100 Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday

“It’s your birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday!”

So said Fifty Cent, a prominent American rapper, lyricist and all-round good guy who knows exactly how to have fun on his birthday.

Okay, we’ll stop singing the 50 Cent song (for now).

But it’s your birthday which leads us to one question: How are you gonna celebrate it?

It’s a question you’ve been asking yourself. Whether it’s a special milestone birthday this year (18th, 21st, 30th, 40th), or whether it’s just an “ordinary number” birthday, you deserve to celebrate it in style. But how?

In case you look for any creative ideas, and in case you’re worried that you’re going to spend your birthday exactly how you’ve spent it for the last few years, let’s take a look at over 100 awesomely fun ideas of things to do for your birthday. Woop!

If you’re bored of the usual drinks followed by a club and want to do something different this year, Beauty and Tips have got you covered with our bumper 100+ creative ways to celebrate your birthday. These will include massive celebrations that include all your friends to more modest ways you can celebrate reaching a new age.

We have divided our birthday celebration ideas on categories, so that our over 100 tips can fit every mood, age and number. Let’s begin…

Reflective Stuff

Because birthdays are for reflecting BEFORE partying, right?

Write A Letter To Yourself In Ten Years


How do you feel about reaching a new age? Do you feel great? Or do you feel a bit flat?

Where do you want to be in ten years time? Do you feel as though you’re on the “right track” or have you got a little bit lost?

Pen a letter to yourself in ten years time. Write down where you plan to be – what your dreams and goals are. Will you be married, have kids, own a house? Will you be financially secure?

Also, write down some advice you’d like to give to your ten-years-older self. How should they be living their life?

This is an amazingly reflective way to spend your birthday and it could also prove pretty revelatory in the sense that it allows you to outline and plan where you’re going to go next. This birthday could be THE defining birthday in your life.

Write Down Your Accomplishments Over the Last Twelve Months


We don’t know about you, but Beauty and Tips loves to celebrate our wins in life, which is why we think it’s a fab idea to spend some time on your birthday writing down a list of all the things you’ve accomplished since your last birthday.

Don’t worry if you think you haven’t accomplished anything; most people who think this way are super surprised when they look back over the last year and realise they did a LOT of awesome stuff.

Spend some time going over the last twelve months. Highlight the big wins and the small ones. Writing this list will make you smile and you’ll be really excited to see what the next 12 months have in store for you.

Spend Some Time Being Grateful


Something else that we talk about often in our articles at Beauty and Tips is the importance of gratitude.

Being grateful is amazing. When you practise gratitude, you realise how awesome your life actually is. It puts you in such a good mood.

Whether we’re grateful for our health, our friends and family, or even things like the fact that we can watch the latest episode of our favourite TV show tonight, there’s always something to be grateful for.

Spend the first few minutes of your birthday practising gratitude. It will set the tone for the rest of your birthday, ensuring that you take nothing for granted. It will also mean that you start to feel less anxious about getting older and grateful for the fact that you’ve made it this far.

Make a Bucket List


If you don’t have a bucket list, now’s the perfect time to make one.

A bucket list is a list of things we want to do before we die. A typical list will include easily achievable goals, such as spending a day volunteering, as well as harder ones, such as changing someones life in some way.

If you plan to spend your day by yourself and want to keep things low key, making your bucket list is a good idea. Pour yourself some coffee and see what you can come up with.

Before you know it, you’ll have lots of exciting new goals to work towards.

And who knows? You might even be able to cross one off that very day!

Write Thank You Letters


Happy that you made it through another year? Feeling grateful that you managed to make it this far? Want to thank those who have been by your side and helped you out?

Put some time aside on your birthday to write thank you letters to those who deserve it. This is a modest but excellent way to celebrate your birthday. It will remind you that the world is a wonderful place full of great people, and it will make you feel good.

Moreover, we, at Beauty and Tips, firmly believe that more of us should be thankful on our birthday. Shouldn’t we be appreciative of the fact that we’ve made it this far?

Plan the Rest of Your Year


You’ve done well to make it this far. But what happens next?

Spend some time on your birthday reflecting on how far you’ve come already, but also spend some time planning the rest of your year.

Many of us never do this, usually because we just don’t have the time. And what inevitably happens is that things tend to happen to us without us having any control over them.

Set some time aside for goal setting on your birthday. What small and bigger goals do you want to achieve this year? And how will you set about achieving them?

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Whether you’re turning 21, 25, 30, 40 or even 70, your life will be rich in memories. There’ll be a school you went to, a college you graduated from; there’ll be a street corner where you kissed your crush, a bar you had your first drink at.

Spend your birthday walking down memory lane. Visit your old school and soak up the memories. Check out the skateboard park where you used to hang out as a solemn teenager. Walk past the house you grew up in (if you’re feeling extra brave, you could even ring the bell and ask anyone who lives there at the moment if you could pop in for a coffee). Go see if your first boyfriend still lives at home with his mom!

This is a rather magical way to spend your birthday, but be warned – there could be tears as you remember how innocent life used to be!

Extreme Activities


Now let’s look at some extreme activities and ideas on how to celebrate your birthday in some unusual ways. How’s your nerve, hah?!

Jump Out of a Plane

If the thought of jumping out of a plane doesn’t bother you in the slightest, surely this is one of the most exciting ways to spend your birthday!

Not everyone is going to want to do this, but if you’ve always wanted to jump out of a plane and have a friend who’s willing to do it with you, this is a birthday memory that will stick with you forever.

Go Rock Climbing


If you’re a bit of an adventurer and love to rock climb but literally never get the chance anymore, why not use your birthday as the perfect excuse to call up your fellow adventurer friends and say, “Hey! It’s been AGES since we last went rock climbing. What’s say we head out on an adventure on my birthday?”

It’s important that you only take experienced friends along, otherwise you could be spending half your time teaching someone the tricks of the trade when all you really want to do is have some fun.

So pack your gear, pack your food, find some rocks and go and do some climbing, girl!

