10 Funny New Year’s resolutions to keep 2016 fun and interesting

New Year’s resolutions can be so boring, can’t they? Lose weight, get fit, eat healthy food; where’s the fun in that? Those are the types of things that we should be doing anyway, not leaving until the New Year. So, let’s make some resolutions that we are actually likely to keep and that will make a difference. Here are ten fun resolutions that some people really ought to be making.

1. Fill your gas tank regularly

Why do so many of us run down the gas tank until we are running on fumes? We seem to like the excitement of running on empty and wondering whether or not we are going to make it to the next gas station. Don’t wait for the red light on the dashboard, fill up your car every week and fill it up full. You’ll still use exactly the same amount of gas overall.

2. Stop sending text messages to the person in the next room

Make yourself a New Year’s promise that you will never send a text when you could actually get up and talk to a person. Stop sending pointless texts too, like ‘are you here yet’? If they were there, you would see them, if they aren’t, then you won’t.

3. Buy a plant and, this time, let it live

The next time you buy a house plant, don’t just leave it in a corner to die. Make it a New Year’s resolution that you will water it, care for it and give it at least a fair chance of life. You wouldn’t have a pet and leave it hungry and thirsty, so don’t leave plants to wither and die. They make the house look more like a home and they improve the air, so give something back to your plants this year.

4. Stop pulling strange faces on selfies

To all you people who think that looking like a duck, is a must for a selfie; give the world a break and just smile for a change! Start the New Year the way you mean to go on and, at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, send a selfie where you look almost normal.

5. Never, ever, answer your phone one the bathroom again.

You can’t hide it; the echo in a bathroom always gives the game away, so make a pledge that you will never answer your phone when you are in the bathroom again. It doesn’t matter if all you are doing is powdering your nose, the other person doesn’t know that, and nor will they believe you, even if you tell them. The images that a bathroom telephone conversation strikes in one’s head are not always flattering, so wait until you have finished, and then call them back.

6. Stop picking your nose when you think no one is looking

It’s gross whenever you do it, so get a handkerchief and blow your nose like your mother taught you to do. If that’s too much of a difficult New Year’s resolution to stick to, then at least, stop doing it in the car. Remember, the other motorists are as bored as you are and they are probably watching your excavations.

7. Come up with some better excuses for staying off work

No one’s going to believe that your great aunt has died, again, so get more creative with excuses and be a little less obvious. Everyone has those mornings when they just can’t get out of bed, but your boss knows that too. They will have heard them all before, so you really should make a point of trying to come up with something new.

8. Stop blaming other people for your own flatulence

Stop blaming the dog, or poor old granny sat in the corner, for your own accidental explosions of gas. Either keep calm and ignore it, or own up and say excuse me. No one believes that you don’t do it, because everyone does, but blaming it on an innocent person isn’t fair at all and granny has enough problems of her own to contend with, without having to take the blame for your little outbursts.

9. Stop walking down the street with your head buried in your phone

The world is actually quite an interesting place, if you look up from your phone long enough to see it. Go on, you can do it, put the phone in your pocket while you are walking. You might see something interesting, and the rest of the world won’t have to keep dodging out of your way.

10. Stop making New Year’s resolutions you aren’t going to keep

If all else fails and you can’t keep to any other resolutions, then stop making the resolutions! That should be an easy one to keep.

Stay happy!

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