10 Tips on How to Become an Instagram Queen

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks and it’s fun and easy to use. You can always find inspirational photos on Instagram and you can use to share your own pics too. If you want to get serious about Instagram and build up a following, read these ten tips that will help you become a queen of Instagram.

1. Set up your photos

Instagram is intended to be instant, but if you want to make your mark on the social media platform, take your time setting up your photos. You want your photos to be as interesting and as striking as possible, so think about camera angles, composition, what’s in the background, and colour before you take a photo for Instagram.

2. Take several photos before you upload

You can use the Instagram camera to share photos, but if you use your phone camera and take several pics, you can then choose the best one to upload from your library. It’s also a good idea to use the square setting on your phone, because Instagram only takes square pictures and if you use the square setting on your phone, you will be able to see what will be cut out of the photo when you upload it to Instagram.

3. Fill the frame

You will make your photos much more dramatic and interesting if you fill up the frame with your subject matter. Whether it is a product that you are recommending to your followers, what you are having for lunch, or a picture of yourself, make sure that the main subject of the photo takes up the most space.

4. Find the best light

Always think about the light when you take a photo, because that can make all the difference between am amazing photo and a dull and boring one. Natural light is nearly always better than artificial light, so take your photos outside or stand near a window if you are indoors. Just remember where the sun is, though, because very bright sunlight can cause glare and it can make pictures looked washed out.

5. Always check the background

The internet is full of pictures with embarrassing objects in the background, unfortunate reflections in mirrors, and unexpected photo-bombs, so always check the background carefully before you post a photo on Instagram. It will also help make sure that there is nothing in the background that might draw attention away from what you intended to be the focus of your picture.

6. Don’t overdo the filters

Instagram has lots of filters that you use to enhance your photos, but the trend for using them has been falling recently. People seem to find photos that are colourful and interesting, but natural, more appealing than those that have obviously been made to look better with filters and effects. Filters can be very useful, but try to limit your use of them to enhance your photos, rather than completely change them.

7. Post regularly

Just like any social media platform, the best way to gain followers is to post regularly. The best advice is probably to take pictures of everything and then you can choose the best photos to post on Instagram later. Try to post at least one photo every day and then you will keep the interest of your followers.

8. Use hashtags

Hashtags make it easier for people to find your photos, so use them, but only use hashtags that are relevant to your picture. Studies have shown that images with more hashtags get more likes, so it’s a good idea to think of as many hashtags that would be relevant to your post as you can.

9. Post at the right time

Think about the time that you make your posts. Think about when your intended audience is most likely to be on Instagram and the zone that they live in.  Most Instagram users are logged in on their way to or home from work or from school, so timing your post to coincide with those times will increase the number of views you are likely to get.

10. Interact with other users

You can grow your followers by being an active member of the Instagram community. Follow other users and they may follow you back and, likewise, if you like other people’s photos, they are likely to like yours too. Every little bit helps to get you one step closer to becoming an Instagram queen.

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