Drive a Super Car


Always wanted to drive a super car, such as a Lamborghini or a Ferrari?

Who hasn’t?!

If this has long been a dream of yours, but you’re unfortunately stuck with your humble Nissan Micra, your birthday is your chance to drive the hyper of your dreams?


Steal one!


All you need to do is take yourself down to a track day and drive a super car for an hour or two.

These events are offered in any country, so you should be able to find one that’s not too far away from you.

Get a friend to go along and film you driving the car. It’ll be an awesome, exhilarating experience that you’ll never forget!

Social Stuff

If we must be social and see people, we may as well do it on our birthday!

Get Outside


Before you do anything else, you must consider getting outside. Sitting around the house all day watching box sets and Netflix is all fine and dandy any other day of the year. But this is your birthday! It’s time to escape dreary monotony and familiarity by heading outdoors and seeking some fun.

Outside, adventure awaits you on your birthday. You could have a picnic, hit a beer garden, head to a festival, or have a walk with some ice cream. Even if it’s raining, there are lots of things you can do. You could visit a local museum, take in an art gallery, or just head to a bar or coffee shop with some friends.

Go Away For The Weekend With Your Besties


Who says a birthday has to be limited to just one day?

At Beauty and Tips, we’re all for extending a birthday into one long weekend – or even longer.

A weekend getaway with all your besties could be hard to plan, but if you can all get the weekend off work and it makes sense financially, why not?

You could book a hotel locally or further afield – or you could even go on a short trip abroad if the logistics fall into place.

Alternatively, you could …

Indulge In Some Retail Therapy


Retail therapy was invented for two reasons:

1) To help you recover from a bad day of the blues;

2) Because it’s your birthday!

Any other time of the year and we can forgive you for being a little bit economical with your cash. But as it’s your birthday and you’re (hopefully) armed with lots of birthday money, we urge you to hit the shops and treat yourself.

Go Camping


If you love the great outdoors, we can’t think of many better ways to spend your birthday than by camping with your friends.

Celebrating your birthday underneath a blanket of sparkling skies in the company of your friends? Sounds ace! Don’t forget to pack some great food and drink, instruments (campfire sing song anyone?), plus make sure to plan some fun daytime and nighttime activities to keep everyone entertained.

Whether you stay in a hotel for your birthday weekend or go camping, you’ll need to let your friends know about your plans a good few weeks in advance. This will ensure that as many as possible are able to book you into their diaries. Leave it too late to announce your plans and you might find that everyone is busy.

Let’s just hope Bigfoot isn’t real and that he doesn’t ambush your birthday. Now, THAT would make for a birthday you’ll never forget!

Party with Strangers


No, we’re not suggesting that you should grab random people off the street and invite them back to your place for a party (although you could do that).

But a great idea we had was that you and a few friends could spend your birthday partying with people who haven’t partied for a very long time.

For example, you could hold a party for kids at a local orphanage or adults at a local homeless shelter.

OR, if you have a relative who’s currently living in a retirement home, you could throw a party for them and the people they know.

It might be your birthday, but by spreading the joy like this, you’re making it even more awesome.

Host a Tea Party!


Some people say that birthdays were made for prosecco and gin.

Some, however, say that birthdays are the perfect time to host a tea party.

This means tea, scones, jam, sandwiches and the like. AWESOME.

If you happen to love tea and cake and have friends and family who also love it, you could host a chilled tea party for your birthday.

Boys not allowed, of course.

Have A Normal Party


Fifty Cent would definitely be having a party if it was his birthday, so why not take a leaf out of the big man’s book and host your very own birthday party?

Normally, it can be tricky getting your friends together for one evening of fun shenanigans. Everyone is just so busy and their schedules means that it is often difficult to get all your friends round on the same night. But when it’s your birthday, they have no excuses; they have to be there. So get inviting them!

Arrange a Sleepover


Are you too old for a sleepover? Totally not!

Remember when you were a kid? Sleepovers were the best things ever. They were magical. Instead of having to say goodnight to your friend super early at 6pm, you got to spend the whole night with them. You’d play games, talk about boys you like, watch scary movies, enjoy a midnight snack and annoy your parents for talking too loudly at 1am.

While you can never recreate one of those awesome sleepovers, you can still get your best friends over for a marathon sleepover session.

All you need are duvets, movies, box sets, takeaway food and wine. It’s an adult version of sleepover and once again there are no boys.

But hey, you can still talk about the cute boys you fancy.

Go Roller Skating


Got some skates? Love to roller skate?

As long as you’re not so rubbish that you would literally fall over right away (or roller skate into an old person by mistake) going roller skating for your birthday could literally be the best idea yet.


Go to a Comedy Show


You know what? Birthdays are meant to be funny, aren’t they? They’re meant to be full of laughs and good times.

And what better way to guarantee laughter than by going to a comedy show?

Comedy shows are ace because you always know someone funny is going to come onstage and entertain you. It’s a great way to spend your birthday evening! Some drinks, a few friends and plenty of laughs.

Top tip: Don’t make the mistake of wearing a badge that tells the comedians it’s your birthday. You WILL get picked on!

Go on a Date


If you’re single and ready to mingle, why not go on a date on your birthday?!

It’s probably not a good idea to tell your date that it’s your birthday (unless you guys have been talking a LOT and this has been built up). But if you literally have no other plans and there’s a guy you’ve been talking to for a while now, setting up a date for your birthday could be a really romantic way of spending your evening.

It could end with a kiss, too – which would be an AWESOME way to crown your special day.

Go to the Casino


This one should come with a warning because you could actually lose ALL your birthday money, and Beauty and Tips wouldn’t want to be responsible for that.

If you’re okay with that possibility, hitting the casino could be a mega fun way of spending your special day.

Gather some friends together, grab that birthday money, have a few drinks and gatecrash the casino. There are lots of games to try your hand at, from Poker to Craps, to Blackjack to Roulette.

To make sure you don’t get burned, it’s a good idea to learn the rules first, of course.

