10 Fun things to do on the weekend

What will you be doing this weekend? The same as you did last weekend? It’s easy to get into a boring routine on your days off, but if you do nothing, the weekend will rush by and, before you know it, it will be time to go back to work again. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to put some fun into your weekends and there are so many things to do that you could be trying something new every single week. If you are looking for ways to put some excitement back into your Saturdays and Sundays, here are ten fun things for you to do on the weekends.

1. Test drive the car of your dreams

Most people have a dream car they would love to own, but if that dream car is out of your reach at the moment, you could still see if you could arrange a test drive. If it’s a really expensive car, you have to blag your way to a test drive, but if you have the front to pull it off, you could be driving your dream car this weekend.

2. Do some volunteering work

Volunteering can be a lot more fun than you might have thought. You could help on an archaeological dig, do some work on a city farm, or help out at an animal rescue centre. Charities of all kinds are always looking for volunteers, it could be a great way to indulge in your passion and do some good at the same time.

3. Go to the theatre

You don’t have to trek into the big city to see a live performance, check out what is in at your local provincial theatre. Most provincial theatres stage an amazing variety of different kinds of shows. You might find classical music, plays, opera, stand-up comics, and popular music artists. Even some of the amateur productions can be really entertaining and very well staged.

4. Catch up with an old friend

Instead of just communicating with old friends via Facebook, make a date and go and visit them. We all have old friends that we have lost touch with, or who moved out of town, so give them a call and arrange to meet up for a drink. It will be great fun reminiscing and catching up what you have both been up to.

5. Visit a museum or a gallery

Take a trip to your local museum, or go and visit one of the major city museums or galleries. A lot of museums and galleries are free to enter and they will provide you with hours of entertainment. If you have kids, they will love it too. And they will learn from the visit. Don’t forget your local town museum either, you might find out some fascinating facts about your home town there.

6. Invite your neighbours to dinner

Have you ever really sat down to talk with the people who live next door? We are all so busy racing around these days, many people don’t even know who the neighbours are that they have lived next door to for years. Be the first to get a bit of community spirit going in your neighbourhood, and invite some of the neighbours around for dinner, or for drinks.

7. Get creative

How about letting your artistic side out at the weekends? You could try your hand at pottery, painting, making your own jewellery, or perhaps try making a start in writing that book you always thought you had in you. One of the best ways to make the weekends really special is to do something that is completely different from what you do during the week. If you spend all week in an office, then getting your hands messy, making something, could be just the break you need from your working days.

8. Go to a theme park

You are never too old to have fun, so go visit a theme park for the day. Take the scary rides and just have fun like you were a kid again. You’ll get a whole day’s entertainment and it will make a real break from your normal day and the chores.

9. Go on a camping weekend (if it’s not too cold outside where you live)

If you really want to get back to nature then, how about a couple of nights under canvas on a camping weekend? It’s great fun cooking and eating outdoors and it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable as you might think.

10. Make some plans

The weekend could be the time for making some plans. We don’t mean planning out your Monday, or even planning out your next week at work, we mean mapping out the rest of your life. Sit down or your own, or with your partner, and work out where it is you want to go from here. On Monday, you can start putting that plan into action.

Do you have other ideas of fun things to do on the weekend?

Stay happy!

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