10 Tips for the perfect selfie

The selfie has become so popular that it’s now just a part of everyday life. Celebrities and the rest of us all seem to have caught the bug of sharing pictures of ourselves, on an almost daily basis. Not all selfies are great, though, are they? In fact, some are downright embarrassing! If you’ve become addicted to selfies, here ten tips on how to take the prefect selfie and not end up with a picture that is being shared for all the wrong reasons.

1. Check what’s behind you

We’ve all seen the selfies that have given away a secret because the person never thought to check what was in the background. The best background for a selfie is one that is nice to look at, but not so busy that it districts from the picture of you. Think about what is behind you before you take a selfie. It will make for a better picture and it could avoid an awful lot of embarrassment.

2. Take the phone cover off

Even if you have a phone cover with a hole for the camera lens, you should still remove the cover before you take a picture. Even with a hole, the edges of your phone cover will be caught by the camera and it will make the image slightly unclear.

3. Forget the duck face

The sucked in cheeks, lips pouting out, look really doesn’t work and everyone’s bored with it anyway, so ditch the duckface and look like you’re having some fun. If you want to contour your face, do it with makeup. A touch of bronzer in the right places will do the trick and it will look a lot more natural.

4. Work on the angles

Practice makes perfect with a selfie, so check out all the angles to find out which angle suites your face the best. Most people look better when their head is tilted at an angle to the camera and that’s a good way to make sure that your best features are the most visible in the picture. If you your nose slants slightly to left, for example, then a picture taken to the left of your face will balance that out.

4. Use cream based makeup

When you take a selfie, you usually have your face close to the camera lens and that means that it’s going to pick up even the smallest imperfection in your makeup. For that reason, cream based makeup will be the best type to use, because powder can settle in the creases in your skin and in any lines, whereas cream makeup blends in better and it will look a lot softer close up.

5. Get the light right

As with any photo, the light is everything with a selfie. For the best results, have the light source in front of you and shining down on your face. Too much shade and you will look down and tired, too much light and it will wash you out. Don’t use the flash, because that will cause red eye and produce a very unflattering photo.

6. Use a filter

Find the filter that works best for you and then use it. Everyone uses filters, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Different filters suit different complexions. Nashville seems to work well with fair complexions, while Valencia is better for people with darker complexions.

7. Don’t expect to get it in one shot

When you are taking a selfie for something like a profile page, take lots of shots and then you can pick the best one to publish online. Even people who publish what appears to be a really causal shot of them will have probably put a lot of effort into that shot and taken lots of different ones, before they decided on which one to put online.

8. Keep it steady

Posing, thinking about the light, and keeping your hand still is a lot to ask, but you are going to need to perfect that skill if you are to take perfect selfies. Just before you take the picture, take a deep breath, relax and then snap. Let your arm rest in between shots as well, or it will get tired and then you will get the wobbles.

9. Toss your hair before you take a selfie

A camera tends to make hair look flat, so add a bit of volume to your hair by flipping your hair over your face and then flipping it back again, just before you take the picture. If you can, it’s best if you give your hair a bit more volume than usual when you take a selfie, both on the top and at the sides.

10. Have fun!

Take your time with your selfies, have some fun and try to be creative with your poses and your locations. Try lots of different poses, because it looks so obvious when you look down someone’s timeline and see the same style of selfie over and over again.

What are your best selfie tips?

Stay happy!

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