Throw a Massive Party


If you haven’t had a blowout for a while and desperately feel in need of one, your birthday is the perfect excuse to throw a massive party at your house.

For this one, you’re going to message EVERYONE (well, all the cool people at least).

Want to get the old gang back together for a party like old times? This is your chance!

Create a group for it on Facebook and get organising it. You could hold it in your house or you could rent a room for it. Either way, be prepared to go crazy.

Go Bowling


If you’d rather keep it a bit more low key on your birthday and don’t feel like throwing a wild party but still want to do something fun, why not go bowling?

Ten pin bowling is an ace way to spend your birthday in the company of people you love the most. Even if you’re rubbish at it, it’s still fun (and it’s always super fun watching really competitive people play bowling!).

Plus, you can also go for food and drinks, too.

Everyone loves bowling, even your poet friend who tries to pretend that she doesn’t do “fun”. Once they bowl their first ball, everyone will be hooked – and everyone will have a whale of a time.

And because it’s your birthday, you don’t have to be shy about requesting that the side rails/bumpers stay up!

Go on a Ghost Tour

If you’re into the darker, edgier side of life, you might be more at home celebrating your birthday with a ghost tour rather than a picnic.

There is usually a ghost tour taking place in most towns and cities. Find one that you love the sound of, grab some friends and family who’d be into this, and let them know you’re all gonna get spooked on your birthday.

Partying with humans on our birthday is okay – but partying with ghosts? That’s on another level!

Go for a Picnic


Wanna do something different than going to a restaurant for a meal? Go for a picnic instead!

A picnic is more low key than a full-on meal, but it many ways it’s a lot more fun. You get to take as much food and drink as you want, and you get to sit in the great outdoors with the sun shining on your face (provided it’s sunny). It’s just you, your friends, great food and drink and great times.

You can take some board games along with you too. Just make sure that you choose an excellent spot and pray for great weather.

Host a Barbecue


If the weather is going to be amazing on your birthday, why wouldn’t you host an evening barbecue?

A barbecue is a great way to get your family and friends together to celebrate you entering a new chapter in your life. There’ll be sunshine (hopefully), laughter, great food, great drinks, great smells and fab times.

Don’t forget to let folk know as soon as possible what you’re planning, and don’t forget to include a few vegetarian options, too!

Sing on Karaoke

Do you love karaoke but your friends don’t? We know the problem you face all the time: It’s Friday night and you want to go on karaoke.

Your friends? “Nooo. I don’t do karaoke.”


You just want some fun but they won’t sing with you!

Since it’s your birthday, you get to decide what you and your friends are going to do for the night. If you want to go to a karaoke bar, everyone has to suck it up and go with you!

A birthday is the perfect excuse for a night on the karaoke. Have a few drinks, pick your fav songs and then sing your heart out!

See an Old Friend


Got a friend you haven’t seen for years but would dearly love to hang out with again? If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and reflective this year, it might be a good idea to call up an old friend and see if they want to hang out on your birthday.

You can chat to them about old times and reminisce about all the things you did together. Maybe your friend will trigger happy memories you’d totally forgotten about, too. Catch up, find out where they’re up to in life now and share your own stories with them.

Seeing an old friend really can make us feel all warm inside, and it’s a fab way to spend a birthday.

Visit Family

Especially if you’re young, the chances are that you usually spend your birthday getting wasted with your friends. You see your family for a little while in the morning perhaps, but then spend the rest of your day preparing for a massive night out.

If you’ve got family who rarely see you – or who you rarely see on your birthday at least – why not spend the whole day with them this year instead?

Family is important – it should be number one in all our lives. Go see your family this year and remember how much they mean to you. Enjoy a meal together, have some drinks and some good times.

Have a Board Games Night


If you love board games, there probably isn’t a better way to spend your birthday than by playing board games, right?

Board games are fun and if you invite the right people and get suitably drunk, a board games night could be the best birthday you’ll ever have.

Arrange a Pool Party


If you have the ability to arrange a pool party, we have only one question: CAN WE COME?!

Pool parties are probably the coolest and best way to celebrate your birthday. Forget everything else we’ve listed so far, if you can afford to throw a pool party and the weather is going to be awesome, this is how you should be celebrating your birthday.

Find a pool, invite all the cool people you know (including us), and then jump in the azure waters and have an absolute BLAST.

Don’t forget the music and cocktails (and don’t forget us).

Theme Park

If you love roller coasters and the shot of adrenaline they give you … we bet you can’t believe you didn’t think of this idea yourself!

Theme parks = fun.

Theme parks on your birthday? Double the fun.

For many, hitting a theme park is the ultimate fun thing to do and the BEST way to spend one’s birthday. All you need to do is gather together some friends and go and pound the rides.

Make sure the weather is gonna be awesome first, though. Theme parks are a bit rubbish when the weather is rubbish, boo!

Adventurous Stuff

Take a walk on the wild side for your birthday…

Explore Somewhere New


Bored of your familiar surroundings? Want to get out of your house and your city? Then one of fun things to do for your birthday is to explore someplace new.

Exploring is a fantastic thing to do any time of the year, but it’s something you can definitely do on your birthday, because you’ll have the time. Pick a town, city or even a countryside, a valley – or even a mountain. Get out there and explore, discover new things and perhaps even camp out or book a room in a hotel.

Road Trip, Baby!


The road trip is the ultimate rite of passage for any young person.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter how old you’re going to be next, anyone can have a road trip. It’s never too late.

Road trips are fun. They’re special trips with special people that create very special memories. The problem is that it’s usually hard to plan a road trip. Everyone’s in work and can’t really take the time off.

Which is why your birthday is the PERFECT excuse to hit the road.

Plan it. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go by car with one or two friend. Book any hotels/hostels for the journey. Pack all your essentials.

Hey, hire a convertible if you’re flush enough. You only live once, and this is your chance to celebrate the birthday of a lifetime with the road trip of a lifetime.

Go Hiking

If you’re the adventurous type who loves to spend time in the great outdoors, gather one or two friends together and go hiking.

