10 Creative housewarming party gifts your friends will love

If you get invited to a lot of housewarming parties then you will know how difficult it can be to choose a gift. Do you go for something practical, or do you go for something a little more artistic? Ideally, a house warming gift should be something that the host will treasure for a lifetime and something that they will want to use in their home, but choosing a gift that no one else has thought of, now that’s the real trick. If you have a housewarming party coming up and you are struggling for gift ideas, here are ten creative housewarming party gift ideas that your friends will love.

1. A tool box

If this is your friends first home, then it won’t be long before they discover the joys of wobbly shelves, blown fuses and squeaky doors, so a gift box of some of the DIY essentials would be the perfect practical housewarming gift. Fill it with the essentials like screwdrivers, a pair of pliers and all the other essentials that they will be glad to have when they need them.

2. A house portrait

If you are looking for a gift that your friend will keep, then how about a hand painted portrait of their new home? All you need is a photograph of the property and then you can have an artist paint a portrait of it from that. You can fund artists online who will do house portraits or you could try and find a local artist who will do it for you.

3. A monogrammed gift

Any gift will be made more personal with a monogram, so whatever you buy, make it extra special by having your friend’s initials added to it.  The list of possibilities for monogrammed gifts is endless; you have towels, bed linen, cups, cutlery and much more. It shows that you made a bit of effort in choosing your gift.

4. Takeaway menu organiser

If your friend just moved into a new area, then they won’t yet have had the time to check out all the local takeaways. Do their research for them and make up a collection of menus from nearby takeaway joints and then you can put them in a menu organiser, so your friends will be able to keep them tidy and always know here to find them.

5. An essential oil gift set

For a gift that has many uses you can’t go far wrong with a lovely selection of essential oils. They can be used in the home to freshen the air and they have many health and beauty uses too. If your friend hasn’t used essential oils before, you could buy her a book to go with her new collection, so that she could learn more about how to use them.

6. A fire extinguisher

This is one gift that is entirely practical and you hope it will never be needed, but did you know that you can buy custom painted fire extinguishers for the home? A fire extinguisher is something that everyone should have in their home, but a lot of people never buy and, with a custom painted one, it won’t need to be hidden away.

7. Waterproof speaker for the shower

A great gift for a friend who loves music would be a blue tooth, waterproof speaker she can take in the shower. They connect to phones and iPods and she would never have to risk getting her phone wet again. Some of them even let you make and receive calls on your phone too.

8. A selection of games

Something for those cold rainy nights would be a good gift too. A selection of board games can be something that a friend will keep and bring out just now and then. Choose some games that can be played by lots of people and it could become the centre of attraction of the housewarming party and something that your friend will keep.

9. House plants that will last

Everyone likes a bit of greenery around the home, but if your friend is not very green fingered or a little bit forgetful, houseplants could be dead in a week or two. That’s why succulent plants like cacti are such good housewarming gifts, because they need so little care and attention. These little plants can be arranged in beautiful pots and holders and they actually like not being watered! They are the perfect pot plant for the forgetful gardener.

10. A full set of cutlery

If you want to splash out on your friend, then a stunning full set of cutlery will be something that she will keep forever. This will be the perfect gift if your friend likes to host dinner parties. You could even have cutlery that is engraved with your friend’s initials and presented in a beautiful wooden case. It will be the cutlery set that she only brings out for very special occasions.

Stay happy!

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