10 Classic Roommate Movies You Should Watch

What are the best roommate movies you should watch?

One of the best things about being a student is that you get to move out of your parents’ house. You’ve suddenly got total freedom to stay up as late as you want, return home as late as you want, and bring whoever you want back home without your mom wanting to know “who is the owner of this sock?”

You can also watch a scary film and not be embarrassed that you screamed a thousand times and woke your dad up.

And if you live in a student house, you’ve very possibly got your own roommate, who is probably already your new best friend.

Your roommate becomes someone you can chat to in the middle of the night about anything and everything as you paint your nails until 4am. You watch box sets together, go out dancing together, talk about boys together, and you know exactly how they prefer their tea or coffee.

You also stuff your faces with ice cream and chips together while watching movies without judging each other. Or even without saying “we should probably stop eating now.”

If you have to stay in this weekend and need some movies to watch with your friend, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 classic roommate movies you should watch.


There was a time when Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller made great comedies together. Recently, they haven’t been on top of their game, with The Watch being a case in point. But 2003’s Dodgeball is one of the funniest movies of the last few decades.

It stars Vaughn as the owner of a rundown gym for loses that’s about to close. He can’t afford to pay the bills and has already thrown in the towel. Enter the remarkably sculpted Ben Stiller, who runs a “mega gym” across the town. He wants to buy out Vince’s gym and eliminate the losers.

As it turns out, there is a way that Vaughn can find the astronomical amount of cash needed to keep the gym open. All he and his merry band of gym members have to do is enter the national dodgeball championships and win.

There’s just one small problem. Ben Stiller’s army of perfect, evil athletes have also entered …


If you love Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, Zoolander remains arguably their best collaboration. It stars them both as unbelievably self-obsessed male models who, despite their vanity not allowing them to like each other, have to put their brains together to defeat an evil super villain.

The trouble is that none of them actually has a brain.

You, Me And Dupree

You and your friend are roommates. You get along famously and you couldn’t imagine not living with her. Life is great.

But what if a new roommate moves in without invitation? Watch You, Me and Dupree starring Owen Wilson to find out.

Thelma and Louise

This is the classic girls’ movie. Made in the eighties, it’s one that both of you may have missed. It’s worth sticking on, though, because time has been kind to it. A story of friendship between two strong women who take the law into their own hands, it’s sassy, fierce and stuffed with great dialogue.

It’s also got a young Brad Pitt in it.

Reality Bites

Reality Bites is a film about a group of roommates who are struggling to get their lives together after college. Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke head an impossibly young and talented cast in a movie that all college students can relate to.

Among the group of friends are the valedictorian who can’t believe the only job she can get upon graduation is at the Gap, the archetypal nineties slacker who thinks he’s too good for work, and a repressed homosexual who’s finding it hard to come out.

Paranormal Activity

The great thing about watching scary movies with your roommate is that you can hold each other when things get too tense!

Watch Paranormal Activity and give your roomie ten minutes before she “has to go to the bathroom.”

Yeah right.

We just hope you guys have got a sofa to hide behind …


Good scary movies are actually hard to find. How many times have you watched a scary movie and been left disappointed by how so-not-scary it was?

Scream breathed new life into the slasher genre when it was released in the mid-nineties, and although it’s not the scariest scary movie you’ll ever seen, it’s still very good. It’s got plenty of humour, enough gore to satisfy your bloodlust, and a fair amount of tense moments that will leave you both on edge. It’s also got some killer dialogue, a classic whodunit storyline, and Courtney Cox.

Reservoir Dogs

If you want something cool and stylish, you can’t go wrong with an early Tarantino movie. We’ve chosen Reservoir Dogs because it’s shorter than most of his other movies but arguably still one of his best. The dialogue is killer, the dark humour is on point, and the plot will have you wondering who betrayed who until right at the very end.

Punch Drunk Love

Punch Drunk Love is an Adam Sandler movie that’s not really an Adam Sandler movie. It stars Sandler, and it finds him being utterly hilarious as usual. But this is not your usual Adam Sandler movie. There are no toilet gags and no cartoon fights. It’s actually an (almost) realistic portrayal of a very odd love affair, and Sandler plays the role of misfit business owner Barry Egan so well that you can’t help but fall in love with him and the film itself.

Directed by multi-award winning director Paul Thomas Anderson, it’s an offbeat, dark love story. It’s certainly got its surreal moments, but a fine cast, fine dialogue and some genuinely funny moments will have you and your roommate bonding over this hidden gem.

Ghost Train

Ghost Train is Ricky Gervais’ best film to date. Gervais himself takes up the lead role as a grumpy dentist who dies and comes back alive while under general anaesthetic. The problem is, he can now see dead people. For a man who doesn’t even like living people, this is most inconvenient.

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