Lavender essential oil benefits and uses

If you only ever buy one essential oil, then lavender oil is the one to buy! Lavender essential oil has so many benefits and different uses. It is perhaps best known for its relaxing qualities, but it can also be used to clean cuts and abrasions, treat dry skin and it can be used to treat dandruff too. Here is a top ten list of some of the benefits and uses that wonderful lavender essential oil has to offer.

1. It helps you get a good night’s sleep

When you are having trouble sleeping, the calming and relaxing scent of lavender essential oil will help. Just rub one drop of the oil onto the palms of your hands and then smooth your hands over your pillows. When you lay down to sleep, the wonderful lavender fragrance will soon have you drifting off.

2. Treats minor burns

Another one of wonderful benefits of lavender essential oil is that it has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties and it’s great for treating minor burns. If you scald your hand in hot water, then rub in a little lavender essential oil and it will soothe the pain and it will help the burn heal more quickly.

3. Relieves the symptoms of hay fever

If you have to go through the misery of a blocked or runny nose, every time the sun comes out, then try some lavender essential oil as a natural remedy for the symptoms of hay fever. Drop a small amount of lavender oil into the palms of your hands and cup them over your nose and mouth. Breathing in the fumes will quickly ease the congestion in your nose.

4. Eases menstrual cramps

Another one of lavender essential oil benefits is that it’s also said to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps. Rub some of the lavender oil mixed with coconut oil into your abdomen, or apply a hot compress with some lavender essential oil on, and it should reduce the pain and the cramping sensation.

5. Treats minor cuts and abrasions

Lavender essential oil is absolutely lethal to bacteria, so it makes a great first aid treatment for minor cuts and abrasions. Studies have shown that just a five percent solution of lavender oil kills most bacteria, stone dead!

6. Reduces fevers

When children develop a fever, it’s hard to know what to do to make them feel more comfortable. A simple way to ease the discomfort of a fever is to rub them gently with a cloth dampened with tepid water, with a drop of lavender oil in it. Make sure your child is not allergic to lavender before using the oil.

7. Treats acne

Lavender essential oil, mixed with plain cream that you would buy at the pharmacy, makes a great treatment for acne and pimples. It will fight the bacteria that causes acne and it also helps to balance out the production of sebum in the skin.

8. Use it as an insect repellent

If you are plagued by bugs at night during the summer, then a few drops of lavender oil on your bed clothes will keep the little beasts away. Insects hate the smell of lavender, so it makes a great insect repellent too.

9. It treats insect bites and stings

If you do get bitten or stung by an insect, then dab some lavender essential oil on as soon as possible. It will soothe the pain, reduce the inflammation and stop the itching quickly.

10. Use it to calm you down

Probably the most famous benefit of lavender essential oil is its amazing benefit to calm the nerves. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, then drop a few drops of lavender into the palms of your hands and cup your hands over your face. The scent will very rapidly calm you down and make you feel more relaxed.


Some people are allergic to lavender essential oil and in some people it can cause skin irritation when applied topically. There is not enough information on whether the lavender is safe for use if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid using. Lavender essential oil is not safe for use before and after surgery, as it slows down the central nervous system. It’s always best to consult your doctor before attempting any self treatments. 

Do you know other lavender essential oil benefits and uses?

Stay happy!

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