If no one is willing to go with you? Hey, don’t let that stop you – go walking by yourself!

Hiking is a great way to spend your birthday. You get to appreciate nature, you get treated to some stunning views, and it’s a great way to get away from the humdrum of normal life for a while.

Plus, once the epic hike is over you’ll feel seriously accomplished – and there’ll be a pub meal waiting for you at the end of it all.


Visit a New City


Bored of always spending your birthday in the same city? Then why not try somewhere different this year?

A great way to celebrate your birthday is by visiting a different city. New surroundings and new things to do and explore … nothing beats it!

Don’t stick to cities in your own country if you don’t have to; grab a plane and fly out to somewhere new.

This is a great way to make your birthday this year memorable. There are so many amazing cities to choose from, too. Whether you want a bit of culture on your birthday, or whether you want lots of sunshine and a beach, there’s a city out there just waiting to celebrate your birthday with you in style.

Do Something Totally Brand New

Fed up of doing the same things all the time? Your birthday is your chance to do something brand new!

What have you always wanted to do but never got round to doing before? Now’s your chance to break free from the humdrum of daily life and celebrate your birthday by doing something that’s totally new to you.

Be a Tourist In Your Own City

How well do you even know your own city? No matter how long some of us have lived in a city, we often still don’t know it that well.

Because we’re in work all day throughout the week and otherwise occupied with other things, actually taking the time to explore the city we call home gets put on the back foot. As a result, we don’t know the city all that well.

For all you know, there could be lots of great things about your city that you’re missing out on. Spend your birthday exploring it. Seek out hidden coffee shops and eateries that you never even knew existed. Take a walk down backstreets and alleyways and see where you end up. Immerse yourself in the city and its people; talk to strangers, make new friends.

You’ll have an absolute ball, we promise you!

Take to the Road By Yourself and Sleep In Your Car!

Road trips with friends are pretty amazing things, we won’t lie. A road trip with friends is one of the best ways you can spend your birthday, especially if you’re a naturally social person.

However, if you want some “me time” this year but still want to hit the road … you can totally do it all by yourself.

A lone road trip gives you the chance to ponder your life and how far you’ve come. Take a trip down memory lane and visit places from your past, or drive somewhere you’ve never been to before.

Don’t stop when it gets dark; keep going, immerse yourself in this solitary trip and sleep in your car. Create memories, film your mini adventure on your phone and break free from the confines of the city. This is one birthday you’ll never forget.

Swim With Dolphins


If you love animals but don’t have a dog that you can spend time with, or if you want to do something a bit more exciting than take your dog for a walk (let’s just hope they’re not reading this!), why not go and swim with dolphins on your birthday?

Swimming with dolphins is an amazing experience that most people only get to do once in their lives. Dolphins are exceptionally friendly and compliant animals you can trust and who, more importantly, trust you.

There are lots of tourist attractions that let you swim with dolphins. Find one and go ahead and do it!

Let’s just hope it’s sunny, too!

“Me Time”


For the girl who needs to get away from it all.

Your birthday is the one day of the year where being pampered can be justified. So instead of preparing your own meal, another one of great things to do for your birthday is to dine out at a classy restaurant and have others wait on you hand and foot? You deserve it!

Dining out on your birthday is extra special, and you don’t even feel so bad for ordering more expensive dishes. Moreover, because it’s your birthday you’re also allowed to drink a bit more wine! (You can also have two deserts. It’s the rule).

Go To A Spa

Girl, a birthday isn’t much of a birthday if you can’t treat yourself to some indulgence. If you fancy spending your birthday alone this time, why not visit a spa for some serious pampering and me-time?

Don’t wanna spend the day alone? Invite a friend to visit a spa with you!

Especially if you’re not what you’d call young anymore, going to a spa for your birthday is a great way to relax and reflect on all that you’ve achieved in life. You’ve made it this far and don’t fabulously so far, so why not take the day off to just chill in the best way possible?

Spend the Day Listening To All Your Favourite Music


Don’t fancy going to a concert? Don’t fancy making a huge deal out of your birthday but would rather spend it mostly alone?

Then why not create a playlist a few days before of all your favourite songs and spend your entire birthday listening to it!

We personally think this is an AWESOME way to celebrate any birthday. It’s just you, your tunes and some dancing.

To make it extra special, pick tunes that remind you of years gone by. Take a trip back in time as you celebrate how far you’ve come in life, and the great music that has accompanied you along the way. Think of it as a sort of soundtrack of your life. Amazing.

Have A Lie In

It’s your birthday so you’re gonna party like it’s your birthday. To make sure that you have enough stamina to keep partying ‘till late, it’s probably a good idea that you stay in bed a bit longer than usual and have a lie in.

Forget waking up early and opening all your presents. Hey, open them in bed, girl!

Snooze later than usual. Enjoy the chill time. Don’t rush. This is your one day to indulge yourself without feeling guilty. Take it easy and stay in bed for an extra hour or two. Enjoy it and make the most of this opportunity!

Do Something That’s Going To Make You Feel Proud

There’s a song by the British band M People singer Heather Small called Proud, and it has the line “what have you done today to make you feel proud?”

It’s a question that many of us rarely ask ourselves. If we did, we might find that the answer is “nothing.”

This answer should act as a wake-up call that gets us to do more things that make us feel gosh darn proud of ourselves.

If you feel like it, do something on your birthday that’s going to make you feel proud of yourself. This could be something that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, such as hiking up a mountain, or it could be something that you know you should do but always stopped yourself from doing, such as forgiving a friend.

Take The Day Off Work

It’s really hard to enjoy your birthday if you have to go to work. That’s just boring. Even if you do have plans for after you finish work, being stuck in the office all day is a humdrum affair that takes the shine off things. Moreover, it can leave you feeling tired and exhausted.

So whatever your job and situation, and whether you work for someone or whether you’re a freelancer, you absolutely must take the day off work to enjoy your birthday to the max. In this way, you’ve got an entire day to yourself to enjoy and make the most of.

