10 Essential Oils That Can Brighten Up Your Day

You know the old saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

When it comes to essential oils, you should definitely use them to brighten up your day.

Essential oils are used in the perfume industry, and we find them in numerous personal care products. But there are a lot of essential oils out there that also perform various other tasks besides making us smell nice for our date.

The 10 essential oils we’re going to take a look at in this article have different benefits that can improve your life if you let them. As mentioned, there are many essential oils available, but these ten are the ones we think are absolutely perfect for you to have around your home at all times. Let’s take a look.

Tea Tree essential oil

Tea Tree oil is one of the most useful essential oils to have in your home at any one time. Referred to without a trace of irony by fans as a “medicine cabinet in a bottle”, tea tree is an essential oil that can treat pretty much all common ailments. Using it topically, preferably diluted in carrier oil, you can use it to treat all kinds of niggles, including cold sores, acne, warts, athlete’s foot, insect bites, nail fungus … and much more!

You can even add a pinch to shampoo and eliminate scalp problems, such as dandruff. It’s also functional too, and can be used to disinfect your counter tops in the kitchen.

Lemon essential oil

Lemon oil has more applications than most essential oils out there. Just adding a few pinches of the stuff to olive oil creates a furniture polish, while a smidgen mixed with dish detergent can create a useful floor cleaner. You can even add a drop to a combination of baking soda and coarse salt to create an antibacterial scour that will handily get rid of any dried-on food, grease and scum from wooden cutting boards.

Lemon essential oil is also incredibly therapeutic and can relieve bad breath, dandruff, anxiety and boost the mood.

Grapefruit essential oil

If you’ve ever stumbled through the morning feeling sluggish, you obviously need some sort of wake-up remedy. Instead of caffeine, you should try grapefruit essential oil. Rich in vitamin C, it is able to refresh your mind via its scent alone. This means you can get the boost you need without having to drink any coffee!

Diluted in carrier oils or added to creams, grapefruit essential oil also improves and brightens up dry and puffy skin, and it can also treat cellulite and obesity.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil is an excellent remedy for nausea and upset stomachs. You can also apply peppermint essential oil topically, diluted in carrier oil, to massage your abdomen, relieving any aches, cramps or feelings of queasiness.

You can blend it with pine and eucalyptus oils, before applying it to your chest to alleviate symptoms of a cold, such as a sore throat and a wheezy cough. Your pets will also feel the benefits too if you drop a pinprick of undiluted peppermint essential oil onto their skin to eliminate pesky insects and ticks.

Peppermint essential oil also has its uses around the home; you can spray it onto smelly shoes to eradicate odours, while combining it with floor-washing water adds a nice scent.

Geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil is ideal for your skin. It helps to better regulate oil production while simultaneously reducing the chance of acne breakouts. When you apply this essential oil topically, of course diluted in a carrier oil, geranium also boosts your skin’s elasticity, tightens your skin and eliminates wrinkles. Wherever you apply it, geranium essential oil can enhance blood circulation, heal cuts, bruises and burns, and it can also treat ringworm.

Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile has been used to calm nerves and anxiety since the Roman era, largely thanks to its innate soothing qualities. Like a big-hearted mom, chamomile tea puts an arm around you and tells you everything is going to be alright. We love it!

But if you use chamomile essential oil topically, you will experience a few more benefits too. Chamomile oil can be used to treat boils, eczema, acne, bee and wasp stings, cuts and bruises and dermatitis. Diffused, it can cure insomnia, while reducing stress and irritability levels. You can even diffuse it and treat hyperactive children.

Oregano essential oil

Oregano essential oil is widely used as an alternative medicine to treat the common cold and flu. To feel its soothing benefits in this regard, simply drop a smidgen of the oil into a diffuser and inhale. You can also add a drop or two to water to soothe a sore throat.

As well as its ability to combat flu-like symptoms, oregano essential has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It can relieve digestive issues, as well as treat cold sores, nail fungus and scalp problems, such as psoriasis and dandruff.

Rosemary essential oil

Just the scene of rosemary essential oil can alleviate a headache or symptoms of stress. It can also help with a flagging memory too. If your symptoms are manifested more physically, such as an irritated scalp, you can drop a pinch of rosemary essential oil into your shampoo to eliminate dandruff.

Ginger essential oil

Ginger essential oil is really warming and relaxing, and improves circulation when combined with lemon. As you probably know, ginger also helps to treat digestive issues, and ginger essential oil can also help arthritis sufferers. It can also treat nausea, and is popular with pregnant women who are suffering with morning sickness.

And if you drop a smidgen into a diffuser and inhale, your mind, body and soul will feel reenergised and ready to seize the day. You can also inhale it via a diffuser to relieve symptoms of a runny nose, sore throat or sinusitis.

Neroli essential oil

Neroli essential oil is known for its calm and uplifting powers. It has a sweet aroma that is fresh and light, but it is its effects on your skin where its powers are most potent.

Neroil essential oil has low toxicity levels and is used to treat dry skin, broken capillaries and wrinkles. It can also prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, as well as promote the elimination of dead skin cells.

Caution: When it comes to using essential oils, it’s best to consult a healthcare professional before trying any self treatments, to stay on a safe side; it especially concerns pregnant or breast-feeding women.

What are your favourite essential oils?

Stay healthy!

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