Interesting facts about Disneyland: 10 Astonishing secrets of Disneyland

Planning a trip to Disneyland? Ever since it was opened in 1955, Disneyland has been a place of magic for kids of all ages. From cute little fairy princess rides to the scarier roller coasters, the happiest place on earth has been attracting millions of families for over fifty years. But the magical kingdom still holds some secrets and here are ten of the secrets of Disneyland that you may not have known about:

1. Facial hair not allowed

Up until the year 2000, all employees of Disneyland had to be clean shaven. This was because Walt Disney wanted his staff to look as far removed from the stereotypical, bearded image of a carnival worker, as possible. The park relaxed the rule in March 2000 and now employees are allowed to sport a mustache. Still no beards allowed though.

2. Disneyland nearly failed

The opening day of Disneyland in 1955 was a disaster. The water fountains weren’t working, the asphalt was still soft, so ladies heels sank into it and, by the end of the day half the rides had stopped working.

3. Go away green

You are not supposed to see anything un-magical in the magic kingdom and they do all that they can to make sure that you don’t. If you look around the park, anything that is not particularly attractive, like fences and garbage bins, are all painted in a special shade of green, known as ‘go-away-green’ that is designed to blend into the background.

4. Big brother is watching you at Disneyland

You are under constant surveillance at Disneyland, from cameras all around the park and some specially appointed task forces. As well as being for the usual safety reasons, surveillance at Disney is designed to maintain the parks whiter than white image. They are looking for drug taking, flashing and other types of similar, ‘immoral’ behavior.

5. There is only one place where you can buy alcohol

Disneyland is alcohol free, unless you know the location of the one secret bar in the resort, and you have to have a stack of cash to get into it. There is a secret VIP members dining club, called Club 33, which is hidden away behind a green door in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, where you can get a drink. There is, however a ten year waiting list to become a member and a $10 000 annual membership fee.

6. Memories of Walt Disney

There are traces of Walt Disney, all around the park. The telegraph at the New Orleans train station is clicking out Disney’s speech from the opening day of the park and the light is always left on in Walt Disney’s apartment, above the fire house on Main Street, as a constant reminder of Walt Disney’s presence in the park.

7. There are feral cats in Disneyland

Disneyland has a thriving population of feral cats. Far from dissuading the cats, the park actually encourages them, because they keep the rodent population down. You won’t see the cats in the day, though, because they have their own private areas to relax in and escape from the daytime crowds.

8. You can sit in the seat of Walt Disney

Walt Disney came up with his idea of a themed amusement park, while sitting on a park bench, watching his daughters play. The actual bench that he was sitting on at the time is now located on Main Street in Disneyland.

9. There could be real ghosts in the Haunted Mansion

More than one person has scattered the ashes of loved ones in the Haunted Mansion. So much so that Disney has a special hazmat team on standby to shut down the ride and clean up when this occurs.

10. There is a basketball court inside the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn Mountain in Disneyland was built to house the Bobsled roller coaster that runs around the outside of it. Inside, though, there was a large open space left and, following a vote by employees, the space was filled with a fully equipped basketball court for the staff to use.

Do you know some other interesting facts about Disneyland? What other secrets of Disneyland do you want to add to this list?

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