10 Fabulous products every lazy girl needs to own

Everyone loves a lazy day and, when you don’t feel like putting much effort into anything, it can be good to have a few gadgets around you that will make life just that little bit easier. We’ve been scouring the net to find some of the best, time and effort saving products on the market that will take some of the strain out of life. If you like to have the occasional lazy day, or you would like every day to be a bit more chilled, check out these ten fabulous products every lazy girl needs to own.

1. Self-Stirring mug

This has to be the ultimate in products for lazy girls, and it’s just great for when you get home after a hard day and you don’t even have the energy to stir your own cup of tea. This superb gadget mug has a tiny, battery powered motor in it, so all you have to do, is press the button and it does all the stirring for you.

 2. Dust slippers

These slippers are a great idea; they will clean your floors as you walk with no extra effort at all. You just slip them on your feet, walk around as you usually would, and the fluffy soles of the slippers will pick up the dust and dirt from hardwood floors, linoleum and tiled floors. They are machine washable too, so pop in the washing machine and they will be good to go again.

3. Elastic shoe laces

With these great elasticated shoe laces, you will never have to bend down to tie your shoelaces again, and they will never come undone again either. It’s such a simple idea, but a great one; you just slip your shoes on and off. They come in all colours and in different styles, and they are perfect for gym shoes and running shoes.

4. No spill nail polish holder

There will be no more nail polish spills to clean up when you use a no spill nail polish holder. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the best we found has a cute ladybug design. The nail polish bottle fits snugly into the holder and the rounded shape of the product lets you tilt the bottle toward you when you put the brush in, and it won’t fall over and spill nail polish all over your table top.

5. Glasses that let you read lying down

When you are having a lazy day at home, what better way is there to relax than lying in bed reading a good book? Well, we found some amazing prism glasses that let you lie flat on your back and you will still be able to read a book without getting a neck ache. They work just as well lying in bed, on your sofa, or on the beach and they are great for watching TV lying down too.

6. Handy claw Grabber

These little gadgets are perfect for the days you don’t even want to bend down to pick anything up. You can easily pick clothes up from the floor, without bending down. You can reach up to high shelves, without straining, or reach over to your phone, without having to get out of bed. A claw grabber will give you the extended reach that every lazy girl would like to have to save a little bit of effort on a lazy day. 

7. Automatic toothpaste dispenser

With this superb product you don’t even have to squeeze the toothpaste tube in the mornings! It’s a neat, wall mounted gadget that dispenses just the right amount of toothpaste every time. All you have to do is place your toothbrush up against the dispenser, and out comes the toothpaste. According to the manufacturer, it will also save toothpaste too, and cut down on the mess. 

8. Makeup magnifying glasses

You can make applying makeup a lot easier with theses clever makeup magnifying glasses. They are cleverly designed, so that you can easily switch the magnifying lens from one eye to the other, which makes them perfect for applying fiddly eye makeup, or putting on false eyelashes. They are made with lightweight frames and they come with a carrying pouch, so you take them with you, wherever you go.

9. Automatic ball launcher for dogs

You can keep your pet dog occupied for hours and not lift a finger, with this superb automatic ball launcher for dogs. You just train Fido to drop his ball in the top of the machine, and it will throw the ball for you. It works with batteries, or with mains power, so your dog can play fetch anywhere, and you will never have to throw a ball again!

10. Easy Reach Lotion Applicator

This great invention will let you apply lotion all over your body, even in those hard to reach places. You simply fill the reservoir with lotion and then, the beads that are contained in the applicator head will evenly distribute the lotion for you. It has an extra-long handle too, so there is nowhere that you won’t be able to reach. 

 Stay beautiful! 

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