10 New Creative And Fun Things To Add To Your Bucket List

Bucket lists were made famous in that film The Bucket List (rather appropriate title), and lots of people refer to their bucket list as the list of things they want to do before they die. Although attaching the word “DIE” on the end of a list’s title sounds a bit grim, creating a bucket list is actually really fun and life-affirming.

A bucket list is essentially your list of things that you want to do in life. It’s your way of making the most of your time on planet earth, achieving and doing the things that you know will validate your existence. Rather than sitting around each day watching repeats of Friends, you’re getting out there and getting things done.

We all need goals and lists to encourage us to do things, and without a bucket list we might not make the most of our life. If your bucket list is actually looking kinda drab at the moment and needs spicing up a bit, let’s take a look at 10 new creative and fun things you can add on there.

Spend The Day As Your Alter-Ego

One of the things none of us can ever change is our character and personality. This is just the way we are. It’s the way we are born, and the way we will remain.

For one day, however, you could do something you’ve always dreamed of doing – live your life as your alter-ego.

Be the Spiderman to your Peter Parker, the Superman to your Clarke Kent. Spend all day acting out of character, talking with a different accent, or being more brazen with total strangers.

Take A Spontaneous Road Trip

The weekend is almost here, and what have you got planned for it? Another lazy Saturday morning where you fall out of bed at noon before sitting around in your pyjamas all day until it’s time to hit the clubs?

Come on, you’ve been doing this for the past ten years. It’s time to shake things up and do something completely different. It’s time for a spontaneous road trips.

Road trips are a really cool experience. You could drive to somewhere nearby or somewhere far away. You could even enter a new state or country! The thrill of a last-minute road trip is amazing and you’ll be glad you did it.

Have A Throwback Thursday

You’ve probably seen celebrities having a Throwback Thursday on twitter, a day in which they celebrate their past by sharing an old photo of themselves.

But this is actually kinda lame. For a proper throwback thursday, why not listen to all the songs you listened to as a teenager, watch a movie you loved as a teenager and perhaps even dress like you did back in the day?

This will really make you feel nostalgic, and you might even be tempted to get in touch with your old friends, too.

Probably best if you don’t phone an ex-boyfriend, though. He’s probably married with kids and his wife won’t appreciate you reminiscing about the back seat in the cinema …

Spend A Day Free From Negative Thoughts

Okay, this one is difficult because negative thoughts somehow find their way of invading our minds when we least expect ‘em. They’re sneaky like that!

But we all need a day without pessimism, and perhaps you could plan for a day where you’re just going to be positive. To help, you could spend it dishing out compliments, doing some voluntary week, and just generally being a good person.

Spend A Night In A Haunted House

If you’re fascinated with the mysterious and have always fancied spending a night in a haunted house, what are you waiting for?!

Oh, I get it. You’re actually scared. Sorry.

But seriously, you’re missing out. Overcome your fears and spend a spooky night in a haunted house with your friends. You’ll have so much fun as you all fret over the ghostly sounds in the middle of the night. Creaking floorboards, footsteps on the staircase … goosebumps!

Play Poker

Poker has become really popular in recent years, largely thanks to the televised success of celebrities such as Jon Favreau and Dan Bilzerian (the dude with all the guns). Perhaps you’ve envied their success and always thought that “poker night” sounds so damn cool.

Well, now is your time to step up to the plate. Yup, it’s time to get out the cigars and vodka and put on your best poker face.]

Hey, you never know; this bucket list entry could wind up making you a small fortune.

Or losing you a small fortune. You never can tell with poker.

Donate Blood

Donating blood is a really honourable and humanitarian thing to do. It helps to save a life and you’ll feel a real sense of pride and achievement afterwards.

After you’ve recovered from fainting, that is.

No, we’re just joking! Donating blood is really easy, and it really does help to save someone’s life. Stick this on your bucket list to make it a more rounded list.

See The Northern Lights

A bit more expensive than donating blood this one, but seeing the norther lights (or the aurora borealis) is something everyone really should do.

You can see this divine miracle of nature in Iceland, Scotland, Norway or Finland, and it may well change your life forever. It’s basically the most peaceful, most spectacular and most perfect fireworks display you’ll ever see.

Just don’t ruin it by taking a selfie.

Go To A Classical Music Concert

Even if you don’t like classical music, you should definitely try and experience the classical music concert at least once in life.

Beautiful, harmonious and majestic, classical music concerts are really quite wonderful. You might even get carried away and start dreaming.

Volunteer In A 3rd World Country

We’re going to end on a humanitarian note, and suggest that you volunteer in a third world country. This will be a really rewarding experience in which you give something back to the world. You’ll make new friends, and perhaps even change someone’s life.

Stay happy!

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