romance in the air, and laughter everywhere when he attempts a twirl and ends up on the floor!

Seriously, ice skating is a fun and also elegant experience that you can do together. And if you think you’re good enough to skate while holding a cup of hot chocolate in one hand, then go for it!

Get In The Hot Tub

I’m sure you’ve already thought of this one. In fact, you’ve probably been thinking about it since you guys first got together!!

Hot tubs can be enjoyed by couples at any time of the year, but the idea is always way more exciting during the winter when you just want to stay warm.

Add a bit of romance with some champagne and chocolates, before gazing lovingly into each others eyes under a star-studded night.

Winter Walk

This one is simple, but you could make it more magical by visiting a snow-covered city you haven’t been to before and immersing yourself in a real winter wonderland.

Along your walk, you could stop by some antique shops and grab a coffee to warm up. Then, at the end of the walk, why not enjoy a glass of wine together in a warm pub?

Stay In And Snuggle

Forget social media, emails, and your phone and just spend an evening curled up on the sofa with your man. Maybe have a meal together, play a board game and watch a movie. Bliss.

Stay happy!

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