Take The Whole Day Off From Everything


When people take the day off for their birthday, they usually just take the day off work. So that you celebrate your birthday properly, you need to take the day off from everything.

What do we mean by this?

Don’t check your emails.

Don’t reply to low priority clients.

Hey, don’t even check Facebook.

Don’t watch the news.

The last thing you want to do is run the risk of being distracted by something negative on your birthday. You don’t want to converse to that client who is always harassing you. You don’t want to hear your friend’s latest drama on your birthday of all days.

And why would you want to read about another truly awful news story on your birthday? Avoid all this kind of stuff and instead have the best day you can!

Spend the Night in a Posh Hotel


Why would you spend a night in a posh hotel?

There’s only one obvious answer here: Because you can!

It’s your birthday and you deserve a break. If you’ve never stayed at a posh hotel but always wanted to, now’s your chance.

Treat yourself for the night to a five star hotel with a doorman, a swanky room, an AMAZING bed and a great restaurant.

Head out and explore the city. Indulge in a bubble bath when you return.

If you’re in a relationship, spend the night in a hotel with your partner. If you’re single? There’s no reason you can’t do this all by yourself!

Because let’s face it, spending our birthday in our own bed is kinda lame!

Get a New Hairstyle

Have you been stuck with the same old hairstyle for way too long now? Have you been wanting to change it for ages but just never got round to it?

Well, now’s your chance. It’s your birthday, which means you’re going to treat yourself to a brand new hairstyle that makes you feel young and amazing once again.

Give yourself a refresh. You don’t need to go completely crazy and get a style that makes people think you’re having a midlife crisis; just ask the stylist to give you a style they think would be perfect for your face.

A new hairstyle will make you feel good and confident. And if you’re going out that night? It’s the perfect time to flaunt the brand new you.

Buy Yourself a Gift!


It’s great that people buy us gifts, of course it is.

The problem is that they don’t know us as well as we know ourselves.

“Oh, you got me some socks. Again. How … sweet of you. I’m addicted to socks, it’s true,” we say.

It’s a total lie, of course.

If there’s something you really want but you know no one is going to buy it for you, why not buy it yourself this year?

Save up and wait until your birthday to treat yourself to something awesome that you know you totally want.

Spend the Whole Day at the Cinema

That’s right – you’re not going to be a newbie who watches just one movie at the cinema. Instead, you’re going to be a pro who spends who ENTIRE day at the cinema.

Why? Because it’s your birthday and you’re winning.

If you’re a proper cinema buff and there are a few movies being shown at the cinema at the moment, don’t let society tell you that you can’t spend your whole day watching movie after movie.

Buy the tickets, the popcorn, the candy and the drinks and watch as many movies as you want.

If someone wants to come along for the ride? Let ‘em.

But they’ve gotta buy you popcorn.

Hey, it is your birthday.

Try a New Recipe


If you happen to love cooking and don’t mind spending your day in the kitchen, why not try a new recipe? This could be anything you haven’t tried before – it could even be new cuisine that you aren’t accustomed to.

If you’re feeling brave, why not cook for your friends and family?

“Girl, you shouldn’t be cooking for us, it’s your birthday!” they’ll say.

Sure, but you happen to LOVE cooking (and their cooking is rubbish LOL).

Have a TV Box Set Marathon

Don’t fancy heading out to the cinema? Can’t really afford to spend so much money on movies in one day?

Then why not sit yourself in front of the TV all day with lots of snacks and box sets?

You don’t even need box sets if you have Netflix. All you need is comfy clothes, the right position and snacks to hand.

As the day/evening wears on, call a takeaway to keep your belly nice and full and literally don’t do any chores. It’s just you and your fav TV shows today.

Make Some Art


What we’ve noticed is that, as people get older, they get more creative.

Many people turn to producing art or crafts. We’ve all got a painting in us, but this is something we don’t realise until we get older.

The problem is that, as we get older, our time becomes more and more limited. We simply don’t have the time to produce as much art as we’d like.

If this is the case for you, why not set some time aside on your birthday so that you can create some art?

Creating art has a calming effect on people and could be the ideal way to spend your birthday if you’re tired of partying and ruining your liver.

Buy yourself a canvas and some paints, lock yourself away from the world and see what you can come up with. This could be an incredible way to spend your birthday.

Watch the Sunrise

If you’re into nature and all that jazz, why not get up mega early and go and watch the sunrise on your birthday?

This is a pretty momentous occasion – it isn’t just any old sunrise, it’s your birthday’s sunrise.

Watching the sunrise on your birthday is a humbling but also unique experience. It can remind you of your place in the cosmos and how lucky you are to have even been born in the first place.

Many of us are usually too busy to watch the sunrise. Make your birthday the one time you get to watch this awesome spectacle and get your day off to a bright start.

Watch the Sunset!


The thing with watching the sunrise is that it’s probably going to be a solitary experience. Indeed, you’ll find it very hard to get someone to get up super early on your birthday to go and watch the sunrise with you!

The sunset, on the other hand? You could totally get a group of friends together who want to end their day with you as the burning sun sets on your birthday. You could take some beers, some food and head out to a secluded spot.

Of course, you don’t have to watch it with friends. You could instead watch the sunset on your own and count your blessings that you’re here, alive and well to partake in such an amazing natural experience.

Why not use this as an opportunity to be grateful, too? Maybe you could give thanks to the sun and the universe while planning your next year.

Turn off All Electronics

It’s a major sign of the times when one of our ideas for how you should spend your birthday is to turn of all electronics!

But it’s true – in 2018, we have an obsession with always being switched on. We’re constantly on Facebook, uploading to Instagram and checking our emails and texts.

What if you could have one day where you escape all electronics? How amazing would that be? You could make that one day your birthday.

Try it. Spend the whole day being present without the need to check your social media accounts. By the end of the day, you’ll probably find that you feel way less stressed and anxious than usual. You won’t know who’s got stuck in traffic, and neither will you care. And why would you? It’s your birthday!

Write a Song

Screw it – you’ve always wanted to write a song, and now’s your chance to do it!

