10 Creative ways to celebrate your Birthday

Most of us grow out of party hats and musical chairs, but that’s no reason to stop celebrating your birthday. Don’t let your birthday become just another day, check out these ten great, creative ideas for grownups to celebrate their birthdays.

1. Take your family on a picnic

Pack a hamper with some ball games, delicious food and a bottle of bubbly for the grown-ups and take a trip into the countryside for your birthday treat. Take the kids with you and you will have an excuse for ice-cream cakes and some fun games too.

2. Have a day off everything

Another one of great ways to celebrate your birthday is to just have a day doing nothing. Take a day off work, leave all the chores until tomorrow, relax and do whatever you like. You don’t even have to get dressed, just laze around at home, watch the TV, read, do anything, so long as it isn’t work!

3. Take a solo camping trip

Get back to nature and away from all the technology for a while and take a camping trip on your own. It’s a great way to recharge the batteries and enjoy a bit of peace of quiet, or take the family, if you want to share the fun.

4. Take to the skies

Here is another one of wonderful ways to celebrate your birthday: book yourself on a one day helicopter flying experience and learn how to fly. A helicopter ride is exhilarating in itself, but even more so when you take the controls. You might even get hooked and find yourself a new hobby.

5. Go on a road trip

Don’t book, don’t plan, just go! Pack an overnight bag, jumbo in the car and see where the road leads. With or without your partner, a mystery road trip can lead you to all kinds of places you’ve never been to before, so who knows what lies in store for you?

6. Be like a kid again

There are so many fun ways to celebrate your birthday and one of them is to think of the one thing that you would have loved to do for your birthday as a kid and do it today. Visit a theme park, take a day trip to the beach or go and watch the latest Disney movie at the cinema. Don’t forget the cotton candy and soda too; one day off the diet won’t hurt!

7. Go see a musical

Take a trip to the big city and catch one of the latest spectacular musical stage shows. There are so many shows to choose from and you can combine the experience with a great meal out and a night in a swanky hotel. It’s another one of great ways to celebrate your birthday in style.

8. Have a theme party

Invite all your friends around for themed, fancy dress party. You could base it on a year like 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, and get everyone to dress for the period and play nothing but period music for the night. Themed nights put everyone in a great mood and it will bring back some of those wonderful memories too.

9. Pamper yourself for the day

Another one of fabulous ways to celebrate your birthday is to book into a spa for the day and be pampered, all day long. You can get a relaxing massage, professional pedicure and manicure and whatever else takes your fancy! Everyone deserves a treat on their birthday, so make your day a special one.

10. Go Shopping!

Go out with friends and enjoy a girl-only shopping trip and shop till you drop! For once, you’ll be shopping because you want to, not because you have to and, with no men in tow, you can spend as long as you want to look at the designer handbags and shoes.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate your birthday?

Stay happy!

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