10 Great weekend activities you can do alone

When you find yourself with a weekend on your own, what do you do? Well, we say make the most of it, because getting some time all to yourself can be fun and it can give it you a chance to explore things that you never could with someone else in tow. A little bit of ‘me-time’ is good for anyone. It gives you the chance to kick off your shoes and just be you. Make the most of your weekends alone and check out these ten great weekend activities you can enjoy all by yourself. 

1. Go for long walks in the country

Walking in the country is definitely best done alone. There is no chitter-chatter from other people to disturb you, no worrying what the kids are doing, and you can please yourself as to the path you take. A stroll on your own in the open air can do wonders for your spirit and it will get you back closer to nature again. There will be nothing to disturb you, but the songs of the birds and the wind in the trees. 

2. Get unfinished jobs done

A weekend alone is also the ideal time to finish off all those projects that you started and never quite got around to finishing. It could be reorganising that cupboard that you’ve been hoarding the junk in, or finishing that book you started to write. Make the most of the free time while you’ve got it, and you will feel great that you accomplished so much in just one weekend.

3. Try out some new makeup ideas

This is another one of fun activities to do alone. Flick through some magazines and find some new ideas for makeup to try. You can practice and experiment all weekend long and you might come up with something refreshing and new that you’d never thought of before. You’ve got no time pressure to spoil your moment and, if it goes horribly wrong, you just wipe it off and try something else.

4. Spend the weekend away

Pack your bags and drive somewhere new. Taking a trip on your own gives you a wonderful sense of freedom, you can stop wherever you like, stay over in any hotel that you like the look of, and have your very own little adventure. A weekend break on your own can feel wonderfully liberating and you don’t have to travel far, just visit a town you’ve never been to before, and explore. 

5. Visit a museum

Another one of great weekend activities to do alone is to visit a museum. Once you have been to a museum, or a gallery, on your own, you will never want to go with other people again. If you want to stand staring at one exhibit for half and hour, then you can. You can take your time strolling around, taking it all in and you won’t have to be polite and look at the things that don’t interest you.

6. Browse in a bookstore

You take your time leafing through books in a bookstore, or you could visit a library and immerse yourself in a book or two for a while. These weekends alone are the time that you can devote solely to yourself, so use the time to broaden your horizons with books on topics you have never read before, or by authors you have never heard of.

7. Hang out at a coffee shop and watch the world go by

There is no need to rush your coffee on your weekend alone, so take your time, sit back and relax and watch the world go by. You could take a book to read, or just watch all the people passing by. People watching can be fun; you’ll be amazed at all the fascinating characters you see when you sit in your own for long enough.

8. Do a boxset marathon

Another cool idea of fun activities to do alone is to do a boxset marathon. Weekends alone were made for boxset marathons! Get some of your favourite snacks, a bottle of wine and settle down to hours of uninterrupted viewing of your favourite TV shows. The TV remote control is yours to own, so no one can tell you what to watch on your solo weekend.

9. Take a solo shopping trip

Shopping with other people can be fun, but they always seem to want to hang around in some shops longer than you do, or they rush you along out of a shop when you want to stay and browse. Go shopping on your own on your solo weekends and you can make a whole day of it. You can hunt for bargains, try on as many different outfits as you like, and shop till you drop, or until you decide you’ve had enough. 

10. Cook up something new in the kitchen

Our final idea of creative weekend activities to do alone is to cook something that you’ve never tried before. There’s no need to worry about making a mess in the kitchen, you can try your hand at some recipes when you have the weekend to yourself. It’s great fun trying new things in the kitchen, especially when no one’s around. Even if what you create turns out to be completely inedible, no one will ever know, but you.

What are your favourite weekend activities to do alone?

Stay happy! 

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