You could use your birthday as inspiration and pen lyrics that discuss your thoughts on the ageing process and where you are at in life right now. Maybe you could write a celebratory song about how awesome your life has been, or maybe you could write one that ponders what the future will bring.

Go Shopping!


What’s the one thing that’s practically guaranteed on your birthday? BIRTHDAY MONEY!

If you’ve been given some birthday money this year, you could be sensible and save it up or use it for something important (and boring) such as paying off a bill.


You could spend it on your birthday!

Birthdays only come round once a year. We think you should treat yourself to some retail therapy this time. Take the money, grab a friend and hit the shops.

Don’t forget to make pit stops for coffee/wine/tequila shots, of course.

Spend the Day Learning a New Skill

Want to get really good at something new but never seem to have the time anymore?

Why not take your birthday off and spend the day learning a new skill?

This is an especially creative way to celebrate your birthday if it lands on a midweek day when all your friends are too busy at work. You could lock yourself up in your house, arm yourself with lots of coffee and food, play some music that helps you focus, and get to work on learning a new skill.

At the end of the day, you should be feeling pretty accomplished and could then have a few drinks with friends.

Write a Story


Ever written a story? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to but either never had the time, or never had an idea.

Your birthday means you’ve got the time to write a story (provided you’ve taken the day off work!) and it could also provide you with the inspiration needed to come up with a story idea.

Take a look at your own life and accomplishments, and start reflecting on how you feel about life at this very moment. Write down things that come to mind – images, people, thoughts, fears, accomplishments – and eventually an idea for a story might begin to form.

Write a Poem

Not sure that you’ve got a story or a song in you? You could instead write a poem that reflects how you’re feeling right now about where you’ve come from, where you’re at in life – and where you are going.

Poetry can be deeply cathartic and moving. It reveals things inside us that we never even knew were there, and it can help us to understand how we are feeling at the moment.

Your poem doesn’t have to be long – it can be as short as a few lines. Spend some time getting it right and then make a toast to you and your life.

What will be really interesting is how you feel about this poem in a few years’ time.

Get a Makeover


Bit tired of the way you look? Sick of the same face and hair?

Then why not use your birthday as a chance to give yourself a makeover so that you start feeling good about yourself again?

Everyone needs a boost and one of the best ways to get a boost is by having a makeover.

And one of the best times to get a boost? Your birthday, of course.

Take your birthday money and be bold. Get a brand new look that you’ll love. Then, show it off later that night as you hit the bars and clubs.

Take an Actual Holiday

It’s your birthday, which means you can do what you want.

You can walk around your house totally naked ALL day (hey, should we include that as one of the creative ways to spend your birthday?!).

You can order as much takeaway food as you want.

You can lie in bed until a really disgusting time.

And you can go on an actual holiday.

We’re not talking about a one night getaway or a weekend break – we’re talking about celebrating your holiday in style with a proper holiday!

Don’t stay at home on your birthday – go away for a WHOLE week or MORE!

Have Breakfast In Bed


Start the day as you mean to go on by enjoying breakfast in bed!

Thing is – who’s going to make it for you?

You shouldn’t make your own breakfast in bed on your birthday because that should be illegal. If you live with a partner, hopefully they’ll be gracious enough to make it for you.

Otherwise? You’re going to do a VERY birthday thing and order a takeaway for breakfast!

Why? Because you can!

Kick back in bed with fresh orange juice, fruit and whatever else you want. Watch TV, shop online with your birthday money. Just chill!

Take Yourself Out On a Date

Single this year? While being single on our birthday can really suck, there’s no need to let it get us down too much.

Sure, going out on a date by ourselves isn’t the same as going out on a date with a Prince Charming – but it sure beats sitting in the house, bored all day long.

Plan a date with yourself. Where would you like to go, what would you like to do? There’s no need to feel shame that you’re heading to the cinema by yourself or eating dinner by yourself. It just means you get to enjoy your own company and stuff your face without being judged!

Fill Your Home With Candles, Chill With Music and Relax


Who says you have to do ANYTHING on your birthday except chill out? There’s no one you need to answer to, and you’re under no obligations to do anything.

For all our creative ideas in this article, you could just light some candles, play some chilled music and relax all day long.

Run yourself a bubble bath too and just chill.

Spend the Day on Trains

At Beauty and Tips, we love train rides.

Why? Because train rides give us the chance to escape familiar surroundings, take in new ones …

… and it gives us the chance to either be productive or take it easy with a movie or a book.

We’re not sure why, but there’s something about train rides that makes us want to DO stuff.

Train rides can also be incredibly romantic, and if nothing else they get you out of the house for a bit. So why not book a few trains, map out a journey and see what’s outside the window?

Food and Drink


All the food and ALL the drink. Just enjoy! It’s your birthday!

Go for a Meal

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to eat all of your favourite foods. If you can’t treat yourself on your birthday to the foods you love, when can you treat yourself?

Take the day off work, or wait until the evening and go out for a meal at your favourite restaurant. Take your partner with you, a best friend, or head out to eat with a group – either your family or friends, or a combination of both.

A meal is the absolute best way to spend time with the people you love on your special day. Treat yourself to as much great food as possible – a starters, a main course and a dessert.

And don’t forget the wine, too!

Plus, if you let the staff know that it’s your birthday, there’s a good chance they’ll treat you to a free drink.

Not sure what food to eat? There’s so much to choose from, but to make sure that you avoid being disappointed on your birthday we recommend that you go for something you already know you love.

Enjoy an Amazing Breakfast

Breakfast itself is amazing – it’s the joy of joys.

If you usually skip breakfast because you have to rush out of the house to get to work, your birthday is your chance to take it easier than normal.

Don’t rush. Stay in bed for a bit but rise at a decent time so that you can enjoy an amazing breakfast. Either prepare one yourself or ask your partner to prepare one for you, or head out to your favourite cafe/diner.

Treat yourself to a scrumptious morning meals with ALL the works (yes, that includes milkshake. Why not?!)

Productive Stuff

For some, a birthday is a chance to catch up on stuff.

Redecorate Your Bedroom


Is decorating your bedroom a boring way to celebrate your birthday? It depends on how much you love decorating!

Personally? We think this is a super creative way to spend your birthday. It’s your chance to carry out a fun chore you’ve been putting off for a while, and it gives you a chance to get all creative by brightening up your bedroom.

Give your walls a colour upgrade. Inject some personality back into your room. More than anything else, redecorating your bedroom on your birthday will make you feel good and accomplished.

Want to make this activity more fun? Invite a friend or family member over to help you, blast the tunes out – and treat yourselves to a takeaway at the end of the day. How amazing does that sound!?

Catch up on Your Chores

We know what you’re saying: “BORING!”

We hear you. But hear us out.

A lot of people are strapped for time in 2018. Many of us are working more than ever and finding the time to complete our chores is nigh on impossible.

In fact, when you think about it, your birthday might be the BEST chance you’ll get for a while to catch up on your chores.

That sounds kinda lame and it does suck. But there are plenty of pros here, too. You could blast out your fav tunes as you do your chores, you can order takeaways throughout the day, and you can reward yourself at night to a bubble bath, a bottle of wine – or a night out.

Plus, just think how great you’ll feel at the end of the day when you’ll have finally caught up on all those chores that have been building up!

Clean Your House


We know, we know: Why would anyone wanna clean their house on their birthday!?

It’s a good question, and if you hate the idea of cleaning on any day of the week, feel free to skip this bit. However, we know there are some among you that are thinking “you know what? This actually sounds like an interesting idea.”

And indeed it is! If you kinda like cleaning and if your house needs cleaning and if you have nothing else planned during the day on your birthday, you could set up a playlist and clean your house. You’ll feel amazingly accomplished and you can treat yourself throughout the day to treats here and there as rewards.

And hey, you can always go out at night!

Finish Something You’ve Already Started

If there a personal project you started a while back but never got round to finishing?

Perhaps you started writing a short story, a poem or a script?

Or maybe you were making something that you never got round to finishing?

Whatever it was, if there was something that you started a while back but never got round to finishing, you could use your birthday as a chance to pick up where you left off.

Especially if it’s a project that you really enjoy doing, this could be a great way to spend your birthday.



We hear you: “Why on earth would I WORK on my birthday?!”

If you’re asking that question, you can skip this bit.

However, if life has been a tad difficult for you lately and you’ll be spending your birthday on your own, one of the best ways to avoid anxiety gremlins is to throw yourself into work.

At Beauty and Tips, we understand that not every birthday is a happy one. Sometimes, it just so happens that when our birthday swings around we’re single, lonely and all our friends are busy.

If you don’t make plans for your birthday, the loneliness can be overwhelming and all kinds of nasty, threatening thoughts can set in. To make sure that the black cloud doesn’t ruin your birthday, the easiest way to take your mind off things is to work.

You don’t need to work all day but work – believe it or not – can be really therapeutic. After all, work gives us a purpose and for many people it even gives their life meaning. And when boredom and anxiety begins to set in, work is often the perfect respite.

Selfless Stuff

Sometimes, a birthday is our chance to make OTHERS feel good.


While our birthday is often mean to be about ourselves, another way to look at it is that our birthday should be our chance to prove our value and worth to the world. We’ve made it through another year, we’re fit and healthy … so how are we going to give something back to the world? What contribution can we make?

There are lots of ways you can contribute and help those who are less fortunate than yourself, but the easiest thing you can do on your birthday is go and do some volunteering.

You don’t have to spend your whole day volunteering but could spend a few hours helping out at your local homeless shelter or food kitchen. It’s your birthday, but it’s also worth remembering that there are lots of disadvantaged people who never get the chance to celebrate their birthdays – some of them won’t even know when their birthday is.

Volunteering on your birthday is an incredibly selfless act that will make you feel good about yourself. And that’s kinda important.

Celebrate With Your Family


If you’re young, carefree, and have a wide social circle, spending your birthday with your family might not be a very attractive proposition. Perhaps they don’t drink as much as your friends, perhaps your 80 year-old grandmother is not prepared to “do shots”, and perhaps they’ll all be in bed by 8 o’clock.

But you’ll be surprised at just how much fun you can have if you spend your special day with relatives. Far from being total bores, they will loosen up and have a good time with you. They will entertain you with stories from yours and their childhood, and they will remind you what it means to have a family who loves you. Try it.

Spend The Day With Your Pet


Got a dog? Why not spend your whole birthday with him or her?

Seriously, who needs humans when we’ve got “man’s best friend”?!

Your dog has probably been waiting for a day like this for AGES. It’s just going to be the two of you together – no other humans getting in the way.

So get in the car and drive up to some hills or mountains and go for a long hike with your mutt.

OR – take a ball and play fetch in a field.

OR – take a frisbee and head to the beach with your dog.

If you decide to go hiking, make sure you park near a dog friendly pub so that the two of you can end the day eating a scrumptious meal together before heading home.

Personally, though? We’re all about that beach idea. You could even run into the sea with your dog. He/she will LOVE it!


Take Your Parents Away

Yes, it’s your birthday – but this could be the perfect chance for you to show your parents how much they mean to you.

Take yourself away for a night or two, but take your parents with you. They gave birth to you, raised you and did a great job of it, and now you’re going to repay THEM by surprising them on your birthday.

After all, you wouldn’t have made it this far without them. Pick a place you know that yourself and your parents would like to go, book the accommodation and the travel, and surprise them on the morning of your birthday.

“So, I guess I’ve opened all of my presents. Now it’s your turn.”

Their faces will be a picture!


Go to a Concert


This one won’t be possible for all of you, because the chances of there being a concert on your birthday that you actually want to go to are probably a bit slim. But if there’s an artist playing on your birthday (or the day before or the day after), you should totally go and see them.

And who said they have to playing in your city? If an artist you like/love is playing in your country on your birthday, book the necessary days off work and go and see them.

Wanna make it an even bigger adventure? Check for dates abroad, see who’s playing in countries you could get to for your birthday … and go and see your favourite artist perform live in a different country on your birthday.

Now, that’s what we call an adventure!

Go to a Music Festival

A concert is okay but it’s just one artist/band.

A music festival? That’s loads of killer artists and bands all in one place.

Again, like a concert, whether you can go to a music festival on your birthday all comes down to timing. If your birthday is in November? It might be a tad harder to find one.

That said, there are big and small music festivals happening around the world all the time, from Coachella to Burning Man to Glastonbury to modest jazz festivals that you don’t hear about as much.

Google music festivals that are happening around the time of your birthday and see if there’s anything that catches your eye.

Then, put a shout out on Facebook to see if anyone is interested in going with you.

Once it’s all been decided, the next thing to do is to find yourself an appropriate outfit and practice your dance moves.

Oh, and don’t forget your tent!

Be a Culture Vulture for the Day

We at Beauty and Tips LOVE a bit of culture, and if it was our birthday we’d probably spend it in art galleries and museums.

If you’re into art and history but haven’t been able to spend much time in a gallery or museum recently because of work, now is the perfect time to take in an exhibition or two.

Book the day off work, plan which galleries and museums you want to wander through, grab some coffee and just GO for it. What’s stopping you?

If you’re not too keen on the exhibitions that are on in your local area, see what’s on in other cities and travel a bit further afield.

Go to the Zoo


We’re always surprised by the amount of people that haven’t been to the zoo since they were children.

“I haven’t been since school and it sucks!”

That totally sucks.

Many people just don’t have the time, what with work and the fact that there isn’t exactly a zoo in every city.

Could your birthday be the best time to go and visit a zoo? If so, book the day off work and spend some time in the company of all your favourite animals. Make the day as fun as possible by taking some friends or family members with you – nephews and nieces are great to take along to zoos.

Go to the Beach

Yeah, it’s your birthday, so why not take a break from work and the city and top up your tan on the beach?

If the weather promises to be awesome and you don’t live too far from the beach, we feel as though a beach birthday HAS to be done.

Hey, Beauty and Tips would celebrate every single birthday at the beach if we could!

A beach is the best place to relax and chill on your birthday. You could go with friends, or you could just go by yourself. Pack a good book, some sunscreen, a towel, a pair of sunglasses and spend the whole day taking it easy beneath the sun.

If you go with friends, don’t forget the frisbee and the beer. And if there’s a beach party going on? We reckon you should be the one who gets the party started!

Hitting the beach is a great way to both relax and have fun. You can soak up the sun before playing frisbee. Then you can stand in the sea, enjoy an ice cream and generally have a good time with your buddies. If you’re lucky, you could even have a beach party. Hey, it’s your birthday, so why not?!

Spend the Day on a Boat


Whether it’s a canal boat or a yacht (how rich ARE you?) spending your birthday on a boat is a real cool thing to do.

In fact, it’s so cool that we almost feel like saying scratch all our previous suggestions and just go and do this one!

Grab some friends, hire a boat for the day (canal boats aren’t TOO expensive), get some food and drinks and spend the day lazily drifting through the waters. It’s an amazingly relaxing way to spend your day.

You don’t even have to get your friends onboard. Instead, you could go by yourself and spend the day peacefully reading a book and doing crossword puzzles. Heaven!

Have A Games Night

This is really one of the coolest and most fun things to do for your birthday. Basically, you invite your friends (and family if you want) to your house for an evening games and drinking.

The kinds of games you play are limitless, and you can choose from video games, board games and even card games.

The dafter and more interactive the games are, the more fun you’ll have.

And after several drinks, it’s time to bring to the Twister mat!

Go Wine Tasting


If you see yourself as a bit of a wine connoisseur (and totally not a borderline alcoholic), you a really lovely way to spend your birthday is on a wine tasting excursion.

It’s a fun activity that gets more fun (and possibly drunken) as the day goes along. There’ll be lots of delightful wines for you to taste and great people to meet. You might also discover a new favourite wine, yay.

Take some friends with you and there’s every chance you’re all going to get overly tipsy (which is kinda the point – it is your birthday after all).

Afterwards, if you’re not too tired, you could always hit a club, too.

Tour a Brewery

Brewery tours are really popular now that craft beer and real ales are experiencing a resurgence. If you’re into your craft beers and real ales, why not spend your birthday touring a brewery? You’ll get to find out exactly what goes on behind the scenes, how your fav beers are made, and you’ll be able to try some great drinks.

Remember though – a brewery isn’t a pub so you won’t want to get too tips/drunk!

Record the Whole Day

Nowadays, people have a fascination with filming everything. Vlogs are a big deal, but even if you don’t watch any vlogs yourself, you can surely appreciate that they’re a cool way to document our lives.

A creative way to celebrate your birthday is to get your camera out and film the whole day. Record breakfast, you opening your presents, drinks with friends and anything else you do.

Then, you can edit it all together and turn it into a mini movie that you’ll be able to watch again years later.

Turning your birthday into a movie is a creative way to spend your birthday and it’s also a cool way to capture memories and preserve them for years to come.

Cycle Around The City

Here’s an idea: Either take your own bike or rent a bike and spend the day cycling around your city. It’s fun and you might get to learn a few things about your city that you didn’t know about before.

Go Window Shopping


Is window shopping the same as shopping for real? For some women, it kinda is!

There’s a magic to window shopping that some people just don’t appreciate. We know we’re not going to own such-and-such an item just yet, but it’s still cool to gaze at these items and imagine what life would be like if we had the money to buy them.

If funds are a bit low at the moment but you love to shop, go window shopping on your birthday. Treat yourself to a coffee and a snack along the way, too.

Just Go To A Nightclub

Aww, screw it!

If all else fails and you can’t decide what to do, just get drunk with your friends and stumble into a nightclub.

Because birthdays were meant for cocktails, dancing, photos of you looking drunk and hangovers, right?

Stay happy!

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