10 Funny birthday gifts for him

Are you looking for something special and a bit different for a birthday present for him this year? Well, our tireless researchers have been trawling the internet for some of the funniest and weirdest birthday presents for men that they could find and here are out top ten funny birthday gifts for him:

1. Potty Putter

Funny birthday gifts for him-Potty Putter


If your man is into his golf, then this could be the gift for him. Yes, it’s all you need to practice your putting, while sitting on the toilet. You get a flag to aim for, a plastic gold club, two golf balls and a ‘do not disturb’ sign to hang on the door. Hours of fun for the man in your life!

2. Willy exerciser

Funny birthday gifts for him-Willy exerciser


Another one of funny birthday gifts for him is willy exerciser. Mini dumbbell’s for the most important muscle in his body. The advert says that the equipment is lightweight and portable, so he can work out anytime, anywhere!

3. Electric shock pen

Funny birthday gifts for him-Electric shock pen


Does he keep on complaining that people steal his pens at work? Then get him an electric shock pen and he won’t lose that one. As soon as the sneak thief tries to use the pen, they will get a short, sharp shock, to make them think twice about doing that again.

4. THE BOSS mug

Funny birthday gifts for him-THE BOSS mug


Stroke his ego and boost his self confidence by giving him THE BOSS mug; so that every morning when he enjoys his fresh coffee, he will feel good about himself!

5. Money toilet rolls

Funny birthday gifts for him-Money toilet rolls


If you want to remind him how much money he wastes, then how about some dollar bill toilet roll. Now he can really flush his money down the toilet.

6. Adult size Space Hopper

Funny birthday gifts for him-Adult size Space Hopper


Give him a blast from the past with a real, yellow space hopper, just like they used to make them. Even better, buy two and then you can have a race in the garden too. If nothing else, it will probably give something to put up on YouTube when he has first embarrassing accident on it.

7. Six pack beer belt

Funny birthday gifts for him-Six pack beer belt


Six pack beer belt is another one of funny birthday gift for him ideas, the prefect ‘mancessory’ for the beer loving man. It’s a fun and easy to wear beer belt that he can carry fit six cans of beer in for quick and easy access. Great for summer barbecues and it leaves his hands free to look after the burgers.

8. The impossible puzzle

Funny birthday gifts for him-The impossible puzzle


This is a jigsaw to beat all jigsaws and it will keep him quiet for hours. It’s a very complicated puzzle featuring very creative and beautiful work of a talented artist. It will be great fun watching him lose his patience with this one.

9. Thirst aid beer hat

Funny birthday gifts for him-Thirst aid beer hat


Another great aid for beer drinkers is a thirst aid beer hat. Look, no hands, the hat can hold a beer can on each side and it has a handy straw to drink from. A great hands free aid for parties.

10. Comedy sound effects machine

Funny birthday gifts for him-Funny birthday gifts for him


From a round of applause to the inevitable sound of breaking wind, this comedy sound effects machine has sixteen pre-set sound effects that you can release at the press of a button. It will amuse him for a while, anyway!

Do you have some other funny birthday gift for him ideas?

Stay